Sortee, A Puzzle Game That Will Change How You Think About Junk

Czech based developer, Flow Studio today announces the upcoming release of Sortee, their new casual game for iOS devices. A fast-paced puzzle game with a deceptively simple premise, Sortee tests players’ perceptions of the junk that clutters up our lives. As each item appears on screen, simply swipe to flick it into the right bin. Level by level, the sorting gets trickier until only those with quick fingers & even quicker thinking can succeed. Sortee is expected to be released January 31, 2013.

Introducing Recipe Cloud – The Social Cookbook

Independent developer, Jacob Hull today announces the upcoming release of Recipe Cloud, his latest project for iOS devices. Recipe Cloud is a recipe sharing social network that makes it easy to organize and store recipes. Users are able to save their favorite recipes from around the web or manually enter their own. Users can also find out what others are cooking by following their Facebook friends and more. Recipe Cloud will be available January 27, 2013 and will be free for a limited time.

Poker AnyTIME! – The Next Big Thing To Happen To Poker

Austin based Gutshot, LLC today introduces Poker AnyTIME! 1.0, their new turn-based tournament poker game developed for iOS devices. Play tons of simultaneous tournaments with players from all over the world. Make your moves when it’s your turn and Poker AnyTIME! will alert you when it’s your turn again. Stay on top of the action with the AnyTIME! Hand Replayer. See how you stack up against your friends and the entire world with the AnyTIME! rating and raking system.

Quest’n Go 1.4 Free for iOS – Quest-Based, Real World, Scavenger Hunt

Koen Van den Heuvel today announces Quest’n Go 1.4, his scavenger hunt app that leads players to explore the real world by creating and solving different quests. Players can seek out a location in their own neighborhood, upload a picture, and develop a question about that location. A high quality, interactive map shows nearby quests, allowing players to solve other players’ quests and give feedback. An alternative to tourist guides, Quest’n Go allows players to get outdoors and explore.

Gym Log+ for iOS-Simple Instructional Exercise App for Logging Workouts

Minds Aspire today announces Gym Log+ 1.2, an update to its app that allows users to quickly log their workouts, create exercise routines, and view instructions and pictures of nearly 200 different exercises. Making it simpler than ever to stay in shape, Gym Log+ comes with six workout routines, as well as features that allow users to create their own routines. Duration, repetitions, weight size, and timer information for each workout make it easy for users to keep track of previous workouts.

1st Mignon Bear 1.0 for iOS – Inspirational and Interactive Storybook

YFactory today introduces 1st Mignon Bear 1.0 for iOS, its new children’s story of affection and consideration in an interactive app. The story features Mignon Bear, a guardian angel who helps people achieve dreams and find special talents. The app offers colorful graphics and special games that let kids truly be a part of the story. The educational application helps to foster curiosity about the world and a love of learning in children who will be captivated by the charming Mignon Bear.

Pixel Colors 1.1 Free for iOS – Retro, Bit-Map, Puzzle/Strategy Game

Plunge Interactive today announces Pixel Colors 1.1 for iOS, an update to its retro game application that features vivid colored pixels. The goal of the game is to turn the entire playing board completely one color. Players start changing the color of the block in the upper left hand corner using the colored panels at the bottom of the screen so it matches the surrounding squares, until the entire screen is one color. The game offers 500 levels that increase in difficulty.

Bee Story from Nevosoft Now Available on App Store for iPhone and iPad

Nevosoft introduces Bee Story 1.1 for iOS. This original arcade game features a charming bee as the main character. Players help the brave bee rescue kidnapped victims from a villain. Players must defend themselves against other insects that have entered into a conspiracy with the villain, while earning bonuses and points to unlock super abilities, funny costumes and new scenic locations. The app features mini-games, bonus levels, and super easy touch controls that make it perfect for children.

Challenge! Brings Social Gaming Fun to Classic Strategy Game Agon

SoftCraft introduces Challenge! 1.0 for iOS. Challenge! blends the fun and excitement of social gaming, with the pure strategic tests of the classic game Agon, which is characterized by simple rules, complex strategy and a total absence of random elements. Gamers can challenge friends over the Internet or face-to-face, and keep track of who’s the best via the Leaderboard. Challenge! is optimized for iPhone, and compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

Smashing Robots Now Offers 200% More Levels of Gripping 3D Action

MiniWorldGames announces Smashing Robots 1.1.0 for iOS. The latest version of Smashing Robots features 72 levels of gripping 3D action – up from 24 in the original version. Smashing Robots transforms gamers into the brave and heroic John Rambot, and sends them on a mission to free their fellow Meekas from the thoroughly wicked Evil Corp Robots of Wasabi Planet. The app is available at no cost, optimized for iPhone 5, and compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

Jelly All Stars Full iOS App: A Cure for the Common Puzzle Challenge

Immanitas Entertainment introduces a fresh, new cure for the common stacking/puzzle game. Jelly All Stars Full 1.0.7 for iOS – the new, full version of its popular Jelly All Stars Light app – is a dynamic, feature-laden, and supremely entertaining stacking puzzle, optimized for iPhone 5, in which users are tasked with the challenge of sorting falling jellies by color and combining them to create six different super-sized Jellies that can help keep the action moving at a fast and furious pace.

Remix your iBooks with Book Creator for iPad 2.4

Today, Red Jumper Studio is pleased to announce the long awaited Book Creator 2.4. The No. 1 iPad Book app in 54 countries for over 119 weeks gets a fresh new update. With Book Creator 2.4 users can now create beautiful iBooks collaboratively. Book Creator has revolutionised digital publishing and has enabled people in over 50 countries to share their books with the world. Book Creator shifts iPad use from consumption to creation by providing simple tools that let anyone publish their work.

The Delightful World of the Pooyoos Comes to iOS and Android Devices

Launched by world renowned game developers Lexis Numerique, PooYoos, Ages 3+ v.3.0 brings the delightful world of the adorable baby animals known as Pooyoos to iOS and Android devices, via a selection of educational mini-games within an animated multimedia experience. The app has been designed to take children between the ages of 3 and 6 on an adventure to discover letters, shapes, nature, colours, music and more. The app helps children learn, improve co-ordination, gain confidence and have fun.

iTrace for the iPad Teaches Handwriting to Tech Savvy Children

Penmanship practice for kids of all ages comes to the iPad with the immediate launch of iTrace 1.0.1 on iOS. Guided by adaptive visual hints and gentle narration, children can learn to write letters, numbers, and words by using their fingers to trace each shape. Children can play the app’s fun picture matching game as they complete each exercise. Children from around the globe can now learn the basics of handwriting from the comfort and familiarity of a tablet device.

Enfocus Switch Automation Bundles – Total Workflow Solutions-Big Savings

ThePowerXChange and XChange UK, the sources for extended technology worldwide, are offering three Enfocus Switch Automation Bundles, that provide users savings of up to $2,619.00/1,890.00 compared with the cost of purchasing each component separately. The Enfocus Automation Bundles are designed to assist users in affordably moving to automated workflows.