Spider Trainers Publishes The Power of Print (in Marketing) Free eBook

For printers, designers, & marketers alike, Spider Trainers has just published its new eBook, The Power of Print (in Marketing): Using print to bolster a multi-touch marketing campaign. Readers will learn about various print vehicles that can be used within cross-media campaigns. Available as a free download, The Power of Print uses stats, facts, and best practices to dispel the myths that print is an under-performing vehicle and points to the successes documented by companies around the world.

Data Dude released for iOS – Saving you from huge excess data bills

Independent developer, Damien Owens introduces Data Dude 1.0, his new mobile application available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Data Dude allows users to easily track their data usage each month to see exactly how much data they have used, and how much they have left. Instantly view how much data you’ve used, how much data you have left for your current billing cycle. Create custom alerts to ensure you know when you are approaching your data limit and more.

ABC SPELLING MAGIC 1 Short Vowel Words for iOS by Preschool University

Preschool University today introduces ABC SPELLING MAGIC 1 Short Vowel Words Deluxe for iOS, which provides practice in building and “spelling” 3-letter words. Designed to enhance phonological awareness, the app employs interactive sounds, pictures, and letters. Each letter and picture has its corresponding sound. In the Word Building mode kids are provided with only the required letters to build words, while in the Movable Alphabet mode, they must select from the entire alphabet to build words.

Dejal announces Simon 3.5 – Server Monitoring Tool

Dejal Systems, LLC today announced Simon version 3.5, the essential server monitoring tool for Mac OS X. It checks websites and many other kinds of services for changes or failures, with lots of notification and reporting options. Version 3.5 includes a number of improvements and fixes for OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) support. It also includes improvements to the Web (HTTP) Twitter, Calendar, Script, Email and Speech plug-ins.

SCSC Releases New Post: Analyzing Mountain Lion Performance Problems

Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC has created a new How-To section for their web site, with its first entry titled “Analyzing Mountain Lion Performance Problems with Activity Monitor.” The document describes some of the performance problems in Mountain Lion that currently plague some of the OS users, and gives examples of how to identify them using Activity Monitor. The article also includes a list of common problems and even a bug or two that many people may run across.

Relative Logic, Inc. Releases Party Wheel 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

Relative Logic, Inc. introduces Party Wheel 1.0, their versatile new party game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In Party Wheel, players spin for a chance to complete tasks across four categories. Ideal for party animals, pranksters, bachelorettes, and aspiring actors these hilarious wheels will keep your night interesting. The game includes a 40-question sample wheel and 16 expansion wheels are available via In-App Purchase. Spin the wheel and let the fun begin!

Shizen for iOS brings My Living Desktop to your iPad and iPhone

Amuse Inc. today announces Shizen 1.1, the long awaited iOS counterpart to their critically acclaimed OS X app My Living Desktop. Shizen offers five soothing visual and aural environments all filmed in hi-def video for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Five themes are available: Oceanscapes, NASA Earthscapes, Fujiscapes, Fallscapes, and Flowerscapes. These are the first in an ongoing series of naturally beautiful stress-relieving environments for the iOS devices.

A Zombie Booth: The Dead Walking Photo Booth 1.0 Now Free for iOS

McLegacy LLC today introduces A Zombie Booth: The Dead Walking Photo Booth 1.0 free for iOS, its new entertainment app that takes any portrait photo and transforms it into a detailed, photorealistic visualization of that person as a zombie. The app features automatic facial recognition, instant image processing, compatibility with newly shot photos or Camera Roll photos, save to Camera Roll, sharing via integrated Facebook and Twitter connectivity, and email messaging with the attached photo.

MoneyWiz 1.4 for Mac Updated with More than 50 New Features

SilverWiz Ltd. announces MoneyWiz for Mac OS X. The update to this personal finance software, adds more than 50 new features and is free for all existing customers. MoneyWiz is a complete personal finance software that allows people to easily manage accounts, budgets and bills, generate reports and much more. MoneyWiz features a custom made cloud syncing solution that allows people to automatically synchronize their financial data across multiple devices.

Wishlab Dream-Fulfilling App Launches Update and New Promo-Video!

Bumperapps is pleased to announce WishLab 1.0.3 for iOS, an update to its everyday tool that helps users achieve their dreams. Initially designed for the believers in the Law of Attraction and power of the mind, the app is also enjoyed by people who are looking for a set of tools to help them focus on their wishes using their mobile device. The app will help users track progress on dreams and capture daily thoughts, actions and feelings.

Jump Out of the Box for Puzzle Fun – Get Ready to Tease Ur Brain on iOS!

India based Patron Technosoft today introduces Tease Ur Brain 1.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Tease Ur Brain is a wildly addictive new puzzle game adventure created to test mental aptitude and thinking skills. The game features over one hundred diverse puzzles to experience across an array of different game levels, and encourages gamers to engage their friends and other players from all over the world, via Facebook and interactive leaderboards.

Speed Up Your iOS Downloads Up to 300% with Turbo Downloader Amerigo

IdeaSolutions announces Turbo Downloader Amerigo 1.3: the fastest downloader available on the Apple App Store. Thanks to the Turbo technology, Amerigo divides each file into 3 files and downloads them simultaneously. This speeds up downloads up to 300 percent. Amerigo allows to download video, mp3 and documents from any website direclty while browsing. Thanks to Dropbox integration, users can choose to save file on the cloud to save space and to listen and watch them in streaming.

Flowing – Photos Flowing in Stunning Layouts

Oriole2 Co., Ltd. introduces Flowing 1.0. Photos are flowing across your screen in magic layouts. Photos from the photo library, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr can flow continuously on the screen. The app features three layouts: Hexagon, Constellation, and Card. It also features 3 speeds, 4 directions, portrait and lanscape orientation support, sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and more. Flowing is a universal app, specially designed and optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

FourChords App Transforms Guitar Zeros into Heroes at SXSW in Austin

Musopia announces the guitar karaoke app, FourChords 1.3.6 for iOS. According to mobile startup Musopia, there is a fundamental problem with the traditional method of learning to play an instrument. Musopia estimates that between 50 to 85 percent of people who try to learn a musical instrument will quit before they learn to play their first song. FourChords is an app that helps users easily play favorite songs with a real guitar and shows the lyrics in the same display.

Lecture Capture for iPad – Future of Mobile Learning

DJ Mobile Software Solutions announces Lecture Capture 1.7 for iPad. A must have tool for anyone working with mobile learning or just anyone trying to document something. Lecture Capture allows users to create video recordings of their voice and interactive whiteboard, that they can draw on using their fingers. It allows for importing pictures from the Photo Roll or making new ones and including them in the app. Users can add video previews to make recordings more interesting and personalized.