The Twin Horizon – New Game Trailer for upcoming Action RPG Title

Full Steam Ahead Games has published an official trailer of “The Twin Horizon,” its first Action RPG title for iOS. The plot is focused on a young man whose quiet life is going to change. To help his father, he has to make a dangerous journey. Featuring a unique 3D, colorful and living world embedded in medieval fantasy times, The Twin Horizon consists of 3 main locations: a small village, a forest land and underearth caves, each location has its own side quests, flora and unique enemies.

Help the islanders find a new home in Island Tribe 2 for Mac

Realore today introduces Island Tribe 2, the sequel to its popular time/resource management game. The first installment was about peaceful islanders who were forced to leave their home island due to a volcano eruption. Now available as a free download, Island Tribe 2 features an all new story, added gameplay elements and improved graphics. There are 30 challenging levels set across 3 colorful locations. The gameplay is the combination of resource management with hidden object elements.

Wronghut announces release date for Mazement

Wronghut today announces the release date of its new Mazement mobile game for iOS. Mazement is a ball rolling game that combines an epic fantasy story with the traditional wooden labyrinth and platformer games. The game has great 3D graphics, interesting physics and a destructible environment. You control the tilt of the playing field to guide the ball safely through increasingly difficult 3D levels. Mazement will be available worldwide on Apple App Store on April 4th.

OnFast Launches Coupon Builder App

Web-based marketing service, OnFast today introduces Coupon Builder 1.0, their new business application for iPhone or iPad. Coupon Builder allows businesses to easily create Apple Passbook-compatible coupons distribute them to Facebook and Twitter. The coupons can either be sent out immediately, or may be scheduled for distribution at a later date. Coupons can be tailored by choosing from a variety of themes and images can be added using the built-in photo editor with special effects.

Red Rock Apps Announces Their Run a 5K! App Is Mere Weeks Away

Red Rock Apps today announced that their first 5K app for runners, Run a 5K!, will be available in just a few weeks. For those looking to improve their health and train for their first 5K, the app promises warm up and cool down techniques, as well as details on cross-training activity, run/walk combinations and vital information to help users build stamina and endurance. All of these benefits will be provided in a user-friendly package featuring powerful advantages.

Ohanaware introduces Shine 1.0 for OS X – Photo Enhancing Software

Ohanaware Co., Ltd. today introduces Shine 1.0, their latest photo enhancing application developed specifically for Mac OS X. Shine has been designed to enhance digital photos by using lighting effects such as Light Rays and Lens Flares, as well as enhancing the color of photos by using gradient tints. Easily compare the edited photo with the original photo. The application also features other enhancing effects such as “Sun”, Dynamic Contrast, Highlight Glow & a brand new Light Fall Off effect.

Life/Moral Inventory Using iPad/iPhone – 5 Stars – Complex and Amazing

Indie developer James Hollender’s Life Inventory apps may be complex, but once understood are amazing. The iPad and iPhone versions are Lifestyle apps that guide users in creating their own Life (Moral) Inventory, which can provide greater self understanding of personality, strengths and weaknesses leading to a better quality of life. These apps allow the user to learn more about themselves than ever thought possible and at only a small fraction the cost of a single visit to a therapist.

The Jump: Escape The City launches on Google Play and the App Store

The new high-speed game from Gone Gaming, The Jump: Escape The City, is out now free-to-play on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The Jump: Escape The City challenges mobile gamers to survive a high-speed chase to the edge of Monopolis, a city where fun is outlawed and your party just got busted. This action-packed mobile game features stunning 3D graphics, bite size gameplay, simple touchscreen controls, and a kicking soundtrack by DJ Poet, Super Producer and DJ for the Black Eyed Peas.

Big Brother Camera Security, A Banned App, Returns To The App Store

Daniel Amitay announces the return of Big Brother Camera Security – a Top 25 Overall iOS security app that amidst controversy in June of 2011, was banned by Apple from the App Store. 21 months later, Big Brother Camera Security is available yet again, and as the first ever app to be unbanned by Apple. Big Brother allows iDevice owners to receive email notifications whenever someone uses their device without permission. Each notification includes the date & time, GPS location, and two pictures.

Introducing Word Wheels for iPhone: A two player, turn-based word game

Atlanta based StackTracks, LLC today introduces Word Wheels 1.0, a free two player, turn-based word game for iPhone and iPod touch. Spin, swap, and exchange wheels to spell the best word you can and beat your opponent. Play any of your Game Center friends from around the world, or create an Auto-Match and have the game find a random opponent for you. Each player takes turns manipulating the wheels and letters to spell words and earn points until someone reaches 100.

Schools Discover Answer To Teaching Writing In Middle School

Students no longer sit in front of a computer to write essays. They have gone mobile and have taken their writing assignments right along with them. It is time writing instructional technology catches up and delivers premium content and functionality on mobile platforms. Middle School Writing 1.0, for iPad and iPhone, is all students need to begin learning superior writing and critical thinking skills. Buy it in the App Store today! Your students and kids will thank you for it!

Location-Based Photo Album App Swemos Enhances Usability with New Update

Austin based Indie developer, Develosophy today announces Swemos 1.1, an update to their popular location-based photo journal app for iOS devices. Perfect for vacations, weddings, family events, and more, Swemos allows anyone to easily create and customize photo albums by turning their favorite photos into personal anecdotes that can be shared with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email, text or Bluetooth. Version 1.1 includes user interface improvements, bug fixes and iPad support.

Tap Studio 3 Updated for the iPhone 5 – Rhythm Game for Your Music

Oregon based Drop D Studios LLC today announces a significant update to Tap Studio 3 and Tap Studio 3 PRO for the iPhone and iPod touch. This update brings full support for the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation 4″ displays. Tap Studio 3 allows you to create, play and share song taps for all of the popular artists with your own music! There are taps for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, LMFAO, FUN., Metallica, Eminem, Owl City, Drake, Nicki Minaj and more!

Offline+Maps 1.5.1 released for iOS – Custom Offline Maps

Never be lost again in your home city or in a foreign country. GoToPo today announces Offline+Maps 1.5.1, an update to their fun-to-use travel app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Offline+Maps allows you to save any part of the world map and navigate on it offline. With Offline+Maps you can download an unlimited amount of highly detailed maps, access them offline, and add pins to prepare future travels. Version 1.5.1 introduces improved geolocation.

Doozy 3 released – Visual Productivity is now Universal (Limited Sale)

Raj Bains today announces Doozy 3.0.1, an update to the popular task manager and data tracker app for iOS devices. Doozy transforms tasks and events into interactive icons, literally showing users what they need to do. Doozy takes standard task management, including priority-sorted lists, notes, multiple calendars, etc. and ties in unique features like RSS/XML feed tracking, weather forecasts, tracking/graphing of numbers and progress, and much more. Limited-Time Sale: 33% off until March 20th.