EggMaps HD Brings Google Maps Back to the iPad

iPad users need not wait for an official Google Maps app for iPad. Indie Developer Mike Cunneen today announced the release of EggMaps HD 1.02 for iPad. EggMaps HD is an iPad-only app that provides an easy interface to Google Maps, at full resolution. Unlike the iPhone version of Google Maps, EggMaps HD takes advantage of the larger iPad screen at native resolution. Being a native app, EggMaps HD also has the advantage of being much faster and more responsive than a website.

ping app Available on the App Store

Playfon today introduces ping app 1.1.1 for iOS. Ping app is a social networking app that offers a new way of communicating with friends via mobile devices. The app is for a short, personal, and casual nudge to friends. With the tap of a button, application users can send each other signals, or pings. These wordless, emotionless pings are the only means of communication between users. Ping app automatically finds the user’s friends by searching for them in their address book.

Aquafadas Makes Some Noise with New MotionComposer 1.6 Release

Aquafadas announced today the availability of MotionComposer version 1.6. A visual-based authoring and effects tool, MotionComposer lets users easily create professional HTML5 and Flash-based animations and interactive content. New update adds support for audio; optimized engine generates animations compatible with the latest generation of browsers using HTML5.

New Version of Note Exchange Available Now in ConceptDraw Solution Park

CS Odessa announces a new version of ConceptDraw Note Exchange Solution. The new version provides seamless integration with Evernote Windows and Mac Client. Users share ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 content everywhere on virtually any platform – Smartphones, Tablets, Web, and Desktop. ConceptDraw MINDMAP has been tailored to work with the Evernote client to deliver permanent, cloud-based storage of mind maps, outlines and images simply and easily.

Hollywood Golf iPhone App Links Actors ala 6 Degrees of Separation

A new Apple app ties Golf and Hollywood into a movie trivia game ala Kevin Bacon and his Six Degrees of Separation, called Hollywood Golf 1.0. Six Degrees of Separation is based on the premise that everyone on earth is connected to each other in some way within an average of six links. In Hollywood Golf, players link actors together with the movies they starred in as connections. The game keeps score by counting every connection as a stroke in the game of golf.

Kipopo Provides a High Score Feeding Frenzy with Cute and Fun Characters

Launched by Alot of Everything, Kipopo 1.0 offers iPhone and iPad gamers of all ages an addictive and fun challenge. Presented with adorable graphics and endearing sounds and music, players must feed Kipopo, a hungry monster, all manner of delicious desserts. The fun and cute main character design attracts kids and adults to download and play. The effortless gameplay gets everyone addicted. Combos and super powers elements are available too.

Hexius Has Arrived on the Mac App Store!

Hexius 2.0.4, the unique puzzle game from Phasic Labs, launches on the Mac App Store today. Hexius is a popular psychedelic action-puzzler for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and now OS X, with 3 fun game modes. Over 5 million games of Hexius have been played so far on the iPhone and iPad. Hexius OS X shares Game Center leaderboards with the iOS version of the game, so players can share scores with friends, and keep an eye on who is top of the world this week, from any platform.

Storage Made Easy Provides Unified Cloud Data Access to Mitii of Denmark

Mitii Development has adopted Storage Made Easy’s SaaS hosted Cloud file unification solution for employee access to Cloud files. SME connects employees with secure, critical unified information – no matter the desktop, device or location. Storage Made Easy’s Cloud Service Broker platform adds an abstraction layer on top of any information source. This provides an enhanced cloud experience via a federated view of data through any of the 35 supported public/private Cloud Providers.

Help the Islanders Escape from a Doomed Island in Island Tribe for Mac

Realore announces the release of a time/resource management strategy Island Tribe 1.0 for Mac. The game was previously released for PC, iOS and Windows 8, and got positive reviews from casual players’ community. Island Tribe tells a story about peaceful islanders forced to leave their home because of a huge volcano eruption. Players’ mission is to help the tribesmen reach the ocean and then build a ship in order to leave the island in time. Island Tribe features 30 levels set across 3 episodes.

Available in February – ProtectStar iTreasure The Most Secure Vault

After some delays in the development process, ProtectStar Inc. today announces the February release of its newest security app, ProtectStar iTreasure for iOS. The app allows iDevice owners to store text documents, photos, audio files, financial records, or any other files inside a data vault, where all contents are encrypted using powerful 256-bit AES algorithms. It is capable of opening a wide variety of file formats, making it unnecessary to employ native apps to open different file formats.

What the Walrus Knows – Animal Totems for Everyone

Flat Earth Studio today introduces an update to Sarah Seidelmann’s What the Walrus Knows: A Guide to Beastie Energies 1.1 for iOS. Based on the book of the same name, and focused on the ancient premise of interconnectedness between humans and animals, the app helps people recognize and understand messages from Beastie messengers. The app includes a field guide with over 150 Beasties, an integrated journal, a guided shamanic meditation into the lower world and more.

ChordLab HD 3.0 Released

New York based RoGame Software today, proudly announces the release of ChordLab HD 3.0 for iPad. Music theory is complex and spelling chords correctly with sharps, flats, double flats or double sharps is not always easy. The accompanist & song-writer/composer of today also has to consider melody, voice-leading, 4-part harmony and so much more. This is where traditional chord books become utterly useless & a systematic approach to modern harmony in a well organized app like ChordLab is needed.

Timeline: Minimalist Project Management v1.0 released for the iPad

Today, Seattle based Urban Anomaly released Timeline: Minimalist Project Management 1.0, an iPad app for planning, managing, and reporting. With Timeline, professionals, entrepreneurs and ordinary people can spend less time organizing projects and more time implementing them. The app provides the means to create stylish, professional project documents without the unnecessary clutter, endless data entry fields, and unreadable graphics experienced with traditional project management software.

iPad Essay App Teaches How To Write Papers In Middle School

Writing is one of the hardest subjects to learn. The most productive place to begin is by developing a personal writing process. Middle School Writing 1.0, for iPad and iPhone, starts fledgling students off correctly with critical thinking. Critical thinking is an important part of writing, and the app guides students into thinking first and writing second. The result is well thought-out, organized essays. Download the best Middle School writing app in the App Store today!