Make Music and Use it to Fuel Your Own Fitness with Marx Runner for iOS

US-based independent developer Mark Blum today introduces Marx Runner 1.0, his revolutionary new jogging app for iPhone and iPod touch. Marx Runner turns your daily run into an interactive motivational music experience. With Marx Runner you become your own DJ, then play back your creations and let them push you to commit to your runs. The app automatically records important jog statistics for review, as well as simple stats sharing options via social media and much more.

Smartphone Coasters Work With the New iPhone 5

California based newMacgadgets introduces Smartphone Coasters for the new iPhone 5. Smartphone Coasters are stainless steel stands designed to provide a comfortable 45 degree viewing angle for faster access, making them the ideal stand for the new iPhone 5. The space-saving stackable design makes them perfect for any setting. As a promotional item, Smartphone Coasters have quickly become a favorite with all types of companies including: internet, tech, software and dozens more.

Translating the Human Experience Through Documentary Editing

Manhattan Edit Workshop, the cutting-edge authorized digital training destination for post-production and content creators, announces the return of its five-day intensive workshop, The Art of Documentary Editing, from October 29th – November 2nd. Taught by Janet Dalton, MEWshop’s director of education and freelance editor, and MEWshop owner and filmmaker Josh Apter, students will explore the many techniques of documentary editing. Early bird pricing ends October 5th.

Photography Magic – Create DSLR Effects Quickly with iQuikDoF

Independent iPhone app developer emirBytes today announces iQuikDoF 1.6 and iQuikDoF PRO 1.4 for iOS devices. The apps were created for iPhoneographers and emphasize creating selective focus in a photo – thus Depth of Field, Macro Lens and Miniature effect can be created quickly and easily. The latest update brings back the famous Stack feature, a fix for iOS6 compatibility and improved on the Pan and Zoom operation when specifying/drawing an area.

Embark Mobile Mass Transit Apps Surpass 40 Million Trips

Embark, the award-winning mobile mass transit app, today announced its free mobile public transit apps have eclipsed 40 million trips routed, including 1.3 million trips and 100,000 downloads since iOS 6 launched. Embark delivers the most accurate, step-by-step directions tailored to specific metropolitan regions, giving riders the fastest routes to their destinations. Its public transit apps also integrate closely with the new Apple Maps.

Boomtime Baseball Brings Baseball’s Golden Age to iOS

Saunter up to the batter’s box and hit one out of the park in the latest release from Distinctive Developments, Boomtime Baseball 1.0 on iOS. Set in the 1920s, Boomtime Baseball captures the spirit of baseball’s legendary athletes like Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson in a nostalgic home run derby with the glitz of the Roaring Twenties. Evoking a bygone era, the Jazz Age razzle-dazzle of America’s favorite pastime comes to life through sepia-toned artwork modeled after turn-of-the-century designs.

Pomfort Releases LiveGrade PRO with Pandora Pluto Support

Pomfort, a provider of professional software for data and color management on the film set, releases LiveGrade PRO. Pomfort’s latest software product is an extended version of the onset color management product LiveGrade that additionally includes features such as support for Pandora’s Pluto and automated ASC-CDL exchange with the Codex recorders. LiveGrade PRO has been specifically designed to interactively adjust and preset looks on the live-image of SDI signals of digital film cameras.

DokRemote Free launched worldwide

DokRemote, the iPhone app which enables users to control their device’s music playback remotely from another device using only a web browser, is now available in a free ad-supported version. Just make sure both devices are on the same wireless network, start up the app and point your web browser to the address shown on the app’s screen. It is ideal for people who work at a PC or laptop but want to have their iPhone or iPod playing through their full stereo system across the room.

Win Fortune & Fame by Competing in the Very First War of Min Competition

For the first time ever, Cwerki Studios is orchestrating the very first War of Min competition. Starting September 25th, players will be able to compete on two of Min’s five levels for the fastest times. The winners on October 10th will receive iTunes gift-cards and the chance to be immortalized in the Min-verse. Min focuses on casual-competitive play. Players can upgrade their planet and craft several consumables as well as unlock several new types of Mins refining their builds to suit their play-style.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Upgrades for iPhone 5 and Latest DVD Movies

MacXDVD Software boasts an advanced DVD decryption technology of their highly-rated DVD ripping software-MacX DVD Ripper Pro 3.9.11. The new version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro has been upgraded to add a brand new DVD navigator analysis scheme, providing a unique solution for newly released DVDs amongst similar products. This upgrading also brings a new profile for Apple iPhone 5 to fully embrace the audio and video format for iPhone 5.

Orderly offers a fresh visual interface for iPhone task management

Tekton Technologies today announces Orderly 2.0 for iOS, that offers a fresh visual interface to manage tasks on iPhone. Orderly is designed based on how the human mind visualizes tasks. Featuring a breath taking interface, the To-Dos are displayed on one of three shelves using Apple’s bookshelf metaphor: High Priority, Medium, and Low. Users can instantly view all their To-Dos, expand and close them with pinch gestures, edit items, change their priority, and swipe to complete or delete.

123 Kids Fun GAMEBOX – Quantity with quality – Educational app for kids

123 Kids Fun GAMEBOX unlike other kids app features fifteen different games which are fun and educational at the same time and the games vary in difficulty so you do have some challenging games and some easy ones. The melodious sound and the vibrant graphics of the game will make your kids play with your idevice all the time. The most adorable part of the app is the chirpy little pink robot girl who cheers you every time you do the right thing which is great for a kid’s confidence.

BatchOutput PDF at 50% off on MacZOT: September 26

Zevrix Solutions announces that its BatchOutput PDF is available at 50% off on MacZOT on September 26. BatchOutput PDF is a simple and powerful solution to printing multiple PDF documents. Designed as an affordable solution for printers, publishers, ad agencies, as well as users of other trades, BatchOutput PDF allows users to batch print PDF files with just a click of a button, saving the time and effort of opening and printing each PDF manually.

Teach kids how to grow digital plants with Green Up Lite on iOS

Madrid based Isygames introduced Green Up Lite 1.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Green Up Lite shows kids how to grow plants, offers main gardening concepts, and gives kids the basics of ecology and biodiversity. Green Up Lite is a perfect way to learn your kids the basics of gardening, full life cycle of plants as well as acquire main facts about how to cultivate the plants, and related content that ensure kids can enlarge their knowledge in ecology, biodiversity and gardening.

Take back your mobile music listening experience with Tunecast for iOS

Mobile applications developer, Score Media today introduces Tunecast 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A revolutionary mobile music player, Tunecast enables listeners to cache and save music videos straight from Youtube, create playlists, and more. The app gives users a legal way to download, cache, and play an unlimited volume of music, includes a streamlined online browsing utility to make finding new songs as simple as possible, and comes complete with full social media integration.