What about eating some fruit?

m.gaia studio, Imagine Cup winner and Independent Games Festival nominee, today introduces Fruit Monster 1.0, an iPhone and iPad game developed by Big Green Pillow. In this cute and fun game, the player takes control of a voracious monster that likes to fill his belly with fruit. It is a perfect game for the whole family: easy to play and very addictive. By simply touching the screen, players can control the monster and make him eat the fruit.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way You Learn Languages

Lingualia presents Lingu 1.0, a virtual language teacher with the power to learn from each and every student and adapt the course to perfectly fit their needs. This achieves a noticeable increase in motivation, and a much faster progress with very little effort. Lingualia learns from the user; he studies their behaviour, their progress, the time they have available to learn, and their motivation and applies that information to the design of completely unique learning experiences.

Spotdox – Expand Your Dropbox for Free

Spotdox is the missing link for Dropbox – but is Dropbox going to like it? Spotdox allows users to use their phone to not only browse their entire Dropbox but see all the files on their computer (Mac OS X only currently) back at the office, home or even hotel room. Effectively this makes a Dropbox account behave like its the size of an entire computer. Collaborate like a pro.

Turn Your Life Into the Next Hot News Story with Mylifepaper for iOS

Poland based INTERDOM today announces the release of Mylifepaper 1.0 on the App Store. A new social connection app, Mylifepaper gives users the power to share their lives via a digital newspaper that covers only them. Users can subscribe to get friends’ papers delivered to their mobile devices too. The app lets users compile photos, videos, text and any other information they want to in clever newspaper style posts they can publish directly to all their readers in real-time.

AppClover Launches App Marketing Services to Help Appreneurs Succeed

Giving appreneurs powerful new tools that were previously out of reach, AppClover today announces the launch of its new mobile app marketing services to help developers get more attention, exposure, and downloads for their iPhone, iPad, or Android apps. Now, appreneurs have new ways to profit in the iTunes App Store or Google Play using proven techniques. Services include App Store Optimization, press release writing, icon design, video production, translation, and published reviews.

Bribe Your Friends App: Seeking Help from Friends Made Super Easy + Fun

Junglee Applications today introduces Bribe Your Friends 1.0 for iPhone. It is a fun app through which users can seek quick help from their Facebook contacts and friends by enticing them with small gifts. The app adds a fun angle by calling these gifts Bribes. Many times people look for help from their close contacts for tasks like apartment moving, learning Yoga steps or for a college assignment. Folks can entice their contacts by offering them movie tickets or drinks at a nearest bar.

Digital Photo on Sale Now

Contracorriente Estudio Grafico is proud to introduce Digital Photo for iPad, an eBook to learn photography in a more simple and fun way. Digital Photo is an excellent tool for those who still think that changing their camera for a more expensive one is the best way to improve their photographs. This book is dedicated to all of these people, so that they can see for themselves that learning how to properly handle the camera they have instead of spending money on new equipment is much better.

Potty Train Toddlers While They Have Fun with Potty Training for iOS

1tucan today announces the release of Potty Training for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Potty Training is dynamic childrens education app that turns helping toddlers to learn the concept of using the bathroom correctly into a fun game adventure. This tool comes complete with cute animals, professional narration, music, and more all set over an educationally sound structure geared to help children become potty trained quickly, and without undue stress.

Moving Tales Releases Free Browser Based Interactive Story Experiment

Innovative digital story creators Moving Tales today released “Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds” as a free browser based interactive story for PCs and Macs. “Elly Online” seamlessly brings together an enchanting story, original sounds, music, animation, and magical interactivity. Through this test of free and open distribution, Moving Tales is exploring the meaning and value of stories in today’s hyper-connected and abundant content world and what role creators like Moving Tales play in it.

Knock It – A Unique Arcade Game Gets a Major Update

d-Studio, Ltd. today announces Knock It 1.2, a major update to its arcade game title for iOS devices. Fight your way through endless islands of the archipelago to become the ultimate master of the land. Dodge ball, billiards, golf, checkers, arcade and strategy, all in one game! Available for Free, version 1.2 introduces a new multiplayer mode, players can unlock levels as well as areas with In-App purchase, Second Shot feature in a Campaign Mode, Retina Display support and more.

Scrambler 1.2.2 for OS X – A Simple Encryption App for the Mac

Coding Turtle announces Scrambler 1.2.2, an update to their simple encryption app for the Mac. Scrambler makes it convenient to encrypt files before sending them to unsafe places, such as to other Macs over untrusted email, instant messaging or cloud-based services. Scrambler resides in the menu bar, providing a small icon in the upper-right area of the screen. Version 1.2 was a major update that provided a new, vastly more secure encrypted file format. Version 1.2.2, is a minor bug fix release.

Thresher Wing 3D Strategy Defense Game

Marvel Apps LLC today introduces Thresher Wing Chapter #1: The Invitation, the free to download fresh new 3D strategy defense game on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. You are the acting commander of the humanoids trying to piece together a defense plan to protect the planet from this massive invasion. Featuring multi touch gesture controls and an engaging story line, Thresher Wing offers mech-warrior style towers, mutant creatures, stunning 3D visual graphics, as well as easy-to-learn gameplay.

CamTage Features Amazing New Ways to Edit Photos in Vintage Mode

CamTage 1.0 from Husain Ahmad Al-Battah features over 30 unique photo filters that make it easy for Instagrammers and other photo enthusiasts to transport their favorite photos to another time and place. Optimized for iPhone 5 and compatible with iPod and iPad touch, users can enhance their photos by adding over 20 textures, import or export their photos via multiple resolution options, share their photos via their device’s camera roll, Facebook or Twitter and much more.

MLSwitcher 2.0 – Improved Input Language Manager for OS X

Bluezbox Software today announces MLSwitcher 2.0, an update to their improved input language manager for Mac OS X. MLSwitcher makes life easier for those of us who have to input text in several languages or share their time between Windows and Mac OS X. It addresses a fundamental flaw in the user experience of multi-language OS X systems: mode. The app lets you make a shortcut for setting correct input source. Version 2.0 includes new combos for cycling through layouts and minor bug fixes.

Escape the Zoo for iOS – Adorably Cute Puzzle Platformer

Help these cute critters escape the zoo! Sydney based Cybernate introduces Escape the Zoo 1.0, their first ever iOS game. Escape the Zoo is a colorful casual platformer with heavy emphasis on puzzle-solving. The animals are tired of being locked up, and one day they hatch a devious plan. With your skill, and perhaps a little luck you can give these animals the help they need to escape. Play through 4 different areas & more than 50 puzzles. These cute animals will keep you entertained for hours.