Switch on Anytune 3.8 and watch music flow into your iPhone or iPad

Anytune, the highest rated iOS music slow downer app, is proud to announce its new ‘download import’ feature providing easy access to endless songs for your learning by ear pleasure. Musicians use Anytune to learn to play, transcribe and practice songs and more. Included in Anytune 3.8, this exciting new import option allows musicians to add free music from sites like YouTube and import it into Anytune as easily as if it were a song in their own library.

PlayScreen invites Alec Baldwin to test his word game skills for charity

PlayScreen has invited word game fanatic/brilliant actor Alec Baldwin to play the free iOS game Word Carnivale for charity. In Word Carnivale, players are pitted against their friends in a “best of three” contest to form words within the allotted time. Word Carnivale replaces static blocks with balloons that pop when words are formed. PlayScreen to donate $10,000 to Alec Baldwin’s choice of charity, when he scores better than 400 points in the iPhone/Pad game Word Carnivale.

oneSafe, the password manager app, is now on Mac

Lunabee Pte Ltd has just released the Mac version of their highly successful password manager app oneSafe. After an overwhelming response to their iOS application the developers behind the oneSafe app have created the Mac version to complete the ecosystem on Apple devices so users can sync their sensitive information across all their devices using iCloud. oneSafe for Mac has other interesting features like automatic backup and lets you drag and drop files into the app.

Emergency Medicine App palmEM is Updated and Expanded

Wilmington based, palmER Worldwide LLC today announces palmEM: Emergency Medicine Essentials Quick Reference Guide 3.6, a major update to their top-selling Universal iOS emergency medicine app. With detailed information on hundreds of emergency medical conditions, clinical decision rules, medication dosing and pediatric resuscitation, palmEM is the definitive medical emergency quick reference for medical care providers. Version 3.6 includes over 60 new and updated topics.

PhotoNova+ 2: The ultimate photo editing app – on App Store for Free

LnDyrm Ltd. today introduces PhotoNova+ 2, its new all-in-one photo editing app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Delivering a unique photo experience to every mobile user, PhotoNova+ 2 enables a powerful photo editing workflow that includes the Lasso tool, beautiful and unique Effects & Frames, the Green Screen tool, the Fix tool, the Paint tool and also the Vignette, Focus, Swirl and Stretch tool to make your photos even more stunning.

New Way to Study Korean Vocabulary – Talk! Talk! Korean Word Book-Basic

Seoul based application development company, Kizmo today introduces Talk! Talk! Korean Word Book-Basic 1.0.2, their easy-to-use education app for iOS and Android devices. Developed specifically for studying Korean language, Talk! Talk! Korean Word Book-Basic contains several features such as flash cards and words quiz that help you to study and memorize Korean words efficiently. This app will be best solution to study Korean vocabularies for you.

Stop Wasting and Start Tasting with GroceryHero

Stop wasting, start tasting! Join our superhero Herocery in the battle to reduce grocery wastage through the discovery of new & innovative recipes. GroceryHero reminds you of the expiration dates of groceries in your store whilst enabling the discovery innovative recipes based on these ingredients. Scan & store groceries by barcodes, quick add items used before. Discover new and innovate recipes based on the grocery ingredients in your store. Be reminded of the expiration dates of stored items.

27 Year Old Developer Strikes Gold Again with His 4th Startup: SilverWiz

Entrepreneur and developer Iliya Yordanov today announces that his fourth software startup, SilverWiz, founded in 2010, has recently surpassed $1 million in paid downloads of the company’s flagship app, MoneyWiz for Mac, iPhone & iPad. Yordanov, now 27, launched his first startup at age 15 and sold it 4 years later, investing the profits into his second venture. Selling his second company, he bootstrapped Cramzy, which scored with two best-selling iOS apps, 18,000 COOL JOKES and The River Test.

Let’s Go Home iPhone app hits 1,000 users

Indie developer Robert Ringham today releases Let’s Go Home 1.3.2, an update to his social networking app for iOS. Let’s Go Home lets members share their latest home improvement projects with each other. Users can create any number of projects and add as many photos as they like, as well as browse through various categories. With the arrival of the 1,000th user, Let’s Go Home is a growing community with new, featured content from handpicked bloggers and more.

Arabic Dictionary 8.0 Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iThinkdiff today announces Arabic Dictionary 8.0 an update to their popular bidirectional dictionary app for iOS devices. With Arabic Dictionary, users can search both Arabic & English words only by changing keyboard. This dictionary features a large database for English and Arabic words. Version 8.0 introduces a totally redesigned user interface. The app is much more user friendly now with access everything. A new Gestures feature was added so doing tasks are easier via sliding the window.

Pinocchio: The Cool Tale – Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

AppGeneration is pleased to announce the release of Pinocchio – The Cool Tale 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Once upon a time kids wished for a revamp of the traditional tale of Pinocchio and it came true. This classic story of children’s literature was revamped to a modern style by adding some innovative details that make the story more appealing and contemporary. This animated book features synchronized text, sound and animated features that will immerse kids in this wonderful story.

Indie Developer Releases Free Puzzle Game: Top That Score

Steve Development introduces their first game, Top That Score 1.0 for iOS. After months of hard work, this Free fast-paced game hits the App Store. The aim of Top That Score is to rotate blocks to create loops – the bigger the loop, the higher the score. Creating successive loops, multiplies the player’s score. Different color blocks appear on the field, all with different functions, which make the game even more challenging. Players can compete against others for the top score in Game Center.

Jumsoft’s Toolbox for Pages Adapted for iOS

Jumsoft, a developer of high-quality applications and designs for OS X, has adapted its hugely popular Toolbox for Pages application for iOS. Toolbox for Pages 2.0.1 is a free download that offers a convenient way to view and to purchase Jumsoft’s product sets for Apple’s word processing application. It provides a number of sample items free of charge. Toolbox for Pages features content ranging from invoices and business cards to greetings and posters. It is also accessible from iPhone and iPad.

CoinBook Pro – Price Guide for Coins You Won’t Get as Change

Independent developer, Jeremy Ware announces CoinBook Pro 2.1 for iOS, an update to his U.S. coins price guide. Have a 1982 dime without a mint mark? How about a copper 1943 penny? Check out CoinBook Pro to see if any of the coins owned are rare. CoinBook Pro is easy to navigate and even provides a guide for grading each coin. No WiFi or internet connection is required to view any prices. Not only is the app a price guide, it provides melt calculators for all silver and gold coins.

Tease UR Brain 2.0 for iOS Released – Time to Get More Addictive

Patron Technosoft India Private Limited announces Tease UR Brain 2.0 for iOS. This improved version has more addictive IQ questions and the addition of another level. The objective of the game remains same – to solve each question as they appear. Players have to solve the current question to move on to the next one. The free version of TUB will now contain 7 levels. With each new level, the question complexity increases, forcing the gamer to play with a more focused mind.