Amarin Publishing, Thailand goes digital across devices through Magzter

Global digital publishing platform and newsstand, Magzter Inc., has announced the launch of digital editions of the magazines of Amarin Printing And Publishing Public Company Limited, one of Thailand’s largest publishing houses. Amarin Publishing has top magazine brands like Cheewajit Magazine, Health & Cuisine, lemonade Magazine, My Home Magazine, Real Parenting Magazine, room Magazine, Secret Magazine, Sudsapda, WE Magazine. Magzter is launching these titles on Apple’s Newsstand.

Horizon Touch 1.0 Personal Financial Analysis System Released for iPad

Ontario based Lucerne Systems introduces Horizon Touch 1.0, its unique new personal finance app specifically for iPad. Horizon Touch helps you track your spending and income neatly and easily. Use Horizon Touch’s intuitive calendar interface to create budgets, forecasts, cash flows, or any other visualization of money over time. With simple, easy-to-use data-entry-style input, effortlessly create and share multiple calendar documents, and much more.

Bobbl-Emoji 2.0 Free for iOS – Messenger Featuring Creative Bobble Heads

OEL today announces Bobbl-Emoji 2.0 free for iOS, an update to their popular messaging app that allows users to create funny and inspiring messages using bobble heads, emojis, and other characters. Users can choose from a collection of 80 different bobble head characters, ranging from political figures to celebrities, as well as their text font, color, and effects. Once their message is created, users can send it to friends via text messaging, email, or post it to Twitter or Facebook.

The first iPhone app guide to New York City’s High Line Park

Illustrated book publisher Thames & Hudson announces On the High Line for iPhone 1.0, a dynamic, insider’s guide to the High Line combining photographs, videos, maps, informative texts, and interactive social media features. This beautiful app gives you the High Line park at your fingertips. “On The High Line” is the perfect resource for visitors planning a trip to New York City and for residents who want to get the most out of an afternoon in the park.

iSpotPro TE – Train Your Visual Memory and Pattern Recognition Skills

Leicester Web Designer today introduces iSpotPro Themed Edition 1.0 for iOS, the new way to play and train visual memory and pattern recognition skills. The app takes the global hit game, and turns it into a perfect pass-time and learning app. iSpot Pro TE contains beautifully-constructed graphics, multiple levels of difficulty and options to play leisurely or to race against time, in easy or hard modes. Aimed at all ages, the app is highly beneficial for children.

TimeFli for iPhone Eliminates Scheduling Headaches with Just Three Taps

TimeFli brings simplicity to scheduling business meetings and social events by creating an instant list of a user’s available times. Other solutions require users to adopt a new calendar or unfamiliar web tools, but TimeFli fits into existing workflows. Users simply choose a 5-day window, a time frame (like 9am-6pm for meetings or 7pm-9pm for dinner), a duration (like 30 minutes), and TimeFli copies the resulting list of free times into a new email and the clipboard for easy sharing.

Button Board iPad Game Makes Learning Colours Fun for Preschoolers

UK game development studio, Mediakitchen today introduces Button Board 1.0, a new iPad game aimed at kids as young as one year old. Button Board is a fun and educational game that introduces colours through creative play. The game offers the child a selection of bright and colourful pictures and a tray of coloured buttons. Each picture has a number of holes that the child must fill using a matching coloured button. There is an option to hear the name of the colour when the child clicks a button.

Rade | Eccles Selected as Developer for Fannect Social Network iOS App

Rade | Eccles has been selected as the exclusive developer for the Fannect app for iOS. Fannect is the world’s first competitive social network dedicated to passionate sports fans. Fannect’s purpose is to create a genuine platform that allows fans to connect, compete, and score. Users will be rewarded for uploading fan photos from tailgating or watch parties, guessing the score of the upcoming game, & much more. Rade | Eccles was chosen for their unique combination of adaptability & experience.

iBank 4.6 Delivers New And Improved Features For Better Budgeting

IGG Software today announced the release iBank 4.6, the market-leading personal finance application for Mac. This new version of iBank delivers a brand new set of tools for managing budgets, support for Retina Display Macs, and many other fixes and enhancements. The new report view gives users a fast, easy way to visualize and compare their budgets with actual spending totals. Users have the ability to view and compare different periods in the main budget view window.

iPhone Developers and Photographers Join Forces

Cocologics announces that leading mobile photographer, Misho Baranovic, will become the chief editor for the ProCamera Blog. Cocologics is the technological leader for mobile photography software on iOS. It created the first full-featured camera app for iPhone (ProCamera) and now again the first full-featured camera app for iPad (ProCamera HD). Misho Baranovic is an influential and leading mobile photographer, having exhibited his mobile photography in many countries in the world.

Why Draw Something When You Can Be Acting Out

Interconnected Gaming announces the upcoming release of Acting Out! for iOS, coming this November to the App Store. Acting Out! is Charades meets Draw Something for iPhone and iPod touch. This totally unique new iOS game lets players show off their acting skills, or lack thereof, as they try to act out and guess each other’s words. Players move around, dance, sing, use props, do impressions – anything to get their point across in 60 seconds or less, without saying the word they are acting out.

FlipSide5 Harnesses iOS 6 and iPhone 5 for Major Game Updates

FlipSide5 announces a major update to its enormously popular air hockey games, Touch Hockey 2 and Touch Hockey 2 HD. The apps take advantage of the the iPhone 5′s new 4 inch Retina Display with all new air hockey tables that are custom tailored to the device’s larger screen. Touch Hockey 2 utilizes many new features found only in iOS 6. Users now can use Game Center Challenges to compete for high scores against Game Center friends and can share scores via Facebook, Twitter, and more.

How To Talk About Doomsday Predictions Based On Maya Prophecy

Dr. Mark Van Stone, the author of the new book for the iPad, 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, offers information helpful for talking to children who have heard things on TV or read junk science on the Internet about the 2012 Meme and Maya predictions. Dr. Van Stone says lots of speculative predictions have been cast upon the Maya, but they do not include current world events, nor facts.

Sudoku with a Fun Character Twist – Charaku App for iPhone and iPad

Smileypop introduces Charaku 1.0 for iOS, the new way to play Sudoku. No numbers, just cute characters. Instead of typing or tapping, users drag and drop the different funny faces into place. For the countless Sudoku fans out there, they’ll enjoy a more visually appealing way to play their favorite puzzle game. For everyone else, the unique gameplay mechanics will have them flexing their fingers and their brain as they solve each increasingly difficult challenge.

Creaceed Hits 250,000 Users Milestone on the App Store

Four years after releasing its first application, and being the first Belgian company on the App Store, Creaceed hits a major milestone: 250,000 users on the App Store of its applications Vocalia, Prizmo, Kuboku and Movie Stiller. This celebration is the right time for a sale: Prizmo for iPhone, the All-in-One Mobile Scanning and OCR Solution, is available at 50 percent off for a few days.