Street View: New App Brings Street View Back to Maps App!

The German company FutureTap, known for its high quality location finder, Where To?, introduces Street View for iOS. Street View integrates with Apple Maps and allows it to easily display the widely popular street view panoramas. Street View has more than 300 gallery panoramas and displays the map of the current location. Dropping a pin or searching for a city, address or address book contact is seamless. Both satellite and hybrid map modes are supported.

App Launches that Plays Users Music Based on Combinations of Moods

iTabALot introduces Moodlstr 1.0.2, an alternative music player for iPhone and iPod touch with a strength in building and blending playlists based on mood, available on the App Store for $1.99 USD. Offering a wide range of new and alternative features, this app has been built from the ground up to service those of the population who require a soundtrack to life, allowing users to play and combine different playlists and moods based on what they feel like listening to.

Top Rated Facebook App Goes Free For The First Time Ever

With over 50,000 downloads in 30 days, MyFace For Facebook has quickly become one of the most popular ways to browse Facebook on the iPhone and Macs, and was the #2 best-selling paid app in the Social Networking category of the US Apple App Store earlier this month. To celebrate, MyFace+ for Facebook 1.2 will be available for Free in the App Store though Friday, March 1st. The app is a powerful client that provides all the functionality of Facebook in an intuitive, easy to use interface.

People of the World – Unveiling Unique Profiles of Public Figures

Software Technology Solutions introduces an innovative iPhone/iPad application, People of the World 1.0, that gathers the world’s prominent figures in one place and allows people to monitor their online presence. This app goes far beyond the traditional directory concept that we stumble upon every day. Not only does it show people’s names and occupations, but also provides unique profiles of prominent figures including their biography, photos, social media accounts, timeline and family tree.

SweetPicks for iOS – Remember Things That Matter To You

Independent developer, Francis Henry announces SweetPicks 1.2, an exciting new productivity application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Designed to help individuals capture things of interest while out shopping or walking the street, Sweetpicks allows anyone to capture rich and informative notes. notes can be sorted, classified into favourites or associated with tags to facilitate their search. Users can also share things of interest with their friends by sending ‘SweetPicks’ notes by email.

Announcing Conditions for iOS – Beautiful Weather Info on the Go

Dallas based independent developer, Jake Marsh today introduces Conditions 1.0, a minimalistic iOS weather app developed for iOS devices. With the aim to make checking the weather on-the-go simple, fun and beautiful, Conditions only shows you the most important information about what it’s like outside right now, wherever you are, anywhere in the world. The app displays a simple, 5 day forecast indicating what it’s going to be like outside each day, including the temperature.

Random House Launches The Pill Book All-In-One App for iPhone

The Random House Publishing Group today introduces The Pill Book All-In-One App 1.0.1 for iOS. With this single app, users will be able to track medications for multiple family members, easily set up reminders, find in-depth and easy-to-understand prescription information, identify pills, and even quickly locate the closest pharmacy. The Pill Book All-In-One App includes an extensive database with over 100,000 FDA-approved medications and 18,000+ drug images.

emeeyou releases Infographic – Can a Mobile App really improve learning?

emeeyou has officially released an infographic titled, “Can a Mobile App really improve learning?” This informative graphic art debates whether mobile applications have the ability to enhance a child’s education. Based on hard facts, case studies, and statistics, the infographic details many aspects of children’s interaction with mobile devices. The infographic has a wealth of information and proven outcomes with mobile apps and children.

HDR 1.0 – Fast and Full Featured HDR Camera for iOS – Free for Few Days

Lucky Clan today introduces HDR 1.0 for iOS. Capture High-Dynamic-Range photographs with HDR. By combining twice the image data of a standard photograph HDR is able to mix an over-exposed and under-exposed photo with incredible results. Featuring native device camera resolution support, photos are automatically aligned for the sharpest possible results. It includes 4 different mix options, plus the ability to import raw images all in one incredibly fast app.

Restore The Kingdom to Previous Glory and Save Your Princess

Game Garden today introduces Fable Kingdom HD 1.0.2, their stunning new fantasy city builder game for iOS and Android. Rescue the princess and restore the Fable Kingdom to freedom and its previous glory! Fable Kingdom HD takes users into an enchanted fantasy world, and features a huge map filled with new places to discover, people to meet, and objectives to achieve. The game features over 250 in-game quests with hundreds of rewards and achievements as well as collectible items and more.

Mega-Prompt Announces Mega Bee App Release

Mega-Prompt today announces the acquisition and re-launch of the Mega Bee mobile game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Mega Bee is a fast-paced arcade game with several challenging levels. Users swipe the Busy Bee character around the screen to collect items, while attempting to avoid various hazards. Players can enhance their gaming experience in the Mega Bee store using coins earned through play to purchase different Bee characters, extra lives and other tools.

Magnet Monkey for iPhone Invites You on a Magnetic Adventure

Pineapple studios today introduces Magnet Monkey 1.0, its new action packed physics puzzler developed for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Easy to pick up and hard to put down, this challenging iPhone title invites you to manipulate magnetic fields and take control of Mongo, the adorable fridge magnet, in a series of world-wide adventures. Use sharp reflexes and tactical wit to overcome obstacles. Collect ancient coins and trophies as you progress through the uniquely creative and animated levels.

Visual note taking comes to the iPhone with the release of Total Notes

BigOrSmallApps introduce Total Notes 1.1.0, their latest productivity app for iOS devices. Total Notes was designed to organise text notes, websites and photos in a fast, clean, graphical interface. Note contents are shown visually, and can be moved, resized and edited with gestures. New content can be added with a single tap, and notes can be organised over multiple screens. Notes can be written in any combination of text, HTML and extended markdown, allowing headings, tables, lists and more.

Rock Slots 1.0 hits the App Store – Rock Themed Slots

Get your rock on with our new exciting slot machine app for iPhone/iPod/iPad, spin the reels, win the jackpot and compete against your friends to see who can get the highest score. And best of all it’s Free. Smith Media Studios are proud to announce their latest application for your Apple device, Rock Slots 1.0 for iOS. Gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, a fantastic math and atmospherical sounds guarantee a premium slot experience. This app does not reflect the actual game play of any casino.

GKB Smart Applications release 2Comedize 1.0 for iOS

GKB Smart Applications today introduces 2Comedize 1.0, their brand new entertaining app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 4.3 or later. Incredibly easy-to-use, 2Comedize can turn any friendly conversation into a comedy episode. With just one click, the app automatically identifies human speech and plays random crowd laughs and applause at pauses. It provides several high quality sounds of crowd laughing, clapping, applauding and cheering.