Say goodbye to privacy and hello to Spy Bot, the iOS Surveillance App

Why trust when you can verify? Know Nunsense, Inc. today introduces Spy Bot 1.0, the first iOS app to connect your iPhone’s camera to your iPad’s screen, and vice versa, with Bluetooth. Spy Bot is a truly versatile surveillance app as it is able to broadcast and record video and audio in almost any situation. Keep an eye on the kids, sneak a peak at your boss’s computer, check up on your boyfriend or girlfriend, find out what’s really going on when you’re not in the room with Spy Bot.

Rock Run Free Game for iPhone, iPod and iPad Released

United Kingdom-based husband and wife team, Gigabyte Solutions Ltd, introduce their first indie game, Rock Run 1.12, for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Rock Run is a classic arcade game for players who have run through temples, doodle jumped their way to the skies, and are ready to reach for the stars on the biggest challenge of them all, Rock Run. For every 10 stars collected in sequence, the player’s score multiplier increases, creating greater pressure to keep going without making a mistake.

Freeridecoding Releases DraftCode, an Offline iPad PHP Development Tool

Freeridecoding announces DraftCode 1.0, the first version of its new PHP development tool for iPad. The app features built in code execution, allowing users to be creative on the iPad and start to develop PHP without requiring access to a server or the internet. Users easily send files from DraftCode to other iPad applications, like DropBox, and work on complex PHP projects that consist of multiple files and resources using DraftCode’s easy to use file workspace.

vueCAD version 4.5 is Now Available in the Apple App Store

vueCAD, the professional CAD viewer for the iPad, version 4.5 is now available in the Apple App Store. CAD files are viewed directly on the mobile device in their native file formats such as Catia, STEP, IGES, JT, and many others. Version 4.5 adds support for assemblies, a tree view for visibility control, new functionality for sectioning, and an extraordinary, new render engine. Custom solutions have been built using the vueCAD engine from mobile sales tools to laser control systems.

Announcing Back and Forth 2 a Free Version of the Popular iOS Word Game

Larry Snyder, designer of the critically acclaimed word game Back & Forth, announces a new version in the series, Back & Forth 2 v.1.0, with puzzle volumes 4, 5 and 6 for the iPhone and iPad. With 24 hand-made puzzles, endless daily modes, blitz attacks and two-player, Back & Forth 2 goes beyond traditional word search games, combining the use of gravity and signature moves to master each puzzle and clear the board. Users spell words forwards, backwards, vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Flipsy Launches To Help Consumers Sell Used iPhones, iPads and More

Direct Textbook today announces the launch of, a free web service that helps consumers sell used iPhones, iPads, video game consoles and books for the highest possible prices. lets users instantly compare real-time buyback and trade-in offers from dozens of buyers, so it’s easy to see which company has the best device buyback deals. users can sell their old devices immediately or sign up to be alerted when offers meet their price points.

Localscope Partners With 6 New Location Services

In its newest version update v3.2, Localscope partners with 6 of the top regional location services including Qype, Baidu, 2GIS, Yellow Pages Australia, Zomato and ParkMe enabling users to find restaurants, local businesses or even parking spaces around them. The new version also introduces integration with 5 more navigation sources to help users get turn-by-turn directions to a location discovered within Localscope.

MapItAll makes everyday travel much easier and efficient

Developed by ABDolphin, MapItAll is an amazing app that will make your everyday travel so much easier and efficient. Offering Google’s street view with a very friendly user interface, the app allows anyone to input multiple addresses and get a route that includes multiple locations. MapItAll allows the user to save frequent routes, edit saved routes & even delete the ones are no longer necessary. The user will also be able to verify every chosen points in any selected route & locate it in a map.

Free video simulation for your very own iOS Apple App

Right now, TheHermonApps are doing a Free app consultation design. All you have to do is email your company website address and their team of highly qualified iOS developers will pull all the content that they need from the site & make you a free design of how your app would look and work. If you like what you see TheHermonApps will build you your full app and have it in the Apple App Store within month. Reach out to millions of potential customers by distributing your content in the App Store.

Correction: AppZapp Infographic Shows Price Reductions for Paid Apps

AppZapp provides the necessary overview of the iTunes App Store. Every single day, the app reveals what apps are new in the store, which of them were just marked down in price and those that are completely free. The AppZapp team has carefully anaylzied the data of the years 2010 to 2012 and built it into an infographic. These show the rules by which the the prices roll into the App Store and what the expected wait times are for the first price reduction.

Snapalicious for iPhone Updated to 1.5

Independent developer, Carlotta Tatti today announces Snapalicious 1.5, an update to her popular app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Snapalicious offers an easy and original way to discover dishes from all around the world and receive tips and instructions on how to cook them. Whether you are wondering which is the missing ingredient or searching for new recipes Snapalicious is the perfect choice. Version 1.5 offers a new, cleaner design and minor bug fixes.

$29000 in 15 Months – Pocket Lists iOS App Sales Figures Updated

Moscow based software development company, 1312 is sharing its app sales figures for Pocket Lists 3.0.2, their popular universal to-do list app for iPhone and iPad. Pocket Lists was developed specifically for managing checklists, focusing on important to-dos, and collaborating with friends. The company is hopeful that revealing its app sales figures will be useful to other indie developers who are low on budget promoting their apps.

Life Inventory – iPhone and iPad Apps that Can Change Quality of Life

Indie developer James Hollender’s Life Inventory apps can help change the quality of life. The iPad and iPhone versions are Lifestyle apps that guide users in creating their own Life Inventory, which can provide greater self-understanding of personality, strengths and weaknesses leading to a better quality of life. These apps allow the user to learn more about themselves than ever thought possible and at only a small fraction the cost of a single visit to a therapist.

What the Walrus Knows 1.2 adds accessibility and improved indexing

Flat Earth Studio introduced an update to Sarah Seidelmann’s What the Walrus Knows: A Guide to Beastie Energies 1.2 for iOS. Based on the book of the same name, and focused on the ancient premise of interconnectedness between humans and animals, the app helps people recognize and understand messages from Beastie messengers. The app includes a field guide with over 150 Beasties, an integrated journal, a guided shamanic meditation into the lower world and more.

BooBoo Pets 1.0 for iOS: Help Pink, Furry, Virtual Pets Grow and Evolve

Fun Vision Studios today introduces BooBoo Pets 1.0.1 for iOS, its new interactive game where players help their virtual pets grow and evolve. The pink, furry balls with short arms and legs each have independent, characteristic behaviors. Players must determine when their pets require food, drink, play, or love, and if they fail to provide any of these basic needs they may need to re-establish their pet’s trust and love. Reaching 100% happiness and 100% maturity, pets can evolve.