iStopMotion for iPad 1.5 Makes Nice with the iPad mini

Boinx Software announces iStopMotion for iPad 1.5, an update with new features and support for the new iPad mini. Boinx Software’s iStopMotion for iPad 1.5 now has more ways to create and share plus a library of complementary accessories. iStopMotion for iPad animations uploaded to YouTube or Dropbox can be shared instantly with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo (iOS 6 only). With improved Wi-Fi networking capabilities, image capturing is faster than ever.

Human Defense Viral: Now Everyone Can Play Doctor!

Heliceum, a company specialized in the development and publishing of digital content for smartphones and tablets, proudly announces an enhanced and now free version of its game Human Defense: Human Defense Viral 1.0 for iOS. This new, punchy and free – but not ‘light’ – version of the game Human Defense is Tower Defense inside the human body. The objective is simple: players use nutriments to build towers and ward off viral attacks while supplying nutriments to the damaged organ.

Art Authority Ships K-12 edition, A Perfect Fit for the iPad mini

The creators of the award-winning Art Authority app line announce that they have added a special K-12 iPad app to the line, timed to coincide with availability of Apple’s new iPad mini. Art Authority K-12 for iPad 1.0, a full-featured, age appropriate version of their award-wining iPad app, is available immediately through the App Store. The app includes access to works by the same 1000+ western artists as the rest of the line, but with nudity and other sexual content removed.

P22 Type Foundry Revives Important Wood Type Designs for Computer Use

P22 type foundry, an independent design house that has been making computer fonts inspired by art and historical lettering styles since 1994, has partnered with the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. This joint venture, known as the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry will see a large collection of classic wood type designs converted into digital fonts. The Hamilton Wood Type Foundry announces the release of its first three fonts- HWT American Chromatic, HWT Antique Tuscan No. 9 and HWT Borders One.

Worm Food 1.0 – Now available on the App Store for iPad

New developers, Future Freak Games, are pleased to introduce their first physics based game, Worm Food 1.0 for iPad. In the game, players fling a worm across 24 levels filled with dangerous obstacles and pitfalls. In this physics based game of skill and precision, players must guide a worm through 24 levels of earth and trees, collecting apples along the way and avoiding dangerous obstacles such as birds with exploding eggs, spikes, boulders and swinging spiky boulders.

Yaware – Employee Time and Productivity Monitoring Tool

Yaware is the most effective employee time and performance tracking software users will ever use. It’s an automated, simple and convenient tool for monitoring the working time and productivity of the whole team. Wherever employees work, all the data about their working time and productivity is in the Yaware account. Yaware provides users with powerful business intelligence and helps their team get more productive. Supported platforms are Mac OS X, Linux, Windows.

Bubblien Attack pops in for an invasion of the App Store

Indie developer Wenpo Sun of Comicorp Worlds introduces its free-to-play game, Bubblien Attack 1.0 for iOS. In this fast paced action arcade game, defend your base by slinging your soldiers up into the air in this bubble popping slingshot driven physics based game. Collect crystals along the way and use them to research soldier upgrades, special abilities and unlock new levels. With Game Center leaderboards, players compete with friends and the world for the best high scores.

File Manager Pro for iPhone and iPad

Munich based Zuhanden GmbH today introduces File Manager Pro 1.1, its new productivity app developed for iOS devices. Just like Windows Explorer on your PC or the Finder on your Mac, File Manager Pro is the best app to download, organize and view all your files on your iPhone or iPad. Featuring an intuitive user interface, the app is amazingly simple and makes organizing your content just a breeze. It combines traditional file browsing with a truly touch enabled experience.

Best Gin Rummy Card Game for iOS – iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Kuralsoft announces Best Gin Rummy 1.1 for iOS, based on a popular two-payer card game, adapted into the touch-screen era. The objective of this game to score 100 points before your opponent does. The opponent player is crafted using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence; simply, it plays like a human. Best Gin Rummy features Apple’s Game Center; the leader boards can be viewed within the daily, weekly and all-time overall scores. This adds a new dimension to worldwide social gaming.

The most explosive maze game ever

Mobile applications developer, One Global Apps Inc. today introduces Boom Volcano 1.0, its ancient Greek-themed maze game for iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. In Boom Volcano, players will navigate an endless labyrinth, trying to escape an incoming wave of lava rolling down the venerable Vesuvius. Enticing powerups, shiny coins, impending doom, and cute-yet-frightened Satyrs all combine to make this maze game unlike any that came before.

uDesktop HD beautiful wallpapers now also for MacBook Pro with Retina

Aperio Lux has announced uDesktop HD 1.8 for OS X, an update to their desktop wallpaper application that lets users choose from many hi-res images. Image categories include: 3D, Abstract, Animals, Architectures, Aviation, Birds, Black & White, Calendar, Cartoon, Color, Fantasy, Fire, Flowers, Glass, Holiday, Insects, Interior, Love, Misc, Mountains, Music, Nature, Space, Technical, Textures, Underwater World, Water, Weapons etc. Wallpaper available also for new MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Star Battleships released on all smartphone platforms

Star Arcade today announces “Star Battleships” the company’s latest social game inspired by the classic Battleships Naval Strategy board game. The game enables gamers in different locations to enjoy real-time gameplay trying to out manoeuvre each other by destroying battleships and gaining competitive advantage. The Star battleships game is played on four square grids, two for each player. On one grid the player arranges ships and records the shots by the opponent.

Operatio Apps Releases Pin Tiki Ball for Mac – Featured by Apple

Independent app developer, Operatio Apps announces Pin Tiki Ball 1.1 its refreshing new game for Mac OS X. Featuring fascinating 3d graphics, large scale cartoon physics and more, in Pin Tiki Ball players juggle the volcanic hot lava balls while protecting the Pin Tiki natives from Scorpions, Snakes and more. Now Featured by Apple on the Mac App Store, players crush and collect coconuts, watermelons and bananas, find diamonds, rubies, gold and more.

New version of MapsWithMe app: reliable offline maps for travelers

World map provider, MapsWithMe company announces MapsWithMe Pro 2.2, an update to its popular travel app for iOS and Android. MapsWithMe provides detailed maps of the world that work completely offline. It is possible to download the map of any country and then use it on a mobile device without internet access. Version 2.2 offers hot new features and lots of enhancements, including a new Bookmarks feature, improved search algorithm and more.

vukee releases Photo Book app Worldwide

Hamburg based vukee has officially released their Photo Book app worldwide, including in the United States. Photo Book – created in 2 minutes 1.1.7 lets users create a dazzling, professional-quality photo book. Users simply choose from among five designs, select the photo book’s recipient from their address book, and once complete their unique photo book ships. In just five clicks, users can create a physical photo book and send it to anyone in the world.