Theodolite Nav App Featured in iTunes App Store During WInter Sale

Hunter Research and Technology today announced that the popular multi-function augmented reality nav app Theodolite has been featured in the iTunes App Store. Theodolite overlays real-time information about position, altitude, bearing, range, and inclination on the live camera image of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, turning the device into a sophisticated electronic viewfinder. Theodolite is great for outdoor sports, hiking, boating, hunting, golf, sightseeing, photography, and navigation.

Never pay a sitter again – uSit iSit app reinvents the Babysitting Co-Op

In a neighborhood babysitting/childcare co-op, local parents exchange sitting duties with other parents, saving serious money on sitters. Sounds great, but how do you track all this to make sure everyone plays fair? Who keeps records? Who contacts everyone every time someone needs a sitter? Do you have to pay dues? And do you trust – or even know – these neighbors? But now, uSit iSit has re-innovated the babysitting co-op for the mobile mom, ensuring both stronger trust and greater convenience.

Monsters thrive with the powers of nature

Haypi Co., Ltd. have recently released Haypi Monster Version 1.0.2, its new MMORPG available for iOS. Various monsters roam the land in this alternate reality, drawing their powers from the elements of nature. Each new creature a player encounters will unveil its entry in the Monster Encyclopedia. Monsters can evolve when they reach the appropriate level or are equipped with the proper catalyst. Evolved monsters are stronger than they were in their previous forms and even can acquire new skills.

Mac Data Recovery Guru 2.0 for OS X – Data Recovery Try-Before-You-Buy

Mac OS X File Recovery today announces Mac Data Recovery Guru 2.0 for OS X, its Mac data recovery utility, which recovers all common file types from any kind of device, due to user error, accidental formatting, hardware malfunction, or any other cause of data loss that does not involve overwriting the original file. Now available in the Mac App store or directly from the publisher the app features a demo mode, allowing users to preview which files can be recovered before deciding to purchase.

Organize Group Expenses with iPhone and Android App Settle Up

Bioport Software Labs today announces Settle Up, an update to its popular personal finance application developed for iOS and Android devices. Settle Up is an indispensable app for friends, roommates or colleagues who need to keep track of shared bills and expenses. It keeps tabs over who paid, what for, how many people participated on the payment, and what is the best way to settle up. Version sports many cool new features that many users desired.

CrumplePop Releases Dale Grahn Color for iPad

Minneapolis based CrumplePop today introduces Dale Grahn Color 1.0, an iPad app that helps photographers and filmmakers learn the powerful techniques of film color timers. Designed by legendary film color timer Dale Grahn, the app lets you watch as Dale masterfully shapes color, density, and saturation to create stunning images. The iPad app lets you use simple, analog-style controls to practice with Dale, and then use the same controls to work with any photo in your iOS album.

Pomfort’s Silverstack SET software now supports Canon EOS C300 camera

Munich based Pomfort today released a new software update to Silverstack SET that adds data management, checksum verified copy, backup, playback and QC capabilities specifically for the highly demanded Canon EOS C300 camera. Silverstack SET supports and controls media management tasks from the film set to the postproduction. This update also includes the unique opportunity to preview recorded Canon-specific Clog media files in Rec.709.

Smart4Kids – a fun app for kids to learn how to read is now available

Smart4Kids LLC today announces Smart4Kids English 1.02, its interactive learn-to-read educational app developed for iOS devices. Smart4Kids uses interactive games to build your child’s reading confidence through a progression of 36 units embracing the concepts of a 1st grade curriculum. Mini-stories highlight words as the narrator reads so your child can follow along. The games include activities such as word completion, word sorting, word matching, sound matching, memory tests, and more.

Time tracking app for Mac: Chronos 2.0 released

WetFish Software today released version 2.0 of their time tracking application Chronos for Mac OS X. The apps minimalistic design and intuitive user interface helps users stay focused on tasks and remain productive. Chronos is aimed at freelancers, but can be used by students, employees or others as well and supports CSV export for easy integration into existing workflows. It is also capable of inactivity detection and can be accessed from within any application using the system menu bar.

Shadow Snake – Next Generation Snake Game Now in App Store

PlayPanic Games introduces Shadow Snake 1.0 for iOS. Shadow Snake puts classic features of snake games into an updated context. Touchscreen control of the snake works by waving your finger as players collect sparks and dodge numerous enemies. Dozens of backgrounds, four bosses, upgrades, and bonuses, set this game apart from other classic snake games in the App Store. Game levels are divided in chapters – temples of Nature, Fire, Air and Ice, each with their own bonuses and boss at the end.

FileMaker Design Studios scheduled for Oakland and Seattle

The Craft of FileMaker announces today they will be hosting their next two Design Studios for FileMaker Pro Developers March 5th – 7th in Oakland, Califorina and April 16th – 18th in Seattle, Washington. This three day training will be lead by veteran FileMaker Developer’s Conference Speaker, Don Levan, President of Vanguard Custom Software and Founder of the Craft of FileMaker. Attendees will learn a formal process and set of practices for designing exceptional applications and interfaces.

Learn to Build iOS Apps in the New Year from The Pragmatic Studio

For developers with a new year’s resolution to learn how to build iOS apps, who are not sure how to get started on their goal, The Pragmatic Studio has a course perfectly designed to give participants a solid kick start. The Pragmatic Studio has an iOS Programming Studio on February 11-14 in Reston, Virginia and April 9-12 in Denver, Colorado where participants will learn how to design and build high-quality iOS apps from start to finish using best practices and expert techniques.

Magazine – YouWorkout: Features Exclusive Interview with David Beckham

The latest edition of iPad and iPhone magazine YouWorkout features an exclusive interview with David Beckham, an athlete profile featuring Brad Richardson of National Hockey League Champions the L.A. Kings, and much more. Plus, for the month of January, annual subscriptions to YouWorkout Magazine are only $.99 and all LifeApps Digital Media apps are free.

Chic or Shock? Interactive Social Fashion App for iOS/Android

Chic or Shock? 1.03 is a mobile based application for sharing fashion photos worldwide. It provides a fun and entertaining way to get helpful opinions and give feedback for anything fashion. Pondering whether or not to buy or wear a shirt? Users can invite friends to act as their Jury and directly send all of them a photo and receive instant feedback. Users grant Chic for the perfect look or Sock for a disastrous outfit.

Twocanoes Software Announces the Release of Winclone 3.7

Twocanoes Software announces the release of Winclone 3.7. New to Winclone 3.7 are enhancements to contextual information, French language support and minor bug fixes. Winclone allows users to create an exact snapshot of Windows on the Boot Camp partition and restore snapshots to the Boot Camp partition. Migrate Boot Camp from one Mac to another without reinstalling Windows. Twocanoes offers a support package that includes two years of technical support and maintenance.