Digital Book Publisher Begins John Ed Mathison Ministry iPad Project

Dallas digital book publisher, Claxton Creative, announced Thursday it has begun production of a book for iPad and other tablets for the John Ed Mathison Ministry, featuring “When God Redefines The Possible.” Mathison’s book contains more than 50 chapters of colorful & important ministry lessons and encourages readers to see that God is still doing miracles, even in today’s turbulent times. The digital format for iPad will include a series of videos, interactive photos, illustrations, and more.

SCSC Releases a Major Update of Scannerz for Mac OS X

Virginia based SCSC releases a major update for Scannerz for Mac OS X. Scannerz is an analysis tool utilizing advanced diagnostic algorithms that analyzes not only the hard drive, but the circuitry supporting the drive. This update now includes full support for CoreStorage based file systems including fully encrypted volumes under Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8 as well as integrated support for Apple RAID configurations. Additional support has been added for hardware based RAID and more.

New Service Simplifies Parenthood, Helps Share Baby’s Story

Becuddle, a new service for parents of small children, announced its launch on iPhone and iPod touch. Available today, Becuddle’s iPhone app simplifies parenthood by helping parents communicate child care information with each other, child care providers, as well as friends and family. The app connects parents of small children in a way that existing apps and social networks do not, by focusing on the information they most need to share.

KiteSurf Pro with weather forecast available on the Apple App Store

UK based Paz Labs today introduces KiteSurf PRO 2.0.1, its breakthrough new weather forecast app for iOS. KiteSurf PRO offers kite-surfers a personalized weather forecast and advise on when and where to kite-surf. Using riders weight, kite-surf size and weather forecast provides advice on the best time and place to go kite-surfing. And with a small in-app purchase, users may compare weather forecast for multiple spots and create a list with the best spots.

Ninja inc. 1.3.2 for iOS – U.S. Top 10 Strategy Game Now Free

Hao Yun Co., Ltd today announces that its hit game, Ninja inc. 1.3.2 for iOS, will be available free for a limited time. After the Apocalypse, a large population of brain-munching zombies still runs rampant. Mankind’s only salvation is trained Ninja warriors, brave enough to face the walking dead. As Director of the newly formed Ninjas inc., the player must recruit and train civilians from all walks of life and transform them into the ultimate Ninja warriors to combat and defeat zombie scum!

EverTrip 1.0 for iOS – Tekton’s New Evernote Add-On Especially for Trips

Tekton Technologies today introduces EverTrip 1.0 for iOS, its Evernote add-on designed especially for planning trips and keeping a multimedia scrapbook while on the trip. Evernote is a popular syncing, cloud-based, note-taking service that is compatible with nearly all mobile devices and personal computers. EverTrip is a standalone iOS app that exploits Evernote’s capabilities for sharing, syncing, and storing all kinds of text and photos to help users plan and keep remembrances of their trips.

The New Social Marketplace To Preview the Best Apps Coming Soon is Now

PreApps has just officially launched their new social networking site that acts as a marketplace between app users and app developers who wish to share their apps which are coming soon to the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or the Windows App Store. It’s the exclusive place to preview, rate, share, and download the best new mobile apps. With millions of app users in the United States, PreApps provides ability to find the best apps that you would not find through the clutter of the App Store.

iDownloader Pro – Download, Open and Organize Files Like You Do on PC

Apps4Stars is proud to present the new iDownloader Pro 1.0 for iOS: a powerful download and file manager that gives the iOS device the critical missing functions of the PC or Mac. Download, play, view, organize any type of file including video, audio, PDFs, eBooks, archives, documents and others. Extract password-protected archives and share files with PC or Mac over WiFi. Save website passwords and protect personal data.

Enter to Win an iPhone 5 by Getting Pregnant Instantly with PreggoBooth!

WeMadeIt Apps announces the new PreggoBooth iPhone 5 contest. PreggoBooth 1.6 is the world’s first pregnancy simulation application and has become to must have app at any party, office, or family event. PreggoBooth transforms users into an expecting mommy or daddy in just a few swipes. The contest ends on February 8th.

Ripple Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, brings 12 easy-to-use, super handy title effects to users’ fingertips with Ripple Tools. A versatile and powerful effects toolbox for use in Final Cut Pro X, Ripple Tools is a set of plugins that allow the user to quickly accomplish a number of effects and editorial tasks. Add split screens; use 8 or 16 point mattes; add adjustment layers to control the look of multiple clips, and more.

Innovative App: Little Lost Sheep – Combines Real-World And Digital Play

Launched by Apps For All, innovative app, Little Lost Sheep 1.0 for iOS provides fun and interactive entertainment for both parents and children, as they play real-life hide-and-seek with a virtual and noisy Little Lost Sheep. It’s a simple game: the toddler is the shepherd who has to close his or her eyes tight. Then the parent will hide the iPhone somewhere in the room. The child follows the sound of the beckoning sheep to find where it is hiding.

Old School Launches on iTunes

Today, Big Blue Bubble announces Old School Defense 1.0, a tower defense game based on the Paramount movie, Old School, is now available on the App Store. Old School Defense is a humorous, pick-up-and-play tower defense game that offers simple to complex gameplay for all ages. Progressing through increasing levels of difficulty, each player is challenged to protect their frat house and beer from Party Crashers and the nefarious Dean by strategically placing pledges and generating resources.

Angry Space Mole – Asteroid Dodge

Angry Space Mole – Asteroid Dodge 1.0 is the next in the Angry Moles series from indie developers Awesome App Lab. It is a simple fun game that’s highly addictive. The game is based around the main character, Minko The Super Mole. He is trying to outrun his enemies by flying through an asteroid field and its down to the player to get him through safely. All players have to do it tilt the device from side to side to guide him.