Light a Candle App: 4beloved1

Globe International announces 4beloved1 v.1.1 for iOS. 4beloved1 is a Light a Candle app for iPhone and Android, which allows a virtual candle to be lit in the memory of a deceased loved one. This approach to remembering our dearest departed already has a strong following and allows users to honor loved ones who have died. Virtual candles are more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts. They do not release any smoke and do not leave a mess behind by dripping melted wax.

Updated SetMyCamPro for iOS Offers Tools for Sharp, Quality Photography

Developer Bluestone Pond today announces the updated version of SetMyCamPro 1.1 for iOS, an advanced application for remotely triggering cameras, and aiding in camera configurations for depth of field and minimum shutter speed. This innovative app is a tool for film cameras, compact digital cameras and DSLRs to achieve unmatched photo quality and sharpness. The Remote camera triggering uses IR communications allowing it to trigger a compact camera, film camera or DSLR from up to 15 yards away.

It’s Here – Preview Lightworks for Mac at NAB 2013

EditShare, the technology leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, announces the highly anticipated Mac version of Lightworks. EditShare’s popular cross-platform editing software will be demonstrated for the first time at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas. Lightworks, the software of choice for editors working on some of the finest films of the past two decades, has been redesigned to work seamlessly on Mac OS X, making it the first professional NLE to be tri-platform.

Introducing WebCode: drawing app for web developers that generates code

PixelCut introduces WebCode, a new a vector drawing app that instantly generates JavaScript Canvas, CSS HTML or SVG code. While designers focus on drawing HTML5 games, infographics or web user interfaces, WebCode automatically writes the code for them. Developed from the ground up with resolution independence in mind, the code generated by WebCode works great on both Retina and non-Retina displays. WebCode also imports SVG and PSD documents.

Track your paleo and zone diet with Food RX’s newly added features

KJM Productions today announces Food RX 1.52, an update to its easy-to-use paleo and zone dieting app for iOS devices. Food RX makes it easy to follow the paleo and zone diets with additional tools for the CrossFit community. Version 1.52 introduces detailed food logging, body weight tracking, quick data entry and other features for paleo and zone dieters. Users can create custom foods and categorize them as paleo, whether they are favorable, and denote the quantity per block.

Fire Escapes 2.0 free for iOS: Catch Falling Babies in Retro Arcade Game

headRUSH today announces Fire Escapes 2.0 free for iOS, an update to its retro arcade game, where players control two firemen holding a trampoline as they try to catch babies leaping from a burning building. Featuring a lovingly crafted, HiRes simulation of blocky 8-bit graphics, the pick-up-and-play twitch game offers exciting play that shows nostalgic reverence for the 80s. The update includes a new Arcade mode via an IAP with power-ups, bonuses, obstacles, and a special ending.

Animantz and Dysotek announce Deadly Walkers for Mac/PC: the Zombie FPS

Animantz and Dysotek are glad to announce Deadly Walkers, their upcoming new gaming title for Mac and PC. Deadly Walkers is a zombie FPS that will the feel and the breathless emotions of the old zombie movies. For the First time ever the player will fight against real zombies, hordes of undead creatures that slowly will surround him and that can be killed only shooting to their head. To be announced 2013, Deadly Walkers will be available in digital delivery through the best online stores.

Frenzied swarm released for iOS – Bees, Roses and a bit of Logic

Independent developer, Ildar Pugachev today is pleased to announce the release of Frenzied swarm 1.0.1, a minor update to his fun game title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. To help flowers grow from bud to next stage you have to tap them. But the trick is that the number of taps is limited to 24 only. The trick is to use bees: when you tap a full-bloomed flower, the bees fly from it in four different directions, pollinizing the closest flowers and making them grow to a next stage.

75,000 downloads for the App dedicated to the Shroud

Shroud 2.0 is the first official application dedicated to the Holy Linen, offering a kind of “Digital Exposition” on the displays of anyone having an iPad or iPhone. Made possible by the very high-definition image of the cloth achieved by Haltadefinizione, this application aids in the understanding of the cloth in an interactive and dynamic way through a real virtual tour along four theme routes on the story from the Gospels, elements of the cloth, elements of the figure, and scientific aspects.

Magic Mind for iOS – Stress Relief, Concentration and Sleep Aid

RCS LT today introduces Magic Mind 1.3, their new meditation and stress relief app developed for iOS devices. Magic Mind uses a professionally designed combination of isochronic tones and soothing background melodies to help people reduce stress, get to sleep, concentrate and relax. It is a professionally designed relaxation, stress relief, sleep support, meditation and mind training system, with 40 sessions of carefully selected nature sounds, ambient music and special tones.

Do You Want to Improve Your Life? Life Inventory iOS Apps Can Help

Indie developer James Hollender’s Life Inventory apps can help improve your life. The iPad and iPhone versions are Lifestyle apps that guide users in creating their own Life Inventory, which can provide greater self-understanding of personality, strengths and weaknesses leading to improvements in your life. These apps allow the user to learn more about themselves than ever thought possible and at only a small fraction the cost of a single visit to a therapist.

Auto Colorize Pro – New Photo Coloring Software for iOS

Independent developer, Leszek Szary today introduces Auto Colorize Pro 1.0 for iOS, a photo recoloring software with unique automatic scribble-based image colorization. Auto Colorize Pro features advanced image processing algorithms that allow you to change colors on photos in a semi-automatic mode previously available only on desktop computers. Change the color of clothes, walls, cars or furniture and more. A fast and accurate colorization technique simplifies the entire recoloring process.

Karmasation Available on the iPhone App Store

Karmasation, an App that anonymously tracks and locates karma, is now available for iOS devices and is Free for a limited time. Each time a user posts, a 24-hour poll is created for other users to award good or bad karma. Based on the majority vote, the person who posted earns one good or bad karma point. Voters also earn points for appropriately recognizing karma. In addition, as polls close, karma points are plotted on a map so users can identify areas of good and bad karma.

Visulax Golf – #1 Mental Golf App – Pre-Masters Golf Tournament Sale

Seattle based Prajnu, Inc. today announces Visulax Golf 1.4, one of “Eight golf apps you need now” by Sports Illustrated’s Golf Magazine and, is on sale for a limited time. The Masters Golf Tournament signifies the start of spring and golfing for most amateurs. With Tiger Woods off to a fast start to the year it will be an exciting tournament to watch. This year golfers around the world can also get off to a fast start by working on their mental game and learning playing tips.

Ninja Jump Training – Simple Game With Joy

XJ’S Creativity Lab today introduces Ninja Jump Training 1.0 for iOS. Ninja Jump Training has 60 levels to train a newbie ninja. The game is easy to control. Players just need one click to let the ninja jumps over blocks. Levels will become more and more challenging. Players need to chose the best timing to jump. Every step is critical for a newbie ninja to be a ninja master, from the basic training program to being a guru. Enjoy the game with the mysterious oriental ninja world.