Bebebe Co. releases the third app in Baby Learns series – Simple Shapes

Bebebe Co. today introduces Baby Learns Simple Shapes 1.0, its newest installment in the Baby Learns series for iOS. Baby Learns Simple Shapes is an interactive app full of surprises! Let your toddler learn basic shapes in your choice of languages while having fun and earning Bebekas along the way. The shapes come alive as your child explores how they fit in a variety of puzzles while identifying the sound of the shape names. Record your own voice or download other voices from community users.

Link Your Ideas To Your Actions with SmartPad 3 – Special Intro Price

Left Coast Logic announces SmartPad 3 for iPad. SmartPad automatically schedules tasks into the free time between appointments. Version 3 integrates SmartPad with the SmartDay system – which connects projects, appointments, tasks, and notes in one unified ecosystem across devices. The update features LinkNotes, Adaptive task scheduling, and the ability to sync with SmartDay on Mac, iOS, and the Web. To celebrate the release, SmartPad 3 is 50% off for a limited time only.

MathMagic Personal 8.5 supports various Frames and faster LaTeX typing

InfoLogic today releases MathMagic Personal Edition 8.5, their award-winning multi-purpose mathematical equation editor for Mac OS X. MathMagic Personal is a standalone equation editor for mathematical equations and scientific symbols. The superior equation quality & productivity of MathMagic have been selected by publishers & technical writers around the world. Version 8.5 adds various Frame types, more Sigma shapes, enhanced Fences, faster typing of script values & LaTeX expressions, and more.

Frustrating Good – There is a Word App for that?

Many players of the new popular app “All Words Up” is saying that it is “frustratingly good.” From the anxiety of the timer creeping its way to zero, jittery fingers it produced, and the sweet feeling of beating your friends on the scoreboard, you might come to the same conclusion. But maybe after playing the game, you might not call it “Frustratingly Good”, but “Addictingly Great.” Whatever you call it, it is simply fun.

Ten Speed Press Parachutes to Tablets with Popular Job-Seeking Workbook

Ten Speed Press today introduces What Color Is Your Parachute? Job-Hunter’s Workbook Tablet Edition, a digital version of the core self-inventory exercise that has made What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard N. Bolles, a household name. Based on the Flower Diagram in his best-selling book, this job-search preparation guide provides job seekers with a powerful self-assessment tool to identify viable job skills and develop highly individualized self-marketing strategies.

Mark Morford’s Apothecary: free iOS app, whimsy, culture, art, wordplay

Mark Morford, HowHuman Inc, and Sofi Software LLC are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new app “Mark Morford’s Apothecary” for iPhone in the App Store. The app is a hilarious, barely contained mega-treasury of articles, advice and lifestyle adjustment from Mark Morford, the SF Chronicle’s award-winning columnist and culture critic, and author of The Daring Spectacle. Music, yoga, humor, sex, essays, and more, all in a gorgeous and free app!

Introducing Bugs on Bugs – A completely unique and addicting iOS game

Michigan based Sloshmonster Inc. today introduces Bugs on Bugs 1.0, a new and totally unique game that runs on all iOS devices. Quickly dodge the evil spiders and collect the escaping bugs while your character spins in a circle around the spiders’ web. Enjoy unique endless gameplay content that is extremely addicting and entertaining. Bugs on Bugs offers fully integrated Game Center scores and leader board. See who can get the highest score between your friends!

A3 Thinker 1.0 brings Lean Problem Solving to iPhones and iPads

Agile Sensei today introduces A3 Thinker 1.0 for iOS, a formidable Lean problem-solving tool based on Toyota’s core management philosophy and approach to solve problems, improve and mentor. This stylish app features 65 brainstorming cards with hundreds of questions designed to guide problem owners in each step of a problem-solving sequence. A3 Thinker facilitates efficient conversations and helps teams and individuals distill essential information, frame and breakdown problems vividly.

Hear My Facebook iPhone App Reads Facebook Out Loud

Chicago based USA Concepts introduces Hear My Facebook 1.0, a free iPhone app that can read Facebook out loud. Hear My Facebook lets users listen to their Facebook feed while driving or doing work around the house. This app can even eliminate DWF (Driving While Facebook-ing). Hear My Facebook reads Facebook in 19 languages and users can choose from a man or a woman’s voice. The app uses a sophisticated text to speech engine for perfect pronunciation.

Duck Duck Moose Reading Wins Parents’ Choice Gold Award for Mobile Apps

Leading children’s app developer, Duck Duck Moose wins a 2013 Parents’ Choice Gold Award for their new ‘Duck Duck Moose Reading’ app. Duck Duck Moose is the only publisher that has received fifteen Parents’ Choice Awards for their mobile apps. Duck Duck Moose Reading teaches phonics with 9 different word and letter activities and more. The Gold Award is the top honor awarded by Parents Choice Foundation, which has been reviewing children’s media since 1978.

Cats in Black 1.0 for iOS: Fiendishly Clever Sliding Puzzle Appears Easy

Wimlog debuts Cats in Black 1.0 for iOS, its sliding puzzle game, where players move one or more cats within an 8×11 grid with the goal of capturing an egg. They need to plan several moves ahead, while following the simple rules of the game: a cat must always alternate between horizontal and vertical moves. Players must visualize a series of moves to capture the egg, use obstacles to their advantage, strategically relocate movable objects, and avoid landing on corner squares that cage the cat.

Hit The Lights – Challenging Puzzle Solving Game for iPhone

Hit The Lights by XPerienced is a new puzzle solving game for iPhone with a gameplay that reminds of and old, good “The Incredible Machine” series. Combined with a stunning, cartoon graphics, polished user experience and original music by famous guitar teacher Justin Sandercoe it guarantees a fun and challenging entertainment for many hours. The difficulty of levels is tailored in a way that helps players get used to game mechanics at first and difficulty of each next level graduates.

Shows Tracker 1.1 for iOS: Track Every Episode of Your Favorite TV Shows

PLEK Studios today announces Shows Tracker 1.1 for iOS, an update to its entertainment app that stylishly displays all the details of the user’s favorite TV shows, including Seasons, Episodes, Broadcast Dates, Plot Summaries, Production Stills, Show Logos, Total Seasons, Current Airdates & Times, Networks, and more. Featuring translucent black animated windows and buttons, the app also has a Show Calendar, an RSS Feed of the latest TV-related news and photos, iCloud Sync, and built-in sharing.

Video Poker, Beautifully Crafted By Happymagenta, Hits The App Store

Happymagenta today releases Video Poker by Happymagenta, an artistic approach to a classic card game, with a beautiful card deck art, sleek graphic design and fluid animations. Designed for both offline and online play, it offers players participating in a global country versus country competition, as well as competing in country and worldwide ratings. As a universal app, it supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is maximized for Retina displays, and has synchronization via iCloud.

iFree Studio Announces Easter Promotion Events for Lies of Astaroth

iFree Studio announces Easter promotion events for Lies of Astaroth 1.1 for iOS. In Lies of Astaroth, an RPG card-battle hybrid game, players use a level of strategy not often found in the current mobile game market. This fantasy MMORPG card game of card collecting, role playing, adventure and social interaction, is easy to learn, allowing players to jump right into the game action. Easter promotion events include bonus gold and crystal events, Scavenger Hunts, a new card naming event, and more.