Bubble Chart Pro 4.3 Helps Maximize Return From Project Portfolios

Bubble charts are an excellent way to simultaneously visualize relationships between projects in multiple data dimensions such as value, cost, and risk. Newly released Bubble Chart Pro version 4.3 combines beautiful charts and powerful business analytics to help businesses maximize their return from project portfolio investments. Managers can use Bubble Chart Pro to prioritize their projects by value to the firm and then optimize against constraints to select the best set of projects.

CoShop App – Shopping with Friends is Easier When You Are in Sync

Zizifus, Inc. introduces CoShop 1.1, available on the Apple App Store. The app allows users to see what friends are shopping for in real time. It also allows users to find nearby stores and coupons and store favorite loyalty cards without having to remember 15 digit numbers or carrying cards. Anyone can add items to the shared shopping lists and track what has been added and what has already been bought in real time. The built-in barcode scanner makes it easy to scan items instead of typing.

TurboScanner 2013 – Make Perfect PDF Documents from Your iPhone

Farcom Interactive, iOS Development Studio, introduces TurboScanner 2013 v.1.0. TurboScanner 2013 is new iOS App that converts images into PDF documents with outstanding quality. With TurboScanner, PDFs will look like a fresh newspaper. TurboScanner uses GPU acceleration for image processing, so processing will take less than a second. In modern devices, users won’t even notice a loading, because everything will be processed on the fly.

Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies TCG Expansion Released

Wulven Game Studios today announces the availability of Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies 2.0 on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and the web, bringing the long-awaited expansion to its 3 million registered players. Shadow Era is a free to play, cross-platform collectible trading card game featuring gorgeous card art and deep strategy, while still being easy to learn and have quick battles on the go. The game features 150 new cards, a new Mixed Meltdown limited format, alternate art heroes, and much more.

Slibby The Snail Adventures: The Stolen Food Now on the App Store

CoolAsh Studio is pleased to introduces Slibby the Snail Adventures: The Stolen Food 1.0 for iPad and iPhone on the App Store at the introductory price of $0.99 USD until May 1th. This great interactive storybook encourage children to actively participate in storytelling process. Adding another level of interactivity, young readers must help Slibby overcome challenges throughout the this gorgeous app.

It’s Time Your Kids Learn How to Code or Fall Behind

John Bura announces a new online course that aims to teach kids how to code, Kids Coding -Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s time to admit it, the anti-social, unkempt, thirtysomething computer programmer who still lives in his parents’ basement is a myth. Today programmers have great job prospects, making on average 78k, nearly double the national average. They work for large corporations and small startups, the public and the private sector, for profit and nonprofit organizations.

6 Years of Flying Pig

Today, Flying Pig celebrates its 6th year of existence by offering a great 30% off discount on Edouard. Six years ago, Flying Pig was created to bring to the world Edouard, the ultimate SMB business management software. Since, Flying Pig has created a complete Edouard universe with a desktop application, a server application, multiple APIs and iOS Applications.

Funky Squid Games Releases Flip Frenzy – Puzzle Path Finder Puzzle Game

Funky Squid Games today announces today their game studio’s second game, Flip Frenzy – Puzzle Path Finder 1.0, is now available in the Apple App store for all iOS devices, as well as in Google Play, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Samsung App stores for Android smartphones and tablets. Flip Frenzy is a surprisingly fun, addicting and challenging game that involves connecting the paths laid out in the game to allow the ball to roll to the end of the path.

Retro Dejavu for iOS is Released

Independent developer, Martin Pluisch announces Retro Dejavu 1.1 for iOS. With an overall rating of 4.7 stars, Retro Dejavu is one of the newcomer games out there for iOS. Version 1.1 just got released with major improvements. This game is a Jump’n’Run, perfect for those who find today’s games to be way to easy and like the retro-style. Skill is needed for the hard jumps and timers in certain levels. Currently the game contains 10 levels, with more to come.

Pundles Brain Teasers Released for iOS – Flex Your Mind

Jennifer Manosh today introduces Pundles 1.0 for iOS, now available on the App Store. Pictures + Riddles = Pundles. Pundles for iOS, a modernized version of the classic Pundles game, is a brain twisting word puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. The app features hundreds of fun and mind-flexing challenges made up of symbols, lines, and letters that are arranged into hidden riddles of familiar words, phrases, and expressions.

Kids Sounds Introduces Whole New World of Sounds

Today a new educational app for kids – ‘Kids Sounds’ is released. The digital toy introduces kids to the world of sounds. Kids will experience sounds of different landscapes, learn animals’ voices, improvise with melodic items and more. The digital toy is a unique in a way it has no rules and no time restrictions, so kids can play with it like with a real toy – without any stress and limits – that is especially important to kids with special needs. Kids can choose one of six lively scenes.

Think You Know Your Athletes? Take the Famous Faces of Sports Quiz

With the Final Four on everyone’s mind, there’s a new sports trivia game that will challenge fans of all sports to test their knowledge of the actual players. The Famous Faces of Sports Quiz 1.0.1 app features photos of the most famous sports players in Basketball, Football, Soccer and Hockey, with accurate identification required within a certain. The game also includes global leaderboards with Apple Game Center that adds competitive edge.

Comic Tycoon: Create Fantastic Comics on Your iPad

Insatiable Genius introduces Comic Tycoon 1.0 for iPad. Comics can make people laugh, cry, gasp in wonder or shake in terror. Comics are one of the oldest and most effective forms of human communication. Comics are effective because they combine both pictures and words in a sequence to tell a story. The problem is that while we can all write, most of us think that we cannot draw. However, we can all take photos. With your phone and Comic Tycoon you can create comics you will be proud to share.