New Kids iPhone/iPad Game Lead Balloon Now Available on the App Store

Brisbane based Shona Enterprises today introduces Lead Balloon 1.0, its new fast-paced, fun and addictive kids game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Targeted at kids but can be enjoyed by all ages, players tap falling balloons to keep them up in the air and prevent them from falling to the ground and bursting. As the levels increase, the faster and harder the game becomes. Each level displays a different ground covering including cacti, tacks, hedgehogs and more.

Cubasis 1.0 for Musicians – A Mobile Recording Studio for the iPad

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH today introduces Cubasis 1.0, its new multi-touch sequencer for iPad. Cubasis allows the user to record, edit and mix songs. It establishes an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, offers 70 instrument sounds & contains 300 MIDI and audio loops. Additional features include a virtual keyboard, virtual drums, a sample editor, as well as a key editor. The finished product can be deposited in the Dropbox, exported to Cubase, transferred to SoundCloud and more.

Lekh Diagram 1.0 Free for iPad – Get Professional Diagrams from Sketches

Avabodh today introduces Lekh Diagram 1.0.1 free for iPad, its sketch recognition app that makes diagramming simple and beautiful. The app’s shape recognition engine identifies rough drawings that users make and transforms them into smooth, elegant shapes and lines for diagrams. Users can move, resize, and adjust shapes, easily connect them with arrows, and add text and color. Including portrait or landscape operation, they can save their diagrams in multiple formats or export to Dropbox.

MyCountdown for iOS: Countdown Special Events with Personalized Pictures

App Diner today introduces MyCountdown for iOS, their app that creates countdowns to all upcoming special events and occasions, such as holidays and anniversaries. Users can set each special event to countdown in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and even seconds. Beyond simply creating the event, MyCountdown also allows users to use their own pictures for background and event photos, personalizing each event. Users can share completed events with friends via email, Twitter or Facebook.

iScape 2.0 for iOS – Smart Landscape Design: Simple, Intuitive Controls

Home Revivals today announces iScape 2.0 for iOS, an update to its professional landscaping app that lets users take and alter photos of areas they want to landscape, creating their imagined design before beginning the work. The newest update to the iScape application features a redesigned user interface and Pen-Tool, easy access to texture images, and more changes that make its use straightforward and simple. The app is compatible as well with Retina display and the iPhone 5.

New to App Store: Cook Happy Video Cookbook Sampling 23 Free Recipes

Demand Media, Inc. introduces Cook Happy 1.0.1 for iOS. This free, elegantly visual video cookbook serving up easy-to-follow recipes was designed and executed by expert chefs. With recipes set to instrumental music and clean visual instruction, the app features more than 2.5 hours of high-quality recipe videos organized into 6 thematic recipe collections. A variety of dishes, illustrated with delightful, high-quality video, are paired with easy-to-follow ingredient lists and instructions.

Picture Perfect Challenge 1.2 Free for iOS: Competitive Photography Game

Long Life Apps today announces Picture Perfect Challenge 1.2 free for iOS, an update to its app that challenges players to take a photo or choose an existing photo from their camera roll, which matches a given word or theme. Players then vote for the best photo submitted in each category to be awarded “Picture Perfect” photo of the round. Themes are released 5 per hour, and players have 1 hour to find, edit (if they wish) and submit their picture(s) for the theme(s) they would like to play.

Block You 1.0.1 released for iOS – A Free Smart Stack and Match Game

Skejo Studios today introduces Block You 1.0.1, its free-to-play quick paced, puzzle game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Block You is a simple and addictive puzzle game where you must build cubes of the same color to explode them, and keep your board clear. Block You comes with 3 different modes providing great casual game play, but includes challenges for die hard gamers. Block You features both single and multi-player modes with Game Center support and more.

Introducing Heliog – A new way of managing your photos on Dropbox

Did you ever feel that the oficial Dropbox app, even after it’s update recently, doesn’t feel your needs when it comes to photography? How about having all of your photos stored on your Dropbox accessed instantly and with a great and elegant look added to it? Marcel Schmitz is proud to introduce Heliog 1.0 for iOS. Heliog is the answer! All images are downloaded in their original resolution, so you can zoom in and show the details. You can mark folders as favorites and have them downloaded.

Musix Pro for iOS – An Epic Musical Instrument and Control Surface

Shiverware today announces Musix Pro, a revolutionary musical instrument and control surface for the iPad/iPhone. The unique hexagonal or rectangular note layouts allows newcomers to learn how to play music faster than conventional instruments; while giving experienced musicians a fresh look on music and harmony. With many note arrangements (Janko: piano, Wicki-Hayden: accordion, Linnstrument: guitar) and MIDI/OSC connectivity, the possibilities are endless.

New Weekly Specials at TheMacBundles are Clean Text and LinkOptimizer

This week’s special offers at TheMacBundles are Clean Text and LinkOptimizer. Both apps are available for a limited time at a large discount. Users who order a Weekly Special and create their own bundle in one of TheMacBundles’ innovative Build Your Own Bundle stores receive an immediate discount off of the already exceptionally low price of the bundle. Users who buy software on TheMacBundles’ website are protected by TheMacBundles’ no-fine-print policy.

CineXPlayer Update Features MKV Support and Video Enhancer SuperSharp

NXP Software announces CineXPlayer, an update to their popular multimedia tool for iOS. CineXPlayer is the leading app for viewing, storing, and managing digital movie libraries on mobile devices and is the only iOS app that is Dolby Digital Plus. Users can save and watch full videos and films without an internet connection and runs files in almost any format without any conversion. The new update optimizes video viewing on the iPhone and iPod touch as well as streaming for XVID/AVI video files.

Attachable iPhone Photography Accessory Solves Glare Problems

Have you ever tried to take pictures with your iPhone outside on a sunny day? It’s hard to see what is on the display because the sun washes it out. The Daylight Viewfinder changes that. Sig Innovations, LLC marked the official launch of its patent-pending eyepiece accessory for iPhone photography. The Daylight Viewfinder is a viewfinder eyepiece for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that blocks out external light to make taking photos in bright sunlight easier.

Tiffen’s Popular Steadicam Smoothee Is Ready For Action with iPhone 5

The world’s most popular smartphone camera stabilizer meets the world’s most popular smartphone; Smoothee and the Apple iPhone 5 come together to create stunning smartphone videos. The Tiffen Company today announces the award-winning Steadicam Smoothee system is ready for the iPhone 5. Now, iPhoneographers can shoot engaging video on the go without the jerkiness typically associated with handheld video recording.

First Ever MMO/Fantasy eBook Franchise Launched for iPad

Creative content company, PoetCode, LLC, today introduces Dynasty of the Magi 1.0 for iOS, the first ever interactive eBook fantasy series integrated with a Massive Multi-player Online Game. In the liMMO system, the author writes critical quests for the MMO game based on unresolved subplots in the novel. Players choose good or evil, the Underworld or the Outerworld. They can network with friends to recruit allies and discover hidden powers, prophecies and characters and more.