Mysia Games introduces Pigs don’t fly 1.0 – Game for all Platforms

Mysia Games today introduces Pigs don’t fly 1.0, its new game for iOS, Android and Amazon devices. Based on a story about a superhero pig, play the role of Sir Pork Chop who goes off to be a crusader for the oppressed and downtrodden. Get the superhero back home. With more than 30 challenging levels in total, help Sir Pork Chop navigate through the treacherous mountain trails and the unknown and frightening underground cave world of Bacon Mountain.

The AppZapp Infographic Shows Price Reductions for Paid Apps!

AppZapp 4.6.1 provides the necessary overview of the iTunes App Store. Every single day, the app reveals what apps are new in the store, which of them were just marked down in price and those that are completely free. The AppZapp team has carefully anaylzied the data of the years 2010 to 2012 and built it into an infographic. These show the rules by which the prices roll into the App Store and what the expected wait times are for the first price reduction.

Blue Stairway Releases Picaboo Star 1.1 for iOS

Blue Stairway Studio, a new mobile game development company, today announces Picaboo Star 1.1 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Picaboo Star is a very addictive game inspired by classic arcade games like Qix and Gals Panic. By controlling the star’s direction and preventing other enemies to break through the boundary a player is creating, gamers can reveal the hidden secret picture. The game features 15 challenging levels with 5 mighty bosses, a variety of fine art backgrounds, and more.

Lotus Bud – Meditation Timer

Independent developer, Chad Sager, announces Lotus Bud – Meditation Timer 1.5, an update to the meditation timers, with new features to support a strong, healthy, lasting meditation practice. This app that helps make meditation a habit, features Goals that allow users to track their progress, Options to integrate with the Apple’s Reminders app, and four ways to meditate, allowing users to alternate between different meditations, just like an actual meditation retreat.

Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish – Set for iOS, Google, Amazon

Award winning author and illustrator Marcus Pfister is delighted to announce the release of his new animated children’s book, Rainbow Fish – Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish 1.0. The interactive book is aimed at children who have not yet started reading, as well as those who have only recently began to develop their reading skills. As the narrator reads the book, readers have the option of showing the text on screen with highlighted words, so children can easily follow along.

LiveCode Next Generation Kickstarter Project Passes 50% Funded

LiveCode Next Generation Kickstarter Project Passes 50% funded. Backers include Steve Wozniak, Bob LeVitus, the Halo Co-Creators and Cory Doctorow. RunRev announced that the company’s campaign on Kickstarter to create a next generation, free and open source edition of the award winning LiveCode programming environment passed 50% funding. The campaign has been backed by prominent industry figures including Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and Robert Cailliau co-developer of the WWW.

MrCat Studios Releases TV Series Tracker 1.1 for iOS

MrCat Studios introduces TV Series Tracker 1.1 for iOS. With so many TV Shows vying for attention, it can be easy to lose track of what episodes people have and haven’t seen. TV Series Tracker provides an easy and streamlined interface for keeping track of just that. The app also provides up-to-date details on upcoming episodes. By recording the broadcast timezone of the TV Show, it converts the airing time into the user’s local timezone so they know exactly when the next show is out.

Haypi Monster: An Unpredictable Adventure

Haypi Monster, the newest MMORPG released by Haypi Co., Ltd, has received many positive reviews from both experts and players alike. Haypi Monster is a two-in-one game that combines strategy with luck. Each monster belongs to one of eight element types and certain elements have advantages over others. Each monster can have up to four skills at a time, and these skills are divided into attack skills and supplementary skills.

Very Popular Trivia game Sketchomania Hits Apple App Store

Virginia based ICON, LLC today introduces Sketchomania 1.0, its new trivia game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Sketchomania features hundreds of sketches of famous personalities for you to recognize. Each sketch has is presented as a jigsaw with missing pieces. Choices include divas, actors, world figures, pioneers and some that are famous for just being famous. Can you guess them all? The game also includes global leaderboards with Apple Game Center that adds competitive edge.

Groove! Metronome: Focus on function in a classy design

Tom Reinert today introduces Groove Metronome 1.0 for iOS, a new music app created by a musician, for musicians. Groove Metronome was developed with a focus on function, sleek and smooth, but flexible to cover all needs. Packaged in classy design that simply looks and feels good, the app features fast launch, intuitive use and rock steady precision. Musicians can effortlessly tap, dial, tap or tweak tempo, quickly set any mete, see & hear the beat, with the option to accent first beat and more.

Paddle announces The Mac Game Sale with savings on 8 top titles

UK based Paddle today announced its 72 hour sale on 8 of the most popular Mac games available on the market – through to Monday 25th. Each of the high-profile titles is available at a huge 33% off. Sales items include the multi-award winning games from the Call of Duty franchise, Borderlands 2 & Quake 4 and many more. Currently offering over 500,000 products by some of the biggest and best publishers, developers and authors in the industry, Paddle is an online marketplace for digital products.

Blue Wolf releases BOOM! – Music Edition for iBook: Graphic Novel

Blue Wolf today announces “BOOM! – Music Edition”, a moral, touching and new graphic novel for man in iBooks. Douchebag! Ugly from head to toe. Here is his funny overnight story. Meet the unique display, sophisticated pen-line, glamorous sensiblity illustration! Here, you can have a special experience you never had. Funny romance overnight story that is impressive enough to shake your emotion. BOOM! features a unique display with sophisticated pen-line illustrations.

City Girl Night HD hits Apple App Stores Worldwide

With completely new content and gorgeous high resolution graphics, City Girl Night HD hits App App Stores Worldwide. Soni, the night city girl has only one goal; collect as many hearts as possible. But in her way are all kinds of haphazardly parked cars. City Girl Night offers a beautiful urban background to run against. You’ve got to use your hand-eye coordination to help our heroine stay clear of the cars that have been parked recklessly on the footpaths.

Twisted Ways – new game for iOS to challenge you in so many ways

Independent developer Stanislav Fedorov today introduces Twisted Ways 1.0, his new puzzle game developed for iOS devices. Picture you are walking on sky-high blocks and your life depends on every move you make. This stimulating game app is set to challenge your rational and analytical skills all the way and have you think twice before making the next move. The more you advance from one level to another, the game will give you a handful of obstacles to overcome and more.

Toughturtle LLC Releases Dive Bonaire An Interactive iOS App For Divers

Toughturtle LLC today introduces Dive Bonaire 1.0, the first interactive dive site App for iOS. Dive Bonaire was created by divers, for divers. Tailored specifically for the scuba diver while either on, or off, the island of Bonaire, the App gives the user a wealth of information in an easy-to-use and feature-rich user interface. With over 100 dive sites automatically plotted on the map, the user can zoom, scroll, & tap on a dive site to be presented with the dive site name, its rating and more.