Are You More Attractive Than Your Partner? Let Your iPhone Decide.

Couples can now settle any ongoing dispute about who is more attractive in their relationship thanks to a new smartphone application launched by 21-year old entrepreneur, Ted Nash. Girlfriend vs Boyfriend 1.0 can answer any burning questions about the looks of a partner and how they compare by using the most powerful opinion out there: science. Girlfriend vs Boyfriend scans a user’s photo alongside their partner’s and applies the ratio to calculate which one is scientifically more attractive.

Christmas Game for Children – Help Santa Claus

J.H. Digital Solutions today introduces Christmas Game for Children – Help Santa Claus 1.0, its new holiday themed app developed exclusively for iPad. Your child can look forward to helping Santa Claus this Christmas by being an awesome helper and delivering gifts to kids all over the world, and so much more. Whether your son or daughter is of age 2, 5, or anywhere in between, he or she will love being Santa’s little helper!

Teach kids to read with TinyTap’s free new Type Tool

TinyTap is a free iPad based app which turns everyday moments into fun educational kids’ games. Learning becomes a fun and engaging experience where any images or photos can be turned into educational games. The latest version of TinyTap includes the TinyTap Type Tool which makes it even easier for teachers and parents to teach kids the basics of reading. Children can actively participate in the story creation process turning them into the authors of their own stories.

Return to Mysterious Island for MacOS X free for a limited time

To celebrate Christmas, Coladia is offering its adventure game Return to Mysterious Island for MacOS X for free for a limited time. Mina, our heroine, becomes stranded on the shores of a wild and apparently uninhabited island. In this first-person survival adventure, players will encounter recognisable locations from the famous Jules Verne’s novel. Intuitive puzzle challenges & vast exploration of the lush tropical landscapes of the island, all combine for a brilliantly executed adventure game.

Lupus Puzzle Season is the Wolf Among the Puzzle Games

With Lupus Puzzle Season 1.0, Bostorm aims to make a puzzle game that defines new standards. Lupus Puzzle Season is three game variants in one. Play the traditional jigsaw puzzle, the well-known square puzzle or the innovative and exclusive ball puzzle. This game also offers five color schemes and five background music schemes to choose from. The game offers 15 built-in pictures of various kinds. Puzzle buffs may use their own pictures or take a photo to use for a puzzle.

Typinator 5.4 offers versatile import and export of text snippets

Ergonis Software today announced the release of Typinator 5.4, an improved new version of their popular text expander. Typinator is a powerful, yet elegantly simple solution that boosts your productivity by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and auto-correcting typing errors. The new version offers versatile import and export of text snippets in various formats. This makes it really easy to create Typinator sets from external data.

Storage Made Easy announces that Huddle has become a SME client

Storage Made Easy today announced that Huddle has become a Storage Made Easy client. Storage Made Easy is excited at the prospect of working with the Huddle team, a leader in enterprise content collaboration. SME provides a Cloud Service Broker platform that adds an abstraction layer on top of any information source, either to provide an enhanced single information cloud experience or to provide a federated view of data through any of the many apps supported by the Storage Made Easy solution.

Kids’ creativity can fly with new Wombi Airplane game

Kids will be able to build and fly their own airplanes in the new game Wombi Airplane, developed by Swedish educational app company Wombi. Players ages 4 and up must assemble their own plane then fly it on a mission through a beautifully illustrated course. Players are placed in a workshop-like setting with a large selection of plane parts to choose from. To control the game, players must tap the screen and adjust the plane’s height at the right time.

Evil Hornets – Amazing augmented reality game for your smartphone

SonarGames introduces Evil Hornets {dollar edition} 1.0 for iOS and Android, its unique augmented reality game that allows you to fight a swarm of evil hornets using a powerful energy weapon. After launching the application, aim your smartphone camera at a one dollar bill till a dark smoke vortex appears. Every shot from the weapon and every hornet’s sting drains your energy. Hunt as many hornets as possible and try to survive as long as possible in order to get the highest score.

Deedil Launches Numbers Flash Cards 123 Education App – iPhone and iPad

Washington based Deedil today announces Numbers Flash Cards 123, an interactive and educational children’s app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Created for parents and teachers to help their early learners with number recognition, the Numbers Flash Cards 123 app helps children in grades Pre-K, K, 1 and 2 learn their numbers through visual and audio queues from zero to 100. It features in-app coloring activity to trace numbers as well as the ability to print out and color or trace.

Actions for iPad featured in AppStore’s Best of 2012 and Editor’s Choice

Usefool is proud to announce the inclusion of Actions in the Best of 2012 App Store selection in several countries, only 2 weeks after being Apple’s Editor’s Choice and 1 month after the first release. Actions for iPad is a revolutionary tool for any digital worker, a unique new app that transforms your iPad in a customizable remote controller for all you computer applications, for both Mac and Windows, with the purpose of simplify human-computer interaction and make it more engaging and direct.

ABC READING MAGIC 3 Multiple Syllables Deluxe for iOS

Preschool University today introduces ABC READING MAGIC 3 Multiple Syllables Deluxe 1.0 for iOS, which provides practice in reading words with multiple syllables, but also teaches the two prerequisite skills: blending and segmentation. The app has three modes: Blending, where children touch a row of rectangles, hear a sound from each one, and blend them together to form a word; Segmenting, where kids hear a word, then separate it into its sounds; and Reading, where students read the words.

Kidaptive Releases Innovative Pre-School Educational App, Leo’s Pad

Kidaptive and Stanford University researchers combine the latest cognitive science with beautiful, engaging animation to deliver Leo’s Pad 1.1, the most cutting-edge children’s educational, interactive and entertaining iPad app yet. Leo’s Pad customizes gameplay based on each learner’s needs and interests. The app is comprised of 25 appisodes that engage children with games, puzzles, and projects woven into an immersive story arc to create highly situated learning experiences.

Vapps Mobile Launches Its 1st iOS Game, Puzzle myPicture Free

Vapps Mobile today introduces Puzzle myPicture Free 1.0, its new gaming title developed for iOS devices. This new, free-to-play, social jigsaw puzzle app grants players the unique ability to challenge the world with jigsaw puzzles of their own creation. Players can create challenging puzzles through the use of their own iOS camera. Take any photograph and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle of up to 25, 36, or even 49 pieces. Using either Facebook or Game Center, gamers can take their puzzles online.

Lets Bowl 2: Bowling with Friends for iOS

Let’s Bowl 2 is one of the best free bowling games around, featuring simple and precise controls that are fun and easy to learn. Players earn bowling bucks for every point they score and every strike or spare they make, then use them to buy stuff in the ProShop, including 9 different alleys, and 34 different balls; all with their own unique attributes and weight for scoring. New features include online multiplayer, Single device mode, weight dynamics, Stat Screen, and a brand new interface.