Weather Mate: The Most Accurate & Beautiful Weather App on the App Store

AxisBlue Studios today announces Weather Mate 1.0.2 for iOS, an elegant yet highly informative package that is designed to be the one-stop weather solution for everyone. Weather Mate combines cutting edge weather forecasting with beautifully crafted UI design to deliver the most accurate climate information suitable for both basic and advanced users. Forecasts can be viewed for the entire week. The UI, combined with a powerful set of weather tools, makes this the #1 weather app.

New KickStarter Project by Empoc Interactive

Empoc Interactive announces their new KickStarter project for Novus: Tanaak’s Quest, its 2D action, puzzle platformer. Novus is designed to give the player a retro look and feel like the games back in the 80’s. Tanaak has volunteered to go to Novus to battle all of these little pests all to recover crystals for some core generator that his civilization needs in order to survive. Novus: Tanaak’s Quest will be released on Mac OSX first followed by iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Heavy App Discounts and Giveaways to Celebrate YUYAO’s Fifth Anniversary

YUYAO Software Inc. discounts its top-seller application, PDF Reader PRO, at 50% of the regular price as part of the Company’s fifth year anniversary marketing campaign. The app is now offered at $2.99 for a limited time. To appreciate an accumulative worldwide downloads of 1.5 million for all YUYAO’s products combined, the Company asks everyone to join the celebration, as it will be giving away numerous prizes including iPad Mini and many others to participants from March 20th to March 25th.

Moving Tales To Release Elly’s Lost and Found Sounds as Free Web App

Innovative digital story creators Moving Tales are releasing a new experiment in online story sharing April 3rd. Renowned for expanding storytelling in the digital era, Moving Tales is re-issuing its first children’s Ebook title, “Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds”, as a free Web App. Expanding on their best selling and critically acclaimed iOS apps and iBooks, web “Elly” allows Moving Tales to continue exploring what a digital story can be and how interactive ideas can be spread and sustained online.

7 Little Words for Kids Receives Prestigious Award

Newly-released mobile puzzle app 7 Little Words for Kids has received the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review, according to Blue Ox Technologies, the Caribou, Maine-based developer. Judged to be one of the highest quality children’s products in the interactive media category, 7 Little Words for Kids features 350 words & clues that are randomly generated for virtually infinite playability. Solving the puzzles earns stars that players use to unlock each of 7 worlds.

American History: From the Explorers Through the Civil War 1.0 for iOS

MultiEducator today introduces American History: From the Explorers Through the Civil War 1.0 for iOS, its latest multimedia reference app, which combines much of the content of six previously released apps: Explorers, 13 Colonies, Revolutionary War, New Nation, Antebellum America, and Civil War. Nearly 2 GB in size, the completely offline app includes 130 video presentations, 250 documents, hundreds of photographs, 200+ biographies of key historical figures, and information on each major event.

ZomNomNom Free – A tower defense like game with a comical twist

California based High Tale Studios introduces ZomNomNom Free 1.1.0 for iOS. ZomNomNom is a tower defense like game where you have to defend the leftmost part of the screen from the incoming waves of zombies coming from the right. You must be resourceful and rely on your melee skills as ammo is limited. Beautifully and grotesquely rendered by hand, the entire story is a hand drawn comic that reveals the Viro Corp scientist’s humorous failures at trying to stop the zombie virus they helped create.

Handy Photo for iOS and Android Already Available

ADVA Soft, the developer of TouchRetouch and AntiCrop, today introduces Handy Photo 1.0 for iOS and Android. This all-in-one photo editor provides both professional and amateur photo enthusiasts with a comprehensive set of image editing tools. The quick app allows users to perform all possible edits to photos with ease. Features include: a tool for smart object extraction and moving, crop and uncrop tools, an impressive collection of photo filters, high quality textures and frames, and more.

iMoodJournal 1.3 for iOS – Top-Rated App Tracks Moods and Triggers

Inexika today announces iMoodJournal 1.3 for iOS, an update to its top-rated app that helps users record, track, and analyze their moods over days, weeks, and months. Featuring a simple #hashtag system for recording specific emotions, medications, and sleep patterns, the app’s Summary function graphically displays data from many entries over time, revealing emotional cycles, trends, and triggers. iMoodJournal was rated in the Top 10 of all such apps for iOS and Android by the Healthline website.

Bluespiral Solutions releases 2 Player Snooker based puzzle game

Bluespiral Solutions today announces Snooker Star 1.0.7, an update to its one touch, memory based snooker game for iPhone and iPod touch. You have 45 seconds to score as many points as possible, build the highest break and complete the frame before your opponent and the timer runs out. Invite friends and challenge snooker star players around the world. Version 1.0.7 introduces a brand new 2 player mode, 3 frame match challenge, improved screen layout and navigation, game timer, and more.

Free Valentina Studio 5.1 and Valentina DB & Reports Server Released

Paradigma Software announces the release of database and reports tool Valentina Studio 5.1 and the enterprise reports and database server Valentina Server 5.1 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Valentina Studio lets you manage, query and administer popular databases including MySQL, Postgre, SQLite and Valentina DB. Valentina Server allows reports to be served from many database sources. Both Valentina Studio and Valentina Server are available in free configurations.

Motocross Life 2 Lets Gamers Race Across 6 Exciting Worlds

Motocross Life 2 from AlMusallam_6 lets gamers customize their bike’s color, tune the engine, test their skills in six exciting worlds, and compare times with friends and racers around the world. Optimized for iPhone 5, and compatible with iPad and iPod touch, Motocross Life 2 features four difficulty settings as well as free ride sessions for gamers who want to practice back flips and wheelies, or who simply want to immerse themselves in the cool and dynamic action.

Simple, Sleek, and Quirky Creations Come to Life with Pixies on iOS

MindSmack introduces Pixies 1.0 for iOS, a fun photo editing app that turns plain pictures into delightful new designs. Users add adorable illustrations to everyday photos, transforming ordinary pictures into fun, custom images. Featuring an assortment of stylish fonts and over 350 charming graphics called Pixies, the app lets anyone transform personal photos from plain images to quirky creations by quickly applying customizable text and graphics.

Gramatica, a New Feature-Rich Instagram Client, is Now Available for iOS

Think Tap Work introduces Gramatica 1.0, a feature-rich iOS Instagram client is now available for iOS on the App Store. App users may hide unwanted photos, make lists, fast-switch accounts, pinch to zoom, and much more. The powerful photo gallery allows users to like, comment, map, and filter, all without navigating away. Gramatica is a universal app with iCloud sync.

Autology Homework Tutor Launches on Mobile and Tablet

To mark the beginning of UK revision season, online education experts Autology World Ltd today announced the launch of the Autology Homework Tutor 1.2 app for iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices. Aimed at UK students aged 11-19, Homework Tutor provides access to over 500,000 resources including GCSE and A-Level textbooks, videos, revision guides and online activities, all searchable by topic, subject and key stage. The Autology Homework Tutor app provides a wealth of education resources.