A New Take On The Yoga Video – Yoga Studio 1.0 Released For iPhone

London-based independent developer Modern Lotus is excited to announce Yoga Studio 1.0 for iPhone. Already rising quickly up the Health & Fitness charts in the US, Yoga Studio lets users play, create, and schedule easy-to-follow HD video classes anytime, anywhere. The unique “video stitch” feature sets the app apart by allowing users to completely customize their video classes, or create entirely new ones from scratch, bringing a new level of personalization to the traditional yoga video.

MacXDVD Unveils Giveaway of iPad Mini-Compatible MacX DVD Ripper Pro

MacXDVD Software has delved into new upgrade and unveils iPad Mini-compatible MacX DVD Ripper Pro. The peerless refinement embraces brand new features by adding fresh profiles and expanding audio and video format supported for iPad Mini and Microsoft Surface. Simultaneously, a great giveaway activity of this top-notch MacX DVD Ripper Pro is under the way for this spooky Halloween, which allows users to fully experience the software’s amazing DVD ripping capability.

IFinancials Releases Check and Tip – iPhone Tip and Split Calculator

California-based IFinancials announces “Check & Tip – Gratuity and Split Calculator” version 6.1.0, updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6, plus iPhone 4S, 4 & 3GS support. Quickly calculating the tip and splitting the check with friends at the end of a great meal has never been easier with “Check & Tip” from IFinancials! “Check & Tip” sports a handy flashlight feature, a photo feature to save your receipt and an Email feature to save or share a copy of all the expense details, and much, much more.

Lich Defense, iTunes’ Hottest Tower Defense Hit – Free for Halloween

Jelly Oasis announces today that Lich Defense is available to be downloaded for free for a limited time only. Lich Defense is a light-hearted, darkly themed take on the castle defense genre. Like Jelly Oasis’s other extremely popular tower defense hit, Elf Defense, Lich Defense places noticeable emphasis on superior game design, aesthetics, and smooth interface. The overall experience is an exceptional one for casual gamers and enthusiasts of the genre alike.

Ye Olde VLC Remote in genetically modified mutant son swap shocker

Responding to a customer’s offer of his firstborn son, Hobbyist Software today announces Ye Olde VLC Remote 1.01 for iOS. Based on ancient technology from way back in 2002, Hobbyist Software has resurrected a remote that works with VLC 1.1.x. Ye Olde VLC Remote doesn’t support the iPhone 5 screen, it doesn’t support VLC’s graphical equalizer or album art. However it is repackaged as a universal build, and it will work on your second generation iPod touch.

xReva GAMEPAD turns iPad into a next gen touch game controller

xReva Software today announces xReva GAMEPAD 1.2.1 for iPad, a revolutionary app for PC gamers. Using touch controls and gestures, xReva GAMEPAD is a completely new way to interact with games. In addition to the mouse it provides an outstanding touch game controller. With automatic connection and the game profiles “ready to play”, it is easy to use for all gamers. Buttons are available in addition with gestures. All of them have an icon representing their function.

Jack the Ripper – Killer App to Attract a New Generation of Sleuths

App creators WildKnowledge have teamed up with digital media specialists The Fink Agency and film makers Bullseye Lantern to provide a new perspective into this most intriguing of mysteries. Track the Ripper 1.2 is an interactive mobile movie that allows the user to return to 1888 and take control of the investigation, gathering clues to build a profile of the Ripper. Users must identify who the Ripper is before he completes his ghastly work with the final murder of Mary Kelly.

The King vs. Knights, Vikings, Wizards + other Scoundrels, Free for iOS

No Monkeys today introduces The King vs. Knights, Vikings, Wizards & other Scoundrels 1.0 free for iOS, their retro arcade game that combines classic, single screen, arcade action with the latest HD graphics & animation. Players help the King defend a tower from scoundrels scaling the wall. Kegs are his only weapons, which must be aimed and released so they fall on the primary target and bounce off to hit others. Finely crafted with ingenious power-ups, it is an ever-changing game of pachinko.

Obama and Romney Both Get ‘Bashed’ by Voters Yielding iPhones

Clever Fox Software announces Bash the Vote 1.10 for iOS. Candidates duck for cover as passionate citizens let digital mallets fly in this new mobile app that allows pollsters to measure the national mood while voters release their pre-election steam. In the spirit of a fast-paced carnival game, players around the country cast their votes with digital mallets. All votes are added to a National Bash Tally that determines Clever Fox’s charitable donation to a candidate’s wife’s affiliated charity.

iLogic-Hero for iPad: Quick-Logic-Adventure for Logic and Riddle Fans

Marian Computer Consulting introduces its second Quick-Logic-Adventure for the iPad, iLogic-Hero 1.1. iLogic Hero is a medieval hero adventure combining interesting and funny animals with mysterious landscapes, dragons and magic. As a young knight, the player tries to save the missing princess through adventures that require logical reasoning. The unique combination of logic and adventure, exciting brain training and replayability, makes iLogic-Hero a fun to play game for all ages.

Win a $30 iTunes Gift Card With a Scary Fun Contest from DoneRight

The team at PictsieMe has been hard at work creating a new stamp set that celebrates the spookiest day of the year. Now, we can show it off. To celebrate, Done Right Apps is holding a twitter contest. Contest participants post a scary cute picture to Twitter using the free PictsieMe decorating app and add the twitter handle @donerightapps. Participants can enter as often as they like until midnight October 31st, 2012. One lucky winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to the iTunes store.

Cinefy Released With Over 100 Special FX For Your iOS Device

Cinefy, a revolutionary new special FX studio, was released today for iOS. Hot on the heels of popular apps like Action Movie FX, Cinefy 1.1.5 allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users to create videos with over 100 Hollywood quality special effects. Users can have their friends be chased by a T-Rex, duck to avoid incoming missile fire from an attack helicopter, run from the loch ness monster, and more. Cinefy includes impressive effects created by Hollywood industry veterans.

New Release Bad Puppy for iPhone and iPad by Tharle Games

Tharle Games are pleased to announce the release of their most anticipated game called, Bad Puppy, for iPhone and iPad device. Bad Puppy 1.0 is universally launched for iPad and iPhone. A Bad puppy is on his day out filling his way with adventures and bone greed. Enter the dream world of Bad Puppy, with runner’s protocol and action. Bad Puppy is just more than a running game, the game anticipate the mild action of running and tons of freaky game play experience.

MacMate takes on Google, Dropbox and Microsoft with MacMate Disk

MacMate, which rocketed to success in April when it launched as an Apple MobileMe replacement, has announced the first major update since June: adding Calendar sharing, an iOS App, introducing two new packages and increasing the storage on its current Pro version to a whopping 25gig. As a viable alternative for many users looking at cloud-disk services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive services, MacMate delivers an easier, simpler, powerful solution with more added features.