Reading Raven Volume 2 HD Lands in the Apple App Store

Seattle based Early Ascent, LLC today introduces Reading Raven Volume 2 HD 1.0 for iPad. Reading Raven has quickly earned recognition as one of the very best learn-to-read games in the education category. Volume 2 continues the superbly engaging learning series with new lessons and step-by step activities that help young children build a solid foundation for reading. Reading Raven Volume 2 HD teaches kids to read more complex words and sentence structures that include digraphs and blends.

Bubbles Popper Free for iOS: Strategic, Touch-to-Pop Connected Bubbles

SoftAKGames today introduces Bubbles Popper 1.0 free for iOS, its color-match grid-based game, where players touch a bubble and all those of the same color that are contiguous, horizontally or vertically, are removed simultaneously. With no game clock, the 1-player game requires that an increasing number of bubbles be popped to level up, and there are 3 difficulty settings. The greater the number of bubbles popped at one time, the higher the value, e.g., 3=3 points; 10=90 points; 20=380 points.

Speed it 1.0 for iOS hits Top 10 ranking on the App Store

Webaoo USA has announced that their addictive new game, Speed it 1.0, has hit Top 10 ranking on the App Store in the Board Games category in the USA, Canada, France and UK in less than 24 hours. Speed it increases and challenges users visual perceptual processing abilities based on observation and agility. Players must match two pictures from lower and upper deck within a short time period. Each positive match adds 5 seconds to the game. A wrong answer will cost 5 seconds on clock.

Hypnosis by Nevosoft Now Available on the App Store

Nevosoft introduces Hypnosis 1.1 for iOS. The game is played from the perspective of hypnotherapist, Maya Anderson, who investigates the mysterious disappearance of the chief physician of a psychiatric clinic. To find answers, players enter the subconscious minds of the clinic’s patients and experience their inner worlds. To find the truth in this mind-blowing epic adventure full of surprises, mini-games, and puzzles, players delve into the psyches of patients, battling attacks by their phobias.

3D4Medical Releases Rehabilitation for Lower Limbs for the iPad

3D4Medical announces Rehabilitation for Lower Limbs 2.0 for iPad. This clinically relevant app for physiotherapists and healthcare professionals allows for effective visual communication with clients. It serves as an innovative patient education tool and a powerful professional reference tool for injuries, conditions and disorders. The app features interactive graphics of the body’s anatomy along with clinically relevant high quality rehabilitation videos, correlated to specific injuries.

Free eBook Reveals How 27 Writers Published their Books as Book Apps

“What is a Book App and Could YOU Create One? How 27 Writers Did!” is the new eBook that’s right for any writer or illustrator who is wondering if their book could be published as an app for iPad, and it’s Free to download from April 9-13. Award winning book app author, speaker and coach, Karen Robertson, takes readers through what a book app is, the step-by-step process for creating a storybook app and shares the personal stories 27 writers who’ve published book apps for the iPad.

SillyTale MahJong 2.4 for iPad – The Impregnable Pyramid

Silly Tale Studio today announces SillyTale Mahjong HD 2.4, an update to their popular solitaire game for iPad. This update is primarily intended for those who find it difficult to solve the most difficult layouts. Many players have already faced impregnable Pyramid, of which the chance of a solution is very small, and they are desperate. Now they will start this layout with two bonus shuffle, which will increase their chances by half.

Clean Up Your Sandbox

Boinx Software Ltd. introduces SandboxCleaner 1.0 for Mac OS X. SandboxCleaner looks for incompatible QuickTime components that cause crashes with popular video and photo apps on the Mac. This new utility app leaves Mac’s nationwide running smooth. When QuickTime components are incompatible with OS X sandboxing, problems, like crashing, with many popular video and photo apps ensue. SandboxCleaner helps users find and disable these components, keeping systems up and running without a hitch.

Splash Colors FX 1.0 for Mac OS X

Appsoft Studio is delighted to release Splash Colors FX 1.0 for Mac OS X, the application, which turns user’s photos into black and white ones and then allows them to breathe a new life into them by revealing the original colors of certain objects. Users can highlight the most important parts of photos and give them new, electrifying looks. Users may refresh the details and share marvelous photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or send them via Mail and Messages.

Lickety Split Lets Parents Motivate their Dawdling Kids to Get Going

New app Lickety Split 2.0 from Swirly Studios LLC was developed by parents and educational technologists, and uses innovative classical musical timers and a fun beat-the-clock game to turn daily tasks that children avoid, into ones that they’ll enjoy completing. Parents who are tired of nagging their dawdling kids to take care of hundreds of everyday tasks, can instantly become motivational champions. The app is optimized for iPhone 5, and compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

iPhone 5 Cases Now with Military-Grade Shell

IvySkin USA, known for creating smart accessories that protect, style and enhance mobile technology, has released its most innovative case yet for the new iPhone 5. These new cases feature innovative designs, and revolutionary protection and functionality. The all new Quattro 5 and Reception XyloGlass Duo for iPhone 5 are both iconic and legendary in design and performance, with features that are second to none in the market today.

MOSO Releases Xmplify XML Editor for Mac OS X Version 1.3

MOSO today announced the release of Version 1.3 of the Xmplify XML Editor for Mac OS X. Xmplify is a powerful XML editor built specifically for Mac OS X 10.6+, and provides a fully XML-aware editing environment with DTD and XML Schema-based auto-completion, automatic document validation, XSLT and XPath support, live HTML preview and much more. Version 1.3 is the first 64-bit release of Xmplify, and also brings with many other improvements and fixes. 1.3 is a free upgrade for Xmplify 1.x users.

ABBYY TextGrabber for iOS Now Accessible for People with Low Vision

ABBYY has announced the availability of ABBYY TextGrabber + Translator 3.0, the latest version of its iOS-based application for extracting, digitizing and translating snippets of text. Combining ABBYY’s on-device optical character recognition, OCR, technology for mobile platforms with the VoiceOver functionality from Apple, the application provides special capabilities for visually impaired and blind users that allow them to easily comprehend information from various printed sources.

Chart Topping Aerial Runner, Bird Mania, is Landing on iOS Very Soon

Polish video game’s developer and publisher today announces the upcoming release of the chart topping hit, Bird Mania as a universal application for iPhone and iPad. The action-packed aerial runner sees players control a bird named Mojo in his scurry to sunny Africa through scenic landscapes filled with endless perils and bonuses. Mojo’s aerial pursuit is hindered by obstacles including motionless trees and stinging bees, leaving it up to players to see how far they can safely steer him.

Enemy Strike – An Epic First Person Shooter for iOS

Killer Bean Studios announces Enemy Strike 1.0, its action packed game, for iOS. Enemy Strike combines immersive 3D environments with intense FPS gameplay. Players will defend Earth’s last holdout against an alien invasion. Enemy Strike features 250 combat missions with 5 modes of gameplay. Players use a huge arsenal of weapons to battle an enemy with artificial intelligence, snipers, alien gunships, and battle tanks. Enemy Strike is available for free on the App Store, and also on Google Play.