Funky Squid Games Releases Syncroz – Connect Free: New Puzzle Game

Funky Squid Games today announces their first game, Syncroz – Connect Free 1.01 for iOS. Available now in the App Store and shortly on Google Play, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble for Android, Syncroz is a simple yet addictive and challenging puzzle connection game where players attempt to connect various matching nodes without breaking their connectors. Players solve up to 300 free puzzles by joining the correct matching nodes with the same colors and shapes to fill the board with the connectors.

Dots and Boxes + 4 In a Row Combined Into One New Game – And It’s Fun!

Buena Ventura LLC announces Out-line Squares & Row 2.3 for iOS. In this two-player board game that features two games in one, a Row Game and Dots and Boxes, players compete to be the first to get an unbroken row of four or more squares. Challenging new rules have been added, making an exciting game of strategy and skill. Players compete to put the most lines or the 4th and final line, if both put 2 lines, on a surrounded square to capture it, creating a fun way of acquiring squares and rows.

PhatWare Releases PhatPad 2.5 for iPad Featuring Animated Pen Palette

Washington based PhatWare today announces PhatPad 2.5 for iPad, an update to their popular note-taking and collaboration application. PhatPad enables users to jot notes in their own handwriting. Designed to encourage collaboration among a work-team, PhatPad allows team members to draw, write, record voice notes and type on the iPad. Optimized for iOS 6.0, version 2.5 introduces new pen/color palette designed to simplify digital pen selection and provide visually pleasing interface.

Cloud Clip for OS X – iCloud Sync Mac Clipboard Between Macs + iDevices

Chimp Studios today introduces Cloud Clip 1.0 for OS X, the first clipboard management utility that uses Apple’s iCloud service to sync the contents of a Mac clipboard between other Macs and iDevices. Accessible from the menu bar, the dock, or both, Cloud Clip displays an unlimited scrolling list of items copied to the clipboard. Any item can be chosen to paste, preview, favorite, delete, or share by email, Messaging, Twitter, or Facebook. An additional iOS app is required for mobile sync.

Visit the World like never before with iExplore Walt Disney World

iSeekApps announces the updated iExplore Walt Disney World for iOS. A photo scavenger game app you can play while visiting the World or from home. The iExplore Walt Disney World App is a scavenger hunt that can be played while visiting the World or from the comfort of their home! The app consists of photographs taken at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida zoomed in leaving very little detail. The user must then find the correct location within Walt Disney World.

Fins-Up Releases the FIN for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina models

Fins-Up, LLC has announced the FIN, a new aesthetic, single piece combination handle/stand designed exclusively for Apple MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air notebook computers. The streamlined design of the FIN is aesthetically unobtrusive, with only a single piece to install. The sand blasted finish matches that of your notebook, becoming literally an extension of the computer. Constructed from durable 100% aircraft-grade aluminum the FIN helps transport your notebook safely.

Tumult Inc. Releases Hype 1.6 Update with Filter Effects

Tumult Inc. has released Hype 1.6, a major update to its award-winning HTML5 animation builder for Mac OS X. The new version contains over 35 new features that give animators substantially more control over creating animations. The update also includes support CSS Filter Effects to make the most visually compelling documents. It is available today as a free upgrade.

New Touch Base for Smartphones, The First Work-Base for Your iPhone

newMacgadgets introduces a new work-base for the iPhone or iPod touch. Finally, style and function come together with the New Touch Base for Smartphones. Designed with elegance in mind, The New Touch Base is a solid 1 lb., wedge shaped, acrylic work-base with an outer silicone ring (top and bottom) that provides a sure-grip of an iPhone. Users may text, make calls, and view videos without their phone sliding all over the place.

DistributorX Inc Now Exclusive Enfocus PitStop Distributor for US/Canada

DistributorX, Inc., the technology channel source for the creative, interactive, pre-press, print and publishing sectors announced today that effective January 1, 2013, Enfocus has appointed it the exclusive distributor for the industry-standard PitStop Pro tool for PDF editing, preflighting, correction and repurposing. PitStop Pro consistently and automatically prepares PDF files for printed output, online delivery, archival storage and most recently, tablet deployment.

Football Squares Plus for iPad Returns for 2013 Super Bowl

Once again, football enthusiasts can replace the Paper and Pen Squares betting sheets of old with the high-tech option of Football Squares Plus 2.6 for iPad. Football Squares Plus offers participants the use of touch to configure sheets, buy squares, filter on names, and select the winning scores. New features have been added to the touch-based, interactive app for this season to assist those running squares sheets during Playoff and Super Bowl viewing parties.

iFlipBook App, Version 1.2 Available on Apple App Store

HyperSense Software announces iFlipBook 1.2 for iOS. Users create flip book movies from photos using the iPhone camera. Instead of manually drawing each frame, iFlipBook creates the animations from a video or stack of photos. With iFlipBook, photo and video enthusiasts can enrich their Facebook or YouTube account with unusual videos. This update sets free 6 of the 9 paid effects and resolves some small bugs, improving the video recording and the filtered effects performance, as well.

Universal AweCal – An Integrated Organizer for iOS – Is Available

Advsoft today introduces AweCal 1.0, its elegant and easy-to-use organizer developed for iOS. AweCal is an all-in-one: Calendar, Task and Note management application that helps you manage your time efficiently with elegant and friendly organizer. The app works perfectly with the native iOS Calendar, Google calendar, Google Tasks, Toodledo and built-in Reminders. It also supports a Mac OSX version. All have the same features and data can be synced easily via our own AweCal Cloud server.

Best personal finance app – Swippe Pocket 1.2

Best personal finance app Swippe Pocket has been updated to version 1.2, which is available for all iOS devices. Swippe Pocket helps users to keep track of all personal debts with a simple and clear user-interface. With the application you can keep track of what payment is owed to you, and what payment you owe to others. Debts are stored along with the name of the person, desired currency and also a note can be left along with the debt to remind you of details.

Unkasoft reinvents social gaming for mobile phones with Numbered

Unkasoft, the leading development studio in videogames and advergaming for mobile phones, presents Numbered 1.1, a qualitative leap in social gaming that enhances creative, sensory and intellectual skills. Numbered is a game that improves on the existing panorama of turn-based social entertainment and helps to activate our brain via games that provide new challenges and stimuli for our intellect. The game features 5 random boards with 3 types of bonus squares and more.