InstaRepost 1.0 for iOS – Repost a Photo on Instagram Without a Camera

Mobbtech today introduces InstaRepost 1.0 for iOS, its photo app that allows users to instantly repost photos without taking a picture of the screen. The Instagram app and other Instagram viewers do not include a provision for sharing the photos of others, because the ownership rights of every photo on Instagram are retained by the poster. InstaRepost enables users to repost photos they have received in their own photo streams, as it superimposes the user name of the owner on the reposted photo.

DocAS 6.0 iPad – Annotate/Reorder/Convert to PDFs, Text/Audio Notes

9 Square today announces DocAS 6.0 for iPad, an update to their feature-packed, best-selling productivity app that offers powerful document creation, organization, export, and printing features in a sleek interface. With file management, document reader, advanced note-taker, enhanced zoom/close-up handwriting, PDF annotation, audio note-taking, wireless printing, PDF export, and more, this update adds a new GUI, shape recognition, PDF conversion, ruler locator, web capture, auto sync, and more.

The Virgin App available on the App Store and the Android Market

San Antonio based Project Your Choice LLC today introduces The Virgin App 1.0 for iOS, its new mobile app which aims to bring together a community of teens and young adults who are choosing “to wait.” Crafted with a user-friendly interface and marked with a stylish design and discreet, seamless navigation, The Virgin App enables teens and young adults to share, interact and learn from other people who hold the same beliefs on abstinence.

Classic Norwegian fairytales retold through interactive storybook apps

Overactive Ink, Inc. today introduces Ashlad and the Troll’s Silver Ducks 1.0, its new interactive storybook app for the iPad and iPhone. Ashlad and the Troll’s Silver Ducks is the first installment of deluxe storybook apps inspired by the collection of classic Norwegian fairytales by Asbjrnsen and Moe. Each app features hundreds of colorful hand-illustrated artwork, animated characters, an original music score, and read-along narration.

2×2 Flip Free: A Flipping fun puzzle game for your iDevices is out now

CitizenTree today introduces 2×2 Flip Free 1.0, its free puzzle game developed for iOS devices. Players are presented with colored blocks of red, green, blue and yellow and must flip those blocks to an ordered sequence of red, green, blue and yellow patch. Players can solve the puzzle with as many flips as they want or they can try to flip with the predetermined number of flips. 2×2 Flip Free offers 90 levels and players can purchase the additional 100 levels and additional hint packs.

Five4Now Opens the Los Angeles and Phoenix Markets

Five4Now announces Five4Now 1.2, the new National Main Street app, now available to business communities in the Los Angeles and Phoenix metropolitan areas. Five4Now offers users the ability to find, locate and select the local secrets, whether traveling or just in their area. The search features are user friendly, anyone can find what they need and have fun doing it. The application benefits the businesses with a robust “back of the house” system for following the progress of their customers.

Interactive Comic iBook is No Longer a Fantasy

Tom McGrane announces The Damned Meanderers Chapters 1 and 2. The Damned Meanderers is a newly published work of multimedia, for the fantasy genre, on iTunes and iBookstore. After learning the war they have been fighting was never theirs to fight, six soldiers decide to set out for home and must confront various forms of land, danger and rogues, but also the six very different souls within their group. The comic ebook series indulges in sound effects, ambient sounds, and a cinema soundtrack.

PlayPhone Social Gaming Network Surge Continues, Adding 20 New Games

PlayPhone(R), Inc., a global leader in mobile social gaming, today announced that it has ramped up the games offerings for its state-of-the-art social gaming network. The PlayPhone Social Gaming Network is available on mobile devices and supports Android, iOS and HTML5 platforms. PlayPhone features 20 new games for the holidays from top developers: iWin, Mingle Games, One-Sock Prince, Delores Entertainment, WedgeKase.

Stardoll Releases Fashion Inc. for iPhone and iPad

Stardoll announces the release of its latest mobile title. Fashion Inc. 1.1.2, a new game that allows 200 million existing Stardoll users and fashionistas from all over the world to build their own fashion empire, create inspired designs and the ultimate haute couture for the style craving public. Featuring full control of the entire creative, marketing and retail process, players can create thousand of unique items using 46 exquisite designs.

Smize Yourself! Updates and Offers a Chance at an ANTM Audition

Tyra Banks’ Smize Yourself! 1.2 app has freed users from sizzle-less photos, dead eyes and pitiful poses. With the new update, a Wifi connection is no longer required for downloading and you can SMIZE away for the new low price of $0.99 USD. In addition to these updates, Smize Yourself! can also be the gateway to a user’s modeling dreams.

The Creators of Critter Escape Bring You Mix-A-Muck!

Dragons! Robots! A chicken? Players have their met their match with Mix-A-Muck 1.3, the latest mobile title from Kiz Studios (Kiz). The creators who brought you Critter Escape announce their latest mobile title to launch today for iOS and coming to Android later in the week. Players journey on pirate ships and spacecrafts, from medieval times to the wild west as they customize their very own muck critter. Players test brain-power against the clock while matching thousands of wacky combinations.

Revolutionary Mobile Music Platform Made Even Better

Score Media Netherlands is delighted to announce the release of an update of their globally popular Tunecast application to the Apple iTunes store, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Tunecast 1.5 retains all of the brilliant features of the original application, and provides users with a slicker, more aspirational appearance and high-quality user experience that is unrivalled across other mobile music download services.

Fairwinds Software Adds Notifications to Medtracker 2.0

Fairwinds Software is pleased to announce the release of MedTacker 2.0. MedTracker 2.0 is a major update to our medicine tracking Apple iOS application that adds local notifications, context sensitive help, an additional export format, and several bug fixes. MedTracker is a complexity free application that records the dates and times over-the-counter or prescription medications have been taken.