This is the Key to Solving the Current Economical Crisis

Game Whizzes introduces Fangz 1.0 for iOS and Android, a game that shows how a regular Joe solves global economic crisis while also saving his family. In an effort to resolve two of the world’s biggest problems: the global economy and vampires, the creative minds at Game Whizzes have developed a new game called Fangz. This instructional interface follows the exploits of Frank, an average guy who combats lawyers, investment bankers, and other sunlight-intolerant bloodsuckers.

Le Vamp iPhone Game 50% Off This Weekend, Developer Calls for New Blood

In celebration of darkness and all things creepy and crawly, High Voltage Software announces its runaway endless runner sensation, Le Vamp 1.0 for iOS, will be 50% off its regular price in the App Store this weekend, April 18 to April 22, 2013. The critically-acclaimed game has already garnered the prestigious Editor’s Choice in the App Store, as well as rave reviews from both the living and undead. Players help Le Vamp traverse the hostile French countryside and return safely to his crypt.

iLightningCam 6.0 – Photography of Real Lightning with iPhones Made Easy

Indie developer Florian Stiassny today is proud to announce version 6.0 of ‘iLightningCam’. It enables everyone who owns an iPhone 4 or newer or an iPad 2 or newer to take spectacular pictures of real lightning with full photo resolution. The app will automatically capture lightning if it happens in your view. It offers the first ever ISO control for iPhone, which is the only way to capture lightning during night without overexposure. It offers full photo resolution.

Free Brain Exercise and Logic Puzzle Game for iPad: HEXIT

Cyber Dog introduced HEX IT 1.0 for iOS. HEX IT is 30 levels of increasing complexity of pattern making. A reward system of stars means players can challenge themselves to complete the level in as few moves as possible. Play in the Time Attack Mode for an even greater challenge of mind and reflexes. The goal of the game is deceptively simple: twist hexagons to arrange colours in a specific pattern. Strategy and a bit of madness are necessary to arrange all of the gems correctly.

Crazy Icons Turns Your Home Screen Into a Funny Physical Simulation

PXL:Artificer today introduces Crazy Icons Prank – Make your Icons Bounce Around 1.0 for iOS. Crazy Icons Prank turns the iPhone home screen into a physical simulation with realistic gravity and real time particle effects. After capturing and selecting a screenshot of the iPhone home screen, a choice of more than 15 special effects to simulate different environments, allow the user to throw his icons in melting lava, in the Caribbean Sea and populate the home screen with funny and cute objects.

Game Your Video Lets You Personalize Videos with Beautiful Typography

Game Your Video v2.1 takes personalized video storytelling to the next level by adding beautiful typography to videos on the iPhone and iPod touch. Users may share videos on Facebook and YouTube at 480p resolution for a better viewing experience. The app easily enhances videos, adds amazing effects and turns any video into an extraordinary piece, with live motion effects, fun audio transformations, gorgeous video filters and amazing power features like Reverse, Cut and Join and Split video.

Maps 3D Brings the Third Dimension to the iPhone

movingworld announces Maps 3D v.3.1 for iOS. Whether at home or abroad, on holiday or a business trip, Maps 3D lets users set off in new directions wherever they are in the world, without losing their way. Users just download the free maps they need at home or while traveling. As the maps are displayed in 3D, it makes it easier for users to orient themselves even in unfamiliar surroundings as it’s really easy to pick out landmarks such as mountains, hills and bodies of water.

Storage Made Easy Expands US Presence with West Coast Cloud Advisor

Storage Made Easy Expands US Presence with West Coast Cloud Advisor. Cloud expert Geva Perry, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, will be advising Storage Made Easy on a broad range of strategy and industry topics. Storage Made Easy provides a virtualised hybrid cloud appliance which enables secure unified file access no matter where the data is stored, cloud, locally, NAS/SAN, etc., and across any device, mobile, tablet, desktop, Internet.

Crossword Scrambles HD – now available for the iPad

Melbourne based Six Foot Games has introduced Crossword Scrambles HD for the iPad. Crossword Scrambles HD takes the answer to a crossword puzzle and scrambles it up. The player uses the word list and clues to put the words back in place, coming up with their own solution to the puzzle. The more words that are crossed, the higher the players’ score. Bonus points awarded by answering trivia questions relating to the puzzle. Ability to play anonymously or use Game Center to track high scores.

Free PDF2Office Professional With Purchase of PDF2ID Professional

ThePowerXChange and XChange UK, sources for extended technology worldwide, announce a new, limited time promotion, a free PDF2Office Professional with the purchase of PDF2ID Professional. Users can save up to $99.00 USD/64.00 until June 30th. PDF2ID enables recovery and reuse of the contents stored in PDF and XPS files making them available for use by anyone. PDF2ID is a Plug-in for Adobe InDesign. making it unnecessary to acquire and install additional PDF or XPS editing and repurposing tools.

Celebrating 4th Anniversary, Kdan Mobile Poised for More Success to Come

Kdan Mobile Software Ltd., a leading software developer, made announcement today that the marketing campaign for its fourth anniversary will go live on April 17, 2013. Kdan Mobile’s fourth anniversary marks the developer’s tremendous success in the mobile software solutions arena. Coupling with special offers, giveaways, and prizes for playing miniature games on Kdan Mobile’s official website, the celebration event will last till April 23, 2013.

TeachMe: Toddler Updated with British-English Pronunciations

24x7digital LLC has released TeachMe: Toddler 2.3, an update to their popular children’s learning game for Apple iOS devices. TeachMe: Toddler teaches letters, abc phonics, numbers, shapes, colors and counting in a fun and entertaining way. Version 2.3 includes a new professionally recorded British-English voice, as well as new options to control the learning of upper and lower-case letters. TeachMe: Toddler keeps children engaged by giving sticker rewards for correct answers.

Wallet Camera-Talking Pictures: Photo Filters, Frames, Captions + Voice

Power App today introduces Wallet Camera 1.0 – Talking Pictures, its advanced photo app that lets users customize their photos with a suite of filters, tools, effects, frames, captions, and audio. Featuring built-in Instagram, flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and email connectivity, the app allows users to make their photos truly stand out from among the more than 100 million photos emailed and posted daily. Wallet Camera works with new photos shot from within the app or images saved in Photos.

Life’n Stats Releases iOS Mobile App, MammaBaby for New Parents

Life’n Stats LLC has announced that MammaBaby is now available for iOS devices. MammaBaby is a fully-synchronized App-Web environment to help parents record baby logs quick and easy, monitor them via interactive charts, and provide summary, data analysis and relevant parenting information. Although there are a number of baby data logging Apps available at Apple App Store, MammaBaby differentiates itself from them by aiming for “Meaningful Use” of baby logs, rather than just being a logging tool.

Read EPUB eBooks Instantly on Mac with Enolsoft EPUB Viewer for Mac

Multimedia software developer, Enolsoft Co., Ltd today announces EPUB Viewer for Mac OS X. Featuring zoom-in, zoom-out, bookmarks, scrolling, printing and more, EPUB Viewer helps anyone open and read non-DRM protected EPUB eBooks on Mac instantly, as well as convert EPUB to Adobe PDF format on Mac. Stable, safe and user friendly, easily convert EPUB to PDF on Mac with original elements retained, including its layout, text, images, hyperlinks, tables, fonts, and graphics etc.