Fluid Notes Available Now – The Smooth-as-Butter iPad Note-Taking App

Majorspot, Inc. today introduces Fluid Notes 1.0 for iPad. Featuring an intuitive interface that lets you draw, write, highlight, type and more in an easy simple way, Fluid Notes makes your notes clean, clear, crisp, & shareable. With 8 different tools to work with, & tons of colors, everything you need is a swipe away. Fluid’s Bookshelf lets you organize your books in beautiful form with an attractive selection of notebook cover designs. Retina Ink never looked so good. Available now for free.

Doctor Asks, Do You Have the Parenting Skills to Prevent iPad Addiction?

Dr. S, eminent psychiatrist and media specialist, today continued his campaign, alerting parents to the dangers of unsupervised use of iPads by kids. Citing a recent headline from The NY Daily News, “Hooked on the iPad: Technology Addiction Affects Children as Young as 4, Experts Say,” Dr. S restated his message that touchscreen devices, with their irresistible interactivity, lights, colors and sound can potentially pose serious dangers to the mental health and cognitive development of children.

SnoreLab 1.5.1 for iOS: #1 Snoring Analysis App Is in the Medical Top 10

Reviva Softworks today announces that its best-selling medical app, SnoreLab 1.5.1 for iOS, has surpassed 100,000 downloads, putting it in the Top 10 of all apps in the Medical category in 14 countries. Easy to use and requiring no calibration, the app records samples of the user’s snoring throughout the night and provides a detailed analysis and a Snore Score. The app also tracks the effectiveness of snoring remedies as well as the effect of alcohol and other factors.

Meet Disk Drill 2.0 – An Absolutely New Data Recovery App for Mac OS X

CleverFiles announces a new version of their data recovery software for Mac, Disk Drill 2.0. After gaining a streamlined interface and a huge number of new features, it still remains easy enough for even a novice Mac user. The universal Recover button makes one-click recovery easy. The software walks users through all the scanning steps. Disk Drill includes two comprehensive methods of lost partition recovery and the ability to rebuild the catalogs of HFS+ partitions that won’t mount correctly.

Valentina 5.2 adds JSON, MariaDB Support to Free Studio

Paradigma Software today announces visual database and reports tool Valentina Studio 5.2 and the enterprise reports and database server Valentina Server 5.2 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Valentina Studio 5.2 lets you manage, query and administer popular databases including MySQL, Postgre, SQLite and Valentina DB. Valentina DB 5.2 ADK allows developers to build applications with XCode / Cocoa, LiveCode, C/C++ and all major development environments and more.

Dolly Drive Webinar: Solving the backup challenge of big data

Backing up virtual machines like Parallels, Fusion, or any big data items like Aperture, iPhoto & iTunes libraries can be painful. Dolly Drive makes even the largest online backups quick and easy. Join us on Wednesday, May 1 at 12:30PM Eastern for our latest “15 Minutes with…” and learn how Dolly Drive handles big data. The 15-minute web sessions show Dolly Drive users how to make best use of the app’s backup & storage capabilities when using multiple Apple Macs and iOS devices.

Poppin Games Releases Pixels and Dungeons for the App Store

Poppin Games Japan is proud to announce our new social game, Pixels & Dungeons 1.4. Pixels & Dungeons is a new genre of fantasy RPG which combines classic dungeon adventure games and unique social elements. Players explore various dungeons and engage monsters in turn-based battle, often with the assistance of a partner chosen from players worldwide. In addition, players can build and customize their own village with tons of buildings, decorations and objects.

Shop Easy Passes 140K+ Downloads, Gets A Major Update

WapleStuff announces Shop Easy 1.5, a major update to their popular iPhone app and 140,000+ downloads worldwide. Shop Easy is a multi-purpose app created to assist shoppers and travelers in making quick smart decisions. It also helps them keep track of what and how much they have shopped. With the Shop Easy purchase list, it helps in tracking every penny spend on a shopping or a trip. In celebration of the app’s success, the price has dropped from $1.99 USD to $0.99 for a limited time.

iFormBuilder Partners with Socket Mobile and Klipfolio for Cyber Defense

Zerion Software, Inc. participated in the 2013 National CyberWatch Center Mid-Atlantic Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC). Collegiate cyber-defenders worked to protect a mock national democratic election against expert computer hackers. Zerion Software provided eight iPads, running the iFormBuilder mobile platform with the iForm Kiosk App. Using Socket Mobile scanners, participants were able to scan their Voter ID Card and vote. Klipfolio provided real-time election results.

Learn from Leading Pickup Artists with Become a Pickup Artist on iOS

Players unlock the keys to dating beautiful women with the latest release from Chouquette Games, Become a Pickup Artist 1.0.2 for iOS. Developed around pickup artist extraordinaire Nick Savoy’s legendary Love Systems method, players are cast as the unlucky in love, Luke, and learn how to attract and interact with gorgeous women by testing their dating skills against a virtual collection of flirty femmes. Follow Luke’s journey from average frustrated chump to charming casanova.

Kim Jong Un Attacks the U.S. by Destroying Mailboxes

Asketic Labs, a creative firm, today announces the launch of a free version of it’s iOS game, Mailboxing 1.1 for iPhones and iPads that has been already downloaded more than 104,000 thousand times. Mailboxing Free features a special character, the general Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who has finally taken his threats into action by starting to destroy mailboxes by riding his tank and enjoying mailboxing. The storyline of the game is packed with a healthy amount of humor.

SecuritySpy 3.0.4: Update to Mac OS X Video Surveillance Software

Bensoftware today announces the release of SecuritySpy 3.0.4, an update to the premier multi-camera video surveillance software on the Mac. With features such as motion detection, real-time compression of multiple video and audio feeds, and network video and audio streaming, SecuritySpy is designed for demanding video surveillance applications. New features in this version include support for more network cameras as well as significant improvements to media streaming from network devices.

Learn Times Tables for Kids – Newest App by JH Digital Solutions

JH Digital Solutions is pleased to announce the release of their newest teaching app, Learn Times Tables for Kids 1.0. Learning times tables doesn’t have to be boring, and with the Learn Times Tables app, it can be positively fun. With this new app, users can help their kids learn one to ten multiplication tables in a fun way that will promote lasting memory. A hidden level called the Time Challenge mode provides the extra motivation children need to learn.

All My Gods Free is released for Mac

Realore today announces All My Gods Free for Macintosh, a free trial version of the popular god-sim strategy game that topped the charts on major game portals. All my Gods allows players to immerse into the atmosphere of Ancient Rome and play as a young aspiring godling. The mission is to develop into a mighty Roman god and build a great Empire. With the release of All my Gods Free players have a chance to feel what it’s like to be a Roman god without paying a dime.

Yumasoft introduces Spiky 1.0 for iOS – New Children’s Game

Yumasoft today introduces Spiky 1.0, their new children’s game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Created specifically to foster early childhood development, Spiky is not only fun to play for kids, it also helps them develop motor skills and faster response times. In addition, the app improves decision-making skills and strategic thinking. The goal of the game is to use a variety of household objects to destroy creatures that have entered your virtual house and seek to ruin it.