Favors App Lets Anybody Issue Coupons for Apple’s Passbook

Issue an IOU or gift coupon to repay someone who did you a favor. infiniteNIL today introduces Favors 1.0, a new iOS app that lets anybody issue coupons for Apple’s Passbook app. All you do to create a new coupon is fill in the fields such as who it’s from, the favor you owe, and who the coupon is for. Easily keep track of the coupons you have issued, and you can also change the color of the coupon if you’d like. Never forget things you owe or promised.

Learning Chinese is No Longer Puzzling with PinYinPal

Chinese Character a Day Foundation today introduces PinYinPal 1.0.2 for iOS, a new spin on a popular word game favorite. This is the first and only viable word game available in pinyin and comes in a format that many will recognize. PinYinPal seeks to revolutionize how the Chinese language is taught and makes it easy to define, read, and recognize Chinese characters. PinYinPal includes a built-in Dictionary and Word Finder, which act as guides during the game.

Coladia Announces The Fall Trilogy Chapter 3: Revelation for Mac OS X

Coladia today introduces The Fall Trilogy Chapter 3: Revelation, the last episode in its Fall Trilogy saga for Mac OS X. Intriguing and challenging, the Fall Trilogy is a mouse-driven series of adventure and puzzle games. In the previous two chapters, you made it through some strange adventures. Each time you woke up in a new place on a mission that was unrelated to the previous one. You wake up this time in a Victorian house and a letter from the lady urges you to take care of her husband …

Leonard Maltin Movie Guide for iOS – Updated

mobileAge has released the updated 2013 edition of the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In addition to over 300 high quality concise capsule reviews and ratings, personal movie lists (favorites, recommendations, want to see, etc.) are now backed up/restored via Apple’s iCloud. The app automatically downloads Mr. Maltin’s current movie reviews every week, links to trailers, lets you buy or rent movies from iTunes and can add a movie to one’s NetFlix queue.

WordPivot for iPad: Boost Vocabulary by Reading Your Favorite eBooks

Word Pivot LLC announces WordPivot, a reading app that creates quizzes inside your favorite eBooks to help turbocharge vocabulary, increase IQ and improve the likelihood of academic success. With support for thousands of titles and thousands of words, WordPivot features the two most important ingredients for information retention, context and repetition, without distracting from the reading process. Social features allow users to share, comment on and view updates from friends or teachers.

Crush waves of crabs with your tentacles in this new iOS and Android app

Vancouver based Kaiios Software today announces Crab Crush 1.21, an update to its fun game title for iOS and Android users. Crab Crush offers a unique take on the classic ‘whack-a-mole’ gameplay. Crab Crush lets players assume the role of an octopus defending its eggs by crushing waves of attacking crabs. Other sea life will also come towards the player, such as prawns that will heal the octopus, and anemones that will sting the octopus if crushed. Version 1.21 fixes the spawn engine.

Orderly 2.2 offers a fresh visual interface for iPhone todo lists

Tekton Technologies today announces Orderly 2.2 for iOS, a major upgrade to their gesture driven App for managing iPhone todo lists. Featuring a breath taking interface, flawless cloud sync, the App now comes with “Location Based Reminders”, so that the users now, never miss a todo at a particular location. Users can instantly view all their todos, expand & close them with pinch gestures, edit items, set priorities, copy/move lists, and swipe to complete/delete, all with simple iPhone gestures.

Simple FX – The Simplest Foreign Exchange App for Travel

App developer, iResona Technology today proudly introduces Simple FX 1.0, its new currency conversion app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Designed specifically for travellers, Simple FX is optimized for iPhone 5 display, and features a unique conversion table for users to instantly convert different foreign currency amounts into their home currency with just a few swipes. It also provides additional features like flexible configuration and offline mode to suit different traveller needs.

VirtualChrome App With Support For Flash, Java, and Extensions on iPad

California based Xform Computing today announces VirtualChrome 1.2 for iPad. Using the power of cloud computing, VirtualChrome lets users run the real desktop-class Chrome browser via an ultra-secure virtual system, liberating consumer and business iPad users to run almost any website or Java application. Thousands of commercial and enterprise Java applications can be instantly deployed on iPad using VirtualChrome. All connections are RSA encrypted for maximum security.

Connect and Pop 1.0 – New Twist on Classic, Strategic, Connect Four Game

TatLabs today introduces Connect & Pop, its version of the traditional Connect Four game with exciting new features. As in the original game, the goal of Connect & Pop is for players to connect four or more of their pieces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Connect & Pop goes beyond the classic Connect Four game by including a pop mode, larger playing board, five levels of artificial intelligence ideal for all types of players, and the opportunity to play against friends via Game Center.

Packing Pro Update 8.3 Adds Multi-editing, Badges, Favorites and More

QuinnScape today announces Packing Pro 8.3, an important update to its popular travel packing app for iOS. Packing Pro is a digital packing list that features an extensive, customizable catalog, several handy sample lists that can be used as templates, and unlimited, 100% customizable packing lists. Version 8.3 includes a new multi-editing feature for list & catalog data, remaining-item badges for lists & app icon, and a Favorites folder & functionality to help simplify & speed up list building.

StackSocial Launches Mac Freebie Bundle So Mac Users May #DoMore in 2013

StackSocial, the web’s leading digital commerce platform, has partnered with eight Mac developers to launch its first-ever Mac Freebie Bundle. This bundle allows Mac users to get eight apps free including: IconBox 2, Ondesoft Screen Capture for Mac, VidConvert, Image Smith, Wallpaper Wizard, ClipBuddy, Type Fu and Sweetie. The total value of all 8 applications is $117.00 USD. The Mac Freebie Bundle is part of StackSocial’s 2013 #DoMore campaign to help members be more productive in the New Year.

iPoe Collection Receives the PIA Award for Best App Book in Fiction

Play Creatividad received The Publishing Innovation Award for Best Book App in Fiction Category for iPoe Collection: The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection. The Publishing Innovation Award from Digital Book World rewards the most innovative e-books, enhanced books and book apps in 14 categories. The app includes four stories: The Oval Portrait, The Tell-Tale Heart, Annabel Lee and The Masque of the Red Death, and features terrific illustrations, interactive elements and more.

Agenda Set for the San Francisco SuperMeet Featuring Jay Cassidy, A.C.E.

The agenda has been announced for the Twelfth Annual San Francisco SuperMeet, to take place Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, CA. Jay Cassidy A.C.E. (Silver Linings Playbook, Inconvienient Truth, Into The Wild) will be the featured guest. This SuperMeet promises to be the single largest gathering of Final Cut, Adobe, Avid, Autodesk editors, and Digital Filmmakers, Gurus and users in the Bay Area for all of 2013.

Documents by Readdle claims a spot on the every iPad Home screen

Readdle today releases Documents 4.0, an update to its popular universal media player for iPad. Completely free, Documents allows anyone to store, read, listen to, watch & download almost anything they want on their devices. The app effectively replaces a document viewer, media player, PDF reader, download manager, music player and a bunch of other applications people have on their iPads with a single elegant package. It supports automatic sync with Dropbox, iCloud, SkyDrive, GoogleDocs & more.