Buogle Communications Introduces RapidNotePremium for iPad and iPhone

Buogle Communications, a leading creator and innovator of iPad and iPhone apps, today is proud to announce RapidNotePremium, which is a full-featured line of note-taking applications that provide unique and easy ways to create quick reminders. With our current version 1.7, RapidNotePremium continues to be enhanced. Current users will soon enjoy upgrades of version 2.0 which will include green screen technology and other advanced features.

Stay on top of the weather anywhere with Weather Magic for iOS

Brazil based Finggs announces the release of Weather Magic – Live Weather & World Clock Pro and Free versions for iOS. Weather Magic is a practical new weather utility that gives users the power to access detailed weather information on multiple locations at once, get accurate forecasts, current info, and utilize a diverse array of GPS enabled rain, cloud, radar maps from anywhere. This app is the best dedicated utility to keep users in the know about weather.

Check In Tonight to South East Asia’s Finest Hotels

CheckInTonight.asia today announces the upcoming launch of ‘CheckInTonight,’ a mobile travel application that will allow travellers in South East Asia to book same-day accommodation quickly and easily. ‘CheckInTonight’ features the three best last-minute hotel deals from a travellers’ selected region, allowing for quick, well-informed decision-making. The app will be available to the public to download for free from the iTunes App Store on Monday 25 February.

ShowScoop Mobile App for Tour Reviews – Never go to a bad concert again

California based ShowScoop today introduces ShowScoop Concerts 1.0, its new music tour and review app for iOS devices. With ShowScoop Concerts, music fans can discover tour dates, rate how bands perform live, share photos, and record concert experiences on the free mobile application. When a user searches for an artist profile the result is a listing of reviews and the bands overall average score. Also available on an artist’s profile page are user-uploaded photos and upcoming tour dates.

The iMums to Give Away Two iPad Minis to Kick Off Go Mini! Promotion

The iMums, a children’s tech review site, is giving away two iPad minis to kick off its 2013 Go Mini promotion. The iMums, four moms from four corners of the earth, met online while searching for and reviewing apps for their own children. The global giveaways, open worldwide, each include a 16GB iPad mini, a Cygnett case and an iTunes gift card, a prize package worth more than $400 USD. To enter, visit The iMums website. The minis will be given away February 24 and March 8, 2013.

Theodolite Nav App Adds Geo Datum Pack for Pro/Military/Outdoors Users

Hunter Research and Technology announces the popular multi-function augmented reality nav app Theodolite 3.2 has added a new World Geodetic Datum Pack option. This brings over 220 new datums to the app, covering countries and regions on all continents around the world. The new feature is targeted at professional, military, search and rescue, and outdoors users who need more accuracy from the GPS hardware on their iOS devices, or who want to work with specialized coordinate systems and grids.

SecuritySpy 3.0: Major Update to Video Surveillance Software

Bensoftware today announces SecuritySpy 3.0, a major update to the premier multi-camera video surveillance software on the Macintosh platform. With features such as motion detection, real-time compression of multiple video and audio feeds, and network video and audio streaming, SecuritySpy is designed for demanding video surveillance applications. Version 3.0 adds MPEG-4 and H.264 streaming over RTSP from network cameras, improved motion detection, a re-designed web interface, and more.

DIY Map GPS 1.01 released for iPhone and iPad

UK based Builtsoft today introduces DIY Map GPS 1.01, their new navigation app available for iPhone and iPad mobile devices. Designed with a full-featured GPS system, DIY Map GPS gives users their current location by map matching their current GPS location with the map. With useful features such as weather, sunrise/sunset, flash and moonrise/moonset and more, DIY Map GPS offers free download of 3,788 City Maps worldwide and free download of millions of points of interests.

KeyCue, the keyboard shortcut cheat sheet – now in the menu bar

Ergonis Software today announces KeyCue 6.4, an update to its popular cheat sheet for learning and remembering keyboard shortcuts. KeyCue 6.4 has an icon in the menu bar, which is not only a visible indicator of KeyCue’s presence, but also serves as an additional way to invoke KeyCue. This is particularly convenient when different key combinations are used to pop up separate compact tables for menu commands, system-wide hotkeys and macros.

Haypi Monster 1.1 released for iOS – Popular MMORPG

Haypi Co., Ltd. today announces Haypi Monster 1.1, an update to its popular MMORPG available for iOS. Various monsters roam the land in this alternate reality, drawing their powers from the elements of nature. Monsters can evolve when they reach the appropriate level or are equipped with the proper catalyst. Version 1.1 adds 14 new monsters and 9 new skills to its collection, and monsters can now have their very own Mystery Talent to go along with their skills.

Let Your Album Cover Shine with Cover Lights and Your Philips Hue Bulbs

Independent developer, Claus Zimmermann announces the release of his new app, Cover Lights 1.0 for Mac OS X. The App Cover Lights uses the album artwork of the currently played iTunes track to tint the user’s Philips Hue bulbs. The App offers a new way for the user to experience the mood of their iTunes tracks visually through their room lighting. The app analyzes the color setting of the album artwork automatically, and allows users to adjust the color selection by using the drag’n’drop option.

Arlo’s Adventure – Retro Inspired Platformer Released for iOS

Game studio, Cinopt Studios LLC introduces Arlo’s Adventure 1.0, an old school inspired action-adventure platformer game, for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Gamers play as Arlo the wizard, who embarks on an adventure to regain his magic powers that have been drained by an unknown, evil force. Players will go through 36 levels and collect magic powers to use against bandits, zombies and many more enemies. Magic powers are also essential to solving a variety of physics-based puzzles.

Flip the Cats on iOS Arrives on the App Store

UK based mobile game studio Kwalee are pleased to announce the arrival of Flip the Cats 2.0 on iOS. Flip the Cats is a turn-based strategy board game available to download from today on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the Apple app store. Flip the Cats combines cute cats with strategic gameplay. New features in version 2.0 include: 47 achievements badges to unlock and share on Facebook, Pro Board upgrade, Greatly enhanced social features with better leaderboards, and more.

SUGARfx Subtitles for FCP, Motion, After Effects and Premiere Pro

Boston based Noise Industries adds SUGARfx Subtitles to its family of powerful plugins. SUGARfx Subtitles allows editors to add permanent subtitles to their finished movies in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. In addition to supporting a wide variety of fonts, the software is capable of handling hundreds of languages, as well as importing several subtitle formats. Easily import text and adjust font, style and color to fit the project’s style perfectly.

New photo perspective with Photo Shaper

Eltima Software has announced the release of their new iPhone app – Photo Shaper. It is a cool alternative to traditional photos you are used to. Photo Shaper creates a round-shape lens photos just like on your OS X login screen and allows adding various backgrounds to spice up the image. The photo can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by email.