Princeton’s EDGE Lab Revamps Smartphone Data Usage with DataWiz on iOS

Princeton University’s EDGE Lab announces the immediate release of its smartphone data usage tracker, DataWiz 1.01 for iOS. As part of the EDGE Lab’s state-of-the-art TUBE project, DataWiz helps users stay within their budget by monitoring their mobile device’s usage and predicting future data needs. Now, users can take control of their mobile data plan, set alerts for their upcoming billing cycle, and avoid troublesome overcharges to stay within their budget.

Zephyr Games Announces Release of Kirin Wars for iOS

Zephyr Games presents Kirin Wars: The Perilous Dawn 1.0.1 for iOS. Kirin Wars is a turn-based tactical RPG that is bringing back compelling storyline and tactics based gameplay to the mobile handheld. With a unique art style, classic retro gameplay, and challenging array of missions, Kirin Wars will keep players coming back in the future to download additional mission packages, and expand the story.

Download Expert Goes on a Limited Sale to Celebrate iPhone 5 Launch

Download app and game trailers, press kits, press releases and any other files including music and video to an iPhone, iPad and iPod, with Download Expert by Synaptic Wave. Today Download Expert has been updated to fit the gorgeous 4″ display of iPhone 5 and iPod touch. The app signature feature, a web browser with an innovative interface, has got usability improvement. Other enhancements include Dropbox support to let users access downloads from any device and .rar archives support.

Singing Monster Nutcracker feat Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Zombie

Rino Workshop introduces Singing Monster Nutcracker 1.0 for iPad. This hilarious new, interactive, monster pal app on the iPad, features Nutcrackers created in the likenesses of a Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula and Zombie. Users have fun making the characters sing songs from the preset tunes, or play their own music with the built-in keyboard. Monsters can listen and respond. Users just pull up the mic and they’ll answer yes or no questions.

Maintain releases Cocktail 5.3.6

Maintain has announced Cocktail 5.3.6 (Lion Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X Lion 10.7. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Mac. Its features are arranged into five categories that help manage various aspects of the computer. This version adds compatibility with Gatekeeper in OS X Lion 10.7.5 and contains improvements to the Pilot scheduler.

Moneydance 2012 – Easy Money Management for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Edinburgh based The Infinite Kind announces Moneydance 2012, an update to their full-featured personal financial management application. Moneydance combines a familiar checkbook-register interface with advanced features such as online banking and bill payment, investment management, budgeting, scheduled transactions, detailed graphs, reports, and more. In addition to improved features and performance, Moneydance is now available for purchase through the Mac App Store.

Pilot’s Path: Control the Skies in an Old-School Helicopter Simulator

Happymagenta, an experienced app developer, makes its foray into adventure gaming with the release of Pilot’s Path 1.0.1 for iOS, a helicopter simulator where players will take on the role of an ex-US Air Force helicopter pilot who is forced to enter the criminal underworld. After disobeying orders from his commanding officers, an ace pilot faces a dishonorable discharge. By performing services for criminal kingpins, the pilot must rebuild his reputation in order to once again retake the skies.

Hyperbolic Software releases Tidy Up 3.0.3: A Complete Duplicate Finder

Hyperbolic Software has announced Tidy Up 3.0.3, the latest version of the award-winning duplicate finder and disk tidying utility. Tidy Up has become a must-have utility to reclaim disk space being taken up by duplicate files and packages. Tidy Up locates duplicate items using a wide range of criteria including owner application, time created or modified, name, label, extension and content. Version 3.0.3 introduces many new features to this already comprehensive tool.

The New Version of Pimp Your Screen is Here: Now with iPhone 5 Support

Apalon today released the updated version of Pimp Your Screen now with full iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support. The app features an exclusive and unique collection of app shelves, icon skins, neon combos, home screen backgrounds and wallpapers as well as Home Screen Maker and Lock Screen Maker – that make it easy for every user to design their own background images. All the content featured in the collection has been designed specially for the new Retina resolution of the new iPhone and iPod touch.

ThinkTime Creations introduces Polaroid Instant App for iPad

ThinkTime Creations announces today that the popular Mac app, Polaroid Instant, is now available on the iPad device. With the new Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos for iPad 1.0, users can snap a photo using the iPad camera, or select an existing image from the photo library, and apply special effects such as adding an authentic Polaroid filter and then framing it within a Polaroid Classic Border Logo format with the option to write a caption.

SQLabs announces SQLiteDoctor

SQLabs announces SQLiteDoctor for Mac OS X and Windows. SQLiteDoctor is a very powerful and easy to use application developed to recover corrupted SQLite databases. Though SQLite is resistant to database corruption, it is not immune and in some cases a special tool like SQLiteDoctor is required in order to be able to fully restore your damaged SQLite database.

Watch Any Type of Video You Want on iOS with Replayer HD

OneMoreTimes today announces the recent update of Replayer HD for the iPad,iPhone and iPod. Replayer HD 1.9 is the most versatile video player currently available on iOS. This unique application gives mobile users more options than ever before to play back videos, share them, and experience them effectively on their iOS devices. The app features helpful controls users need to control their video’s playback, flexible sharing options via email, video indexing, and file transfers via Wi-Fi.

Indie Studio CloudKid Wins Award for Upcoming iOS App

CloudKid LLC, took home the award for best visuals and design from the Boston Festival of Indie Games for their upcoming iOS app, Negative Nimbus. Players help guide Nimbus the curmudgeonly rain cloud through the various worlds of Sunnyland, raining down on all the flowers while trying to keep all of Sunnyland’s other inhabitants dry. This award-winning, touch-based game, features quirky, original characters and simple, intuitive gameplay. The game will be released in October/November 2012.

Flashcard Elite – Interactive Way to Develop Language Skills

Sungho Lee announces the new release and worldwide availability of its app, Flashcard Elite version 1.2.2 for iPhone and iPad. The application helps user enrich native vocabulary or learn foreign language through numerous features and games that app provides. Users can spend good time learning and test results by three existing methods in the application. The application is the perfect resource to prepare for SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and other language exams.

Hot New Anime Dressup Game For Girls For iPhone/iPad

Internet Design Zone today introduces Anime Dress Up For Girls 1.0, its new dressup app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Designed specifically for young girls in age group 4-12, Anime Dress Up For Girls is a great combo for girls who love both Anime and dressup. Girls can dress up the anime doll in one of the five themes: College, Kimono, Mermaid, Punk Rocker and Fairy. One can select from a variety of accessories, including hairstyles, jewelry, clothes and create hot anime looks.