A 50% reduction to launch the new Family Game Feebidu for iOS/Android

jTouch GmbH today introduces Feebidu 1.1, its new gaming title developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Oh dear, evil Captain Rumblerum and his time pirates have kidnapped the Good Fairy, and destroyed all that is beautiful on Planet Feebidu. Charlie, the carpet, is asking all families on iOS and Android devices to help him save the Good Fairy and rebuild the planet. In 27 levels the game aims to bestow new honor to the classic breakout concept.

Theodolite Augmented Reality Nav App Extends 20%-off Sale for Holidays

Hunter Research and Technology is extending the 20%-off sale on Theodolite through the holidays. This popular multi-function augmented reality nav app overlays real-time information about position, altitude, bearing, range, and inclination on the live camera image of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, turning the device into a sophisticated electronic viewfinder. Theodolite is the perfect gift or purchase for high-tech gadget lovers who receive new iOS devices during the holiday season.

Success is Sweet for New Kids’ Book

A Sweet Story 1.0 is the new original, beautifully illustrated book for kids ages 4-8 with partial proceeds going to support children’s literacy. Follow the imaginary exploits of young Oliver Pumpernickel, who likes treats so much he wants to be their best friend. A Sweet Story is meant to be cherished like other children’s classics but with the added fun of the digital world. Join Oliver sledding with a cookie, pogo jumping with a cake, and watching fireflies with a peppermint!

Create Funny Caricatures with Face Warp Camera on iOS

Russian based STOIK introduces Face Warp Camera 1.0, its brand new face warp camera for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 5.0 or later. This fancy photo editing utility gives users the power to create crazy photo expressions and caricatures in real time as well as warp faces in any way they want, all within seconds. Once users completed the picture they can save it to their mobile device’s camera roll right from within the app.

Moonfish Software Promotes Gift An App this Christmas

Moonfish Software makes it easy to send Galactic Phantasy Prelude Christmas Edition as a gift, making it the perfect holiday present for the Spaceship Adventure enthusiast on anyone’s list. In Galactic Phantasy Prelude Christmas Edition, players turns a cool spaceship into funny Santa Claus and shoot your enemies with snowballs and colorful ribbons. Pilot 46 meticulously detailed spaceships of various classes such as the Frigate, Transport, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship and Battlecruiser.

Phonetics Meets Fine Art: Art ABC Launches for iOS

Art ABC 1.2.1 is a freshly launched educational app from Oh Factory. The app helps young children learn the alphabet, provides an introduction to phonetics, and exposes them to the fine arts in the process. Designed to be simple enough for little ones to use on their own, Art ABC presents each letter of the alphabet in order, accompanied by a narration of the letter’s name. These gorgeous fine artworks delight little ones, and their presence is as enriching and educating as the alphabet itself.

Free Video Gives App Marketing Tips for $2 Billion Holiday Season

Helping mobile app developers and appreneurs cash in on the $2.4 billion opportunity over the holiday season, AppClover and Marketing Your App today announce a special video presentation with tips and strategies for generating more downloads and sales during this critical time of the year. This free video interview, available on the AppClover website, gives creators of iPhone, iPad, and Android apps 5 marketing strategies for maximizing their returns during the holiday season.

Leminder App Released – Perfect Timer for Your Kitchen

Toxico today introduces Leminder 1.0, its brand new countdown kitchen timer developed exclusively for iOS devices. Leminder features numerous handy notification options and adjustable updates frequency. With its minimalist and stylish interface and useful features it is extremely easy to set the timer and keep track of the remaining time. The timer can be set for any time period up to 24 hours and is sure to become an essential tool both for aspiring cookers and experienced chefs.

Gun Hockey for iPad – Real-time physics casual board game

BrazeN Apps LLC today introduces Gun Hockey 1.0, its new game title for iPad devices. Designed from the ground up to be a tablet game, Gun Hockey is air hockey with firepower. Using 4 different guns, players compete to shoot a puck into their opponent’s goal. The game requires quick decisions and finesse. Each gun is balanced by power, fire rate, clip size, and reload time. You can play by yourself against the iPad or with a friend on the same device.

Ghost Hand Games Updates a Holiday Favorite – Snow Brawlin’

Ghost Hand Games, LLC today announces Snow Brawlin’ 2.0.1, a huge update to its holiday favorite for iOS. Why go out in the cold when you can enjoy a good old fashioned snowball fight by the fire. Risoo needs your help! A gang of rogue rodents wants to take his turf. With the season’s nut shortage in full effect, there’s only one way to settle the score. Snowball Fight! Tap the enemy squirrels to bombard them with a barrage of snowballs. Version 2.0.1 includes Game Center updates and more.

FoxTube for Facebook 1.0 on iOS – High-Def, Social-Network Video Player

mix1009 today introduces FoxTube for Facebook 1.0 on iOS, its new video-playing app that connects with users’ Facebook accounts and plays videos from the social network. It allows users to create playlists and view videos on a high-def screen. Its simple interface offers one-touch, elegant controls that let users adjust the playing speed, volume and more. Users can view videos from all their Facebook Friends, Groups, and Pages; bookmark the best videos; move between frames and access the menu.

StudyPad launches Splash Money app for iPad; Counting Coins and Bills

StudyPad introduces Splash Money 1.1 for iOS. Winner of the Tabby Awards, this new interactive app for school kids helps them use money in everyday life. The app covers the full range of Money concepts divided into eight interactive lessons and quizzes including: Identifying Coins, Calculating the value of Coins, Counting Coins, Making Change, Quarters and Half Dollars, Money in Dollars, Adding/Subtracting Money and more. This fun app actually delivers on the promise of education on iPads.

Christmasville from Nevosoft Now Available on Mac App Store

Nevosoft announces the release of Christmasville 1.0 for Mac OS X. Christmasville is a holiday mix of puzzles and mini-games. Players play from the perspective of Arthur Knight, a private detective who starts his own investigation in the Case of the Missing Santa. The app features plot twists and encounters with holiday, fairy tale characters, such as the Abominable Snowman. To solve the mystery, players gather important clues, solve puzzles and riddles, and read all of Santa’s encrypted notes.

100 Trains/iOS: Interactive Kid’s App with Train Photos and Videos

100 Things Apps today announces 100 Trains and Railways free for iOS, an addition to its interactive kid’s-book app-series featuring pictures and videos of trains from around the world. Created for children 1 to 4 years old, users can easily scroll through pictures with just the touch of a finger. Each picture includes a brief description at the bottom, ideal for reading aloud to young kids. With support for 7 languages, the app offers stunning, HD stills and video and realistic sound effects.

Now Available – Saagara’s Augmented Reality App

Ann Arbor based Saagara today introduces Saagara AR 1.0, its new augmented reality app developed for iOS and Android devices. Bring health & yoga to life with Saagara AR. Experience augmented reality by using the camera on your device to capture various image targets. Life-like 3D animations in full 360 degree views come alive in the palm of your hand. The live view is augmented by text & audio explanations of health and wellness concepts, as well as 3D graphics which illustrate those concepts.