i-Free Innovations Brings the Legendary RTS Mushroom Wars to iPad

i-Free Innovations Brings the Legendary Real Time Strategy Mushroom Wars 1.1 to iPad Gamers Worldwide. Originally released for PlayStation(R) Network by Creat Studios in 2009, Mushroom Wars became one of all-time top 25 games for the platform. An unknown enemy has made mischief among forest inhabitants, and once friendly neighbors begin to combat each other. Players must lead one of the forest tribes, unite the neighbors and repel the enemy.

Arcade Action Gets Global with Happy Sheep for iOS!

Moscow based Andrey Esin and a team of independent developers today announce the release of Happy Sheep 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. Happy Sheep is an innovative new arcade game that’s balancing act, juggling adventure, and portal for exciting cultural discovery. The game tests players reflexes as they order incoming cotton sheep by color into their respective baskets, shuffle them via conveyor belts, move around baskets to get them in the right place, quick enough to beat each stage.

Kuyi Mobile Releases Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour for iOS

From the makers of the insanely popular game Streetfood Tycoon comes the sequel that everyone will truly enjoy – Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour 1.0. Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour enables players to experience how it feels to manage their own Foodcart business and takes them to a journey where they can explore various streetfood cultures around the globe. Players manage their own Foodcart business, travel the world and meet new friends.

Live iPhone Class Teaches iOS Development to Over 500 Students Online

Paul Solt announces a live, online iPhone development class. The three-week iOS development course that begins January 18, 2013, goes beyond Objective-C coding, to in-depth topics developers need to know to be successful. Filled with practical knowledge based on Solt’s five apps and over 500,000 app downloads, the 500+ students will learn about iOS development, coding, App Store specifics and success, marketing, and user interface design, in an interactive learning environment.

ATracker, track your daily repetitive tasks in an easy and elegant way

WonderApps AB proudly announces ATracker – Daily Task Tracking 3.1, its newest iPhone app. ATracker is designed specifically to track daily repetitive tasks for non-business purpose, e.g. studying, physical exercise, social networking, etc. The app offers an elegant minimalist UI design, is easy-to-use and requires minimal setup. The user just needs to tap the task to start / stop it. Alarms will sound even when the app is not running, features a complete task log, bar and pie charts and more.

Academy Awards iPhone and iPad app updated

California based AppEzzy today releases Awards Hero: Oscars Edition version 2.4 just in time for the awards season. You can now setup your Oscar Pools and battle your friends. With native support for the iPad, this comprehensive app takes a look at the 85th Annual Academy Awards nominees and lets users vote on their picks to win. Users can also deepen their movie knowledge with a database of all past Academy Award winners and nominees from 1929 until today.

Hexius – Popular iPhone/iPad action-puzzler is now Free

UK based Phasic Labs Ltd. today announces Hexius Free 2.0.5, a free version of its popular psychedelic action-puzzler for iPhone iPod touch and iPad. Hexius features 3 fun game modes, global/friends scores, weekly score challenges, achievements, regular updates, and more. Hexius Free has Time Attack mode, complete with Game Center leaderboards, and the first 9 levels of Time Attack. You can upgrade in-game to get unlimited Time Attack levels, and to unlock Strategy Mode.

Animation Company, Duncan Studio, Ventures into New Markets

From feature films to applications, the team at Duncan Studio continues to provide high-quality animation while also expanding into new ventures. The highly acclaimed animation studio branches into the app space with My Beastly ABCs, its innovative, educational storybook developed for iPad devices. With exciting plans for this year, Duncan Studio will continue sharing its passion for animation and storytelling while creating new fans worldwide.

EasyWeek 2.21 released for iOS – Your Calendar with Week Numbers

R2MobileStudio today announces the release of EasyWeek 2.21, an update to their business calendar app for iPhone and iPod touch. EasyWeek is a very useful tool for anyone who uses week numbers in their professional or personal activities. The default iOS calendar does not display the week numbers. This missing feature is now available within EasyWeek. From within the app, easily find all your appointments, plus the week number and more. Version 2.21 adds a new icon, and fixes translation bug.

Fairy awakes on App Store in Gorgeous light refraction 3D puzzle game

Today Eligo Games introduces Sunny Drops 1.0, their latest game title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Gorgeous and colorful as a sweetest dream, this game tells a story of cute and sleepy fairies. Wake them up using gentle beam of light and direct these tiny creatures towards the safety of a blossoming flower. Oh, and fairies are allergic to local ghosts, so you’ll have to trap them. Rest assured there’s no time pressure to do this, only skill and wit is required.

BrainNook Releases iPad App To Help First Graders With Math Skills

BrainNook is a social educational game that students play in real time with their classmates. It is used by over 100,000 students in classrooms across the country. The BrainNook Grade 1 Math 1.0 app for iPad, launching today, allows first graders to extend their BrainNook experience from Web to iPad. Students can solve school assignments in the app, and teachers can monitor student performance across the Web and iPad. The app is aligned to the Common Core Standards for Grade 1 Math.

Digital Book Publisher Begins John Ed Mathison Ministry iPad Project

Dallas digital book publisher, Claxton Creative, announced Thursday it has begun production of a book for iPad and other tablets for the John Ed Mathison Ministry, featuring “When God Redefines The Possible.” Mathison’s book contains more than 50 chapters of colorful & important ministry lessons and encourages readers to see that God is still doing miracles, even in today’s turbulent times. The digital format for iPad will include a series of videos, interactive photos, illustrations, and more.

SCSC Releases a Major Update of Scannerz for Mac OS X

Virginia based SCSC releases a major update for Scannerz for Mac OS X. Scannerz is an analysis tool utilizing advanced diagnostic algorithms that analyzes not only the hard drive, but the circuitry supporting the drive. This update now includes full support for CoreStorage based file systems including fully encrypted volumes under Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8 as well as integrated support for Apple RAID configurations. Additional support has been added for hardware based RAID and more.

New Service Simplifies Parenthood, Helps Share Baby’s Story

Becuddle, a new service for parents of small children, announced its launch on iPhone and iPod touch. Available today, Becuddle’s iPhone app simplifies parenthood by helping parents communicate child care information with each other, child care providers, as well as friends and family. The app connects parents of small children in a way that existing apps and social networks do not, by focusing on the information they most need to share.

KiteSurf Pro with weather forecast available on the Apple App Store

UK based Paz Labs today introduces KiteSurf PRO 2.0.1, its breakthrough new weather forecast app for iOS. KiteSurf PRO offers kite-surfers a personalized weather forecast and advise on when and where to kite-surf. Using riders weight, kite-surf size and weather forecast provides advice on the best time and place to go kite-surfing. And with a small in-app purchase, users may compare weather forecast for multiple spots and create a list with the best spots.