Dash Office extends Speed, Data Usage, and Security Optimization for iOS

ActMobile, Inc. releases Dash Office mobile device acceleration and data savings extensions for email, off-line web browsing. Dash Office provides three levels of acceleration and data savings through a unique app on the device and a cloud based service. Off-line web browsing, email acceleration, internet access location settings, and email download data savings are a few of the major enhancements in the new Dash Office release for Apple iOS devices.

Secure Your Home, Office or Hotel Room with Your iDevice or Mac

Naboo introduces the iVigilo Smartcam Remote 1.0 iOS app, their latest addition to the iVigilo Smartcam audio and video surveillance family of apps. iVigilo Smartcam Remote establishes a direct link to iVigilo Smartcam running on iOS or Mac OS X, through which the user can select which active Smartcam they want to manage. Smartcam Remote allows the user to control the surveillance aspects of the active Smartcam like face or motion detection, alerting and the audio sensor.

Liquid5 Secures Strategic Seed Funding and Expertise

UK based application and games developer Liquid5 today, is proud to announce they have secured seed funding for a range of new product streams and cross promotional platforms. Investment has been secured by the firm’s co-founders Ted Nash and Nick Reffitt, from Marc Nohr (co-founder and CEO of Kitcatt Nohr Digitas), Steve Pankhurst (co-founder of FriendsReunited) and Tim Ward (former marketing director at FriendsReunited).

Tokyo ReAnimator for Final Cut Pro X

Noise Industries introduces Tokyo ReAnimator exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Designed to give editors maximum control with minimum fuss, this new product provides tools that help clean up and repair dead pixels. Lens dirt, sensor dust issues and other small-scale artifacts all disappear, leaving the filmmaker with high-quality shots. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a seamlessly perfect result that will stand up to the closest viewing, ReAnimator will help you get there.

Spinlight Closes the Gap in Early Education

Literacy is essential in the modern world. It determines the jobs you choose, the positions you achieve and the income you earn for the essentials of life. And yet, many children never receive the early help they need to develop critical reading skills. This week award-winning app developer Spinlight Studio took the wraps off a new game designed to change that. Packed with 200 three-letter words, Gappy’s First Words provides the perfect adventure for pint-sized learners just beginning to read.

Big Sliding – Can You Navigate the Seabed Cave Safely?

Mpeople Inc. today announces Big Sliding 1.1, an update to its game title for iPhone and iPod touch. Big Sliding is a game that stingray enjoys sliding on the water in the seabed cave and pushes obstacles out of the screen by firing the projectiles during sliding. Blow away stress by tilting iPhone to fire projectiles at obstacles to push them out of the way before stingray meets it. Big Sliding features 3 stages, including beginner, intermediate and expert.

33 BITS announce Placer – a free application for remembering locations

Placer 1.1, from 33 BITS, allows a user to save locations with the maximum for an iPhone accuracy of up to 5 meters and to find needed places using a map or compass. The application was created for anyone who wants to save interesting locations and easily share them with their friends. It is not necessary for a receiver to have an iPhone – the link sent by SMS or posted on social networks directly from the application can be opened on PC or any phone browser.

Innovative App: EasyMeasure – Measure with your Camera! Updated

EasyMeasure – Measure with your Camera! 11.2 from Caramba App Development lets users simply and instantly discover the distance between them and any object that appears through the camera lens on their iPhone or iPad. The app uses the height of the camera lens and its tilt angle to calculate the distance to the object. Users can also calibrate their device for even more accurate results. An in-app upgrade also adds functionality to measure the height or width of individual objects.

Haypi Monster Introduces the Frozen Cavern

Haypi Co., Ltd. today announces Haypi Monster 1.2, an update to its fun-to-play MMORPG for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Haypi Monster is a two-in-one game that combines strategy with luck. Players can capture, collect, breed, and bless over a hundred monsters from 9 different element types. Version 1.2 contains fifteen new monsters, new scenes, new skills, and new Mystery Talents. Version 1.2 also introduces a new ice element as well as increases the level cap from 40 to 50.

Picture Games Like Guess That Pic Are the Next Big Quiz Apps

You know the feeling of spying through a peephole: you can only see a small percentage of what’s behind it, and the rest leaves you desperately guessing? “Guess That Pic” creates mind-bending challenges of that same vein. Each turn, a partially obscured picture is presented, and players must guess what it is before revealing the entire image. From the creators of “Photo Quiz,” this free-to-try app is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Big Grips Hipster – The Travel Bag for Big Grips Frame and iPad

California based KEM Ventures, Inc. today announces Big Grips Hipster, the cool travel bag that adds convenience and on-the-go accessibility to the renowned protection of Big Grips Frame for iPad. Constructed of lightweight neoprene, Big Grips Hipster features an adjustable shoulder strap, zippered pockets for accessories, a rubber base for grip, and more. Volume controls, headphone jack, speaker, as well as front and rear-facing cameras are all fully accessible while the iPad is safely stowed.

New App Helps Parents Prepare Kids for Airplane Travel

California based SocialBug Labs today introduces Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer 1.0, its new kids educational app for iOS. Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer builds children’s confidence before a trip and turns it into an adventure as well as allowing parents to explain business travel to kids. In this educational app, kids go through steps such as packing a suitcase, going through security, boarding a plane and claiming luggage to visit world-famous destinations like Paris, Kyoto, New York and many others.

Weather Mate: The Most Accurate & Beautiful Weather App on the App Store

AxisBlue Studios today announces Weather Mate 1.0.2 for iOS, an elegant yet highly informative package that is designed to be the one-stop weather solution for everyone. Weather Mate combines cutting edge weather forecasting with beautifully crafted UI design to deliver the most accurate climate information suitable for both basic and advanced users. Forecasts can be viewed for the entire week. The UI, combined with a powerful set of weather tools, makes this the #1 weather app.

New KickStarter Project by Empoc Interactive

Empoc Interactive announces their new KickStarter project for Novus: Tanaak’s Quest, its 2D action, puzzle platformer. Novus is designed to give the player a retro look and feel like the games back in the 80’s. Tanaak has volunteered to go to Novus to battle all of these little pests all to recover crystals for some core generator that his civilization needs in order to survive. Novus: Tanaak’s Quest will be released on Mac OSX first followed by iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Heavy App Discounts and Giveaways to Celebrate YUYAO’s Fifth Anniversary

YUYAO Software Inc. discounts its top-seller application, PDF Reader PRO, at 50% of the regular price as part of the Company’s fifth year anniversary marketing campaign. The app is now offered at $2.99 for a limited time. To appreciate an accumulative worldwide downloads of 1.5 million for all YUYAO’s products combined, the Company asks everyone to join the celebration, as it will be giving away numerous prizes including iPad Mini and many others to participants from March 20th to March 25th.