Corinium Museum, Cirencester Launches Romans App

TapMob introduces Romans 1.0 for iOS. Users may discover and explore Roman Cirencester, the biggest Roman town in the United Kingdom, after London. With Romans, users explore the Museum and its Roman artefacts, see artists impressions of the Roman town and see the objects discovered in the town. Included is a fun quiz and learning resources for teachers and pupils to about the Romans. Users can hear archaeologists talking about the excavations, see photographs of the excavations, and more.

The White Nights Mobile Games Conference – Registration Open

Registration for the White Nights Mobile Games Conference, the largest international conference in Europe focused on mobile game development and promotion is now open. The even, organized by game publisher and developer Nevosoft, will take place from June 27-28, 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia. More than 800 decision-makers, developers, publishers and other game industry professionals from 400 companies are expected to attend. The conference will feature speakers from famous global companies.

Computer Recycling & Data Destruction Giant N2S Goes Global

IT disposal and data destruction giant Network 2 Supplies has gone global with its set of high quality IT services. Founded in 2002, Network 2 Supplies has become a massive player in the IT end of life industry. The company provides services such as hard drive data destruction, computer recycling and asset management. The services extend to all hard drives, smartphones, media devices, tapes or any other device which stores and holds your critical data.

Passover Haggadah for iPad launches on the App Store

Mobile developer Ribui today introduces Passover Haggadah 1.0.1 for iPad, their new companion app that helps to serve up Seder to the digital generation. Passover Haggadah brings the 3000 year old story of the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt to life into a brand new format. The app has been designed as an interactive companion to the Haggadah book that is used each year by Jewish communities to guide the annual Passover meal, also known as the Seder.

The i.Business Expo – Coming to New York and Dallas

The i.Business Expo is continuing its national road tour across the USA targeted at the Apple-Based business community. Loop USA Inc will be hosting the i.Business Expo on May 9, 2013, co-located on the show floor of the Small Business Expo, Manhattan, New York and June 27, 2013 and at the Small Business Expo, Dallas, Texas. All of our vendors will have the opportunity to provide you with hands-on demonstrations of their products and services for the iPads, iPhones and Macs Business Solutions.

Traffic Racer 1.4 update adds 3 new cars, gameplay improvements and more

Independent game developer, Soner Kara announces Traffic Racer 1.4, the fourth update to its popular arcade racing title. One of the best looking and feeling 3D arcade-style car dodging game, Traffic Racer allows you to drive your car through highway traffic, overtake them, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. Version 1.4 adds 3 brand new cars, auto acceleration feature, gameplay and balance improvements, graphics improvements and lots more.

Powerful Monsters Now Have Powerful Talents

Haypi Monster is a free-to-download MMORPG for iOS devices. The new update contains 135 available Mystery Talents for its hundreds of monsters. New items and monsters are scattered throughout the enchanted land, giving rise to endless adventure. Each monster has its own look, characteristics, rarity score, base stats, and skill set. Now each monster can have its very own Mystery Talent, thanks to a new feature in Haypi Monster Version 1.1.

Access Database Reader MDB ACCDB Viewer Offers Free Trial

MDB ACCDB Viewer has helped 13000 Mac users reclaim the data stored in Microsoft Access databases. For the first time since 2011, Egger Apps now offers a free trial of their product. Previously, MDB ACCDB Viewer was exclusively available as a paid application on the Mac App Store. In addition to the free trial, customers now have the option of purchasing the app outside the Mac App Store.

BFOM Releases Ask Something? for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

California based independent mobile app developer, BFOM today introduces Ask Something? 1.0, their addictive new game title for iOS devices. Ask Something? is a highly entertaining revamp of the classic game 20 Questions with social media capabilities and a points system. Players challenge their friends or random opponents in the ultimate game of trivia. One player chooses from 1000s of words in the most popular categories, while the other asks questions to discover the answer.

AeroPress Timer 1.0 is in the App Store now

Beloved Robot, LLC today introduces AeroPress Timer 1.0 for iOS, The perfect companion for the AeroPress, AeroPress Timer allows you to explore the versatility of the AeroPress with nine unique recipes. Part of the beauty is exploring the process of making coffee with different techniques. For those always in search of that perfect cup, AeroPress Timer offers precise measurements of coffee and water paired with timed instructions allowing you to reproduce a great cup of coffee again and again.

AP Algebra Helper App To Learn, Solve, and Visualize Algebraic Equations

AP Algebra Helper has been released on the iTunes App Store by Radius Development, LLC. The app features custom panels and plots for four different algebraic equations, each of which can solve for any of the parameters. This is the only app that provides direct solutions for any parameter and interactive plots for linear, quadratic, and dual linear equation systems. Students, educators, researchers, and business operations professionals will be delighted with this quick and easy solver.

New i Learn With app to teach children about emotions and feelings

Montreal based Tribal Nova today introduces i Learn With Poko: Emotions and Colors! 1.0, their new educational app developed for iOS devices. Designed exclusively for children 3 to 6, this early childhood education app teaches young children important social development skills such as emotions, feelings and problem solving with their favorite Kids’ CBC character Poko. Parents can monitor their child’s progress in the app or through email alerts and compare it with children that are the same age.

It’s time to Tease UR Brain and get tangled

Patron Technosoft India Private Limited today introduces Tease UR Brain 1.0, their brand new puzzle game for iOS and iPad devices. Tease UR Brain offers tons of mind-boggling questions for you to check, improve and increase your IQ level. Use logic, think completely out of box and solve game tasks quickly. Dive yourself into exciting brain action that challenges players to use logical thinking and give correct answers within short period of time.

SteamPuck Hockey HD for iPad Invades Top North American Charts

iPad hockey with a victorian twist! Entrepreneurial iOS developer Kenneth Mayfield announced that SteamPunk Hockey HD 1.2.0 for iPad has launched a surprise assault upon North American charts, reaching #8 in USA and Canada’s iTunes Games/Family/Free category. Kenneth had been working on an update to the game in-between client projects to deepen the gameplay and enhance the animation. Kenneth also plans to revise the game’s ‘robot opponent’.

Useful Slug Brings Classic International School Yard Game to iOS

A game so widespread through the pre-internet world that it has a different name in nearly every country has been digitally recreated for iOS by useful slug. The game is known as “Grandmother’s Footsteps” or “What’s The Time, Mr.Wolf?” in the UK, “Red Light/Green Light” or “Statues” in the US, “Un, Deux, Trois, Soleil” (One, Two, Three, Sun) in France and “Darumasan ga Koronda” (The Daruma doll fell down) in Japan. This game has provided children with centuries of fun, something few can claim.