Release of iPhone App WANT THIS App that can manage what you want

Indie developer Ryosuke Kobayashi is proud to introduce WANT THIS App for iOS. “WANT THIS Application” is an iPhone application that can easily manage the items you want. You can easily register items when you want item. Can manage the items that you’ve already bought so you do not have to worry about buying the same item. If you set a monthly budget, you can prevent over buying. Surplus balance brought forward is also displayed.

Handy Photo for iOS offers easy to use professional photo editing tools

ADVA Soft today announced the upcoming release of Handy Photo 1.0, an innovative photo editor for iOS, packed with a complete set of easy to use tools for performing cropping, uncropping, retouching, lossless straightening, intellectual objects extraction and moving, framing, and more. Handy Photo 1.0 is expected to hit the App Store at the end of January 2013, bringing with it a whole host of professional grade editing tools, setting a new standard in mobile photo editing.

US Veteran Plays Underdog Role w/ App for Couples

There are big changes in store for iLoveNote, an app developed for iOS and Android devices. iLoveNote allows a couple to affectionately share their life together in a private social network. The idea for iLoveNote was conceived while Nathan Zacher was in the US Army in Iraq & away from his girlfriend. The developer realized that there was a great need for an app that could help enhance communication and support his & other committed relationships. This app was made for couples to stay connected.

Sing a Song for Free – a free social singing game like Draw Something

Do you love singing? LunacatStudios today announces Sing a Song for Free 1.2, an update to its song guessing game for iOS. Very similar to Draw Something but for singing, Sing a Song for Free is not only a fun game but also a social tool for you to connect with your friends. Select a friend or a random person to play, and pick one of the three songs given by the game. The game will show you the lyrics for you to sing along. The game features more than 3000 songs in many languages.

Blue Mangoo Software releases iFretless Bass 2

Blue Mangoo today announces iFretless Bass 2.0.2, an update to its popular bass app developed for iOS devices. iFretless Bass resembles the smart instruments in Apple’s Garage Band so the idea is not really new. What’s different is the way it feels and sounds, responding to gestures like hammer-ons and slaps in amazingly intuitive and subtle ways. Key improvements include seven new virtual instruments which offer the most realistic sample-based instruments available on the iOS platform.

iPad mini – the hottest gift this Valentine’s Day?

Edenpod is organizing a competition for BetterLetter, the #1 educational word game app in multiple countries. Dubbed the Perfectly Simple Word Game, you are challenged to form a word by building from a single letter turn by turn. Contestants will have to take 3 easy steps. First: ‘Like’ the BetterLetter Facebook page. Second: Take a screenshot of the BetterLetter app, with the Word Prowess score clearly visible. Lastly, submit the screenshot to the contest form. That’s it!

A Tiny Space Monster Shootout – Blast Flying Invaders in Free iOS Game

Challenging players to hop in their spaceships and blast the flying aliens, Launch Technology Group today announces A Tiny Space Monster Shootout, the action packed game for iPhone and iPad that combines fun characters with fast-paced gameplay, now free for a limited time. In A Tiny Space Monster Shootout, players fight back against the alien invaders who are determined to conquer the galaxy. Blast them before it’s too late in this old fashioned shootout updated for the space age.

Hexahedria releases Wordchemy on the iOS App Store

Mobile game design company, Hexahedria today introduces Wordchemy 1.0, a free, innovative letter-swapping word game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In Wordchemy, players swap adjacent letters within a matrix to form words and score points. Longer words score more points and generate tiles with special functions, but unless a word is formed, letters can only be swapped once. Wordchemy offers six modes of game play that present varied challenges suited to almost any player or occasion.

Sunny Hillride for the iPhone and iPad: A fun trip through the mountains

The whole family, including the parrot, goes on vacation. Everyone piles into the car, the suitcases are on the roof and off they go. In Headup Games newest One-Touch adventure, “Sunny Hillride”, the fully loaded car whizzes through changing sceneries. It zooms up the mountains, and back down again to gain momentum, it collects gold coins and souvenirs, and tries to perform crazy stunt jumps that take it all the way into the clouds. Getting the family safely to the end is fun for young and old!

MCE Ships Slot-Loading Blu-ray and DVD Burners for Slot-less Retina Macs

MCE Technologies, LLC (MCE) today announced immediate availability of the Fovea line of portable, slot-loading optical drives designed for the optical drive-less MacBook Pro with Retina Display, iMac, Mac mini, and MacBook Air. The MCE Fovea Extreme Drive is a portable, slot-loading Blu-ray recordable USB drive and the Fovea Drive is a portable, slot-loading DVD and CD Recordable USB “SuperDrive”. The MCE Fovea Extreme is available for $149.00, while the MCE Fovea 8X “SuperDrive” is $49.99.

AppsMoment is Now a Leading Builder Application for Developing Apps

AppsMoment has quickly become one of the leading application iPhone maker available on the internet. AppsMoment announces that their users have successfully published over 25,000 applications and counting. As a builder application, AppsMoment gives users the opportunity of creating their own Apple based mobile applications without the need to learn code or invest time and effort into manually building software, with more than 45 custom features and 35 templates to choose from.

Maintain releases Cocktail 5.4 (Lion Edition)

Maintain has released Cocktail 5.4 (Lion Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X Lion 10.7. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Mac. This version adds ability to clear the Quarantine Events database. The update also contains several important bug fixes and is highly recommended for all users of Cocktail (Lion Edition).

Haypi Monster: Where Players Can PVP

Haypi Co., Ltd. announces that over a hundred different monsters dwell in Haypi Monster 1.02, an iOS MMORPG. Haypi Monster has received excellent reviews from its players and is growing at an astonishing rate. In just one short month, it has gained several thousand new players and has gathered praise from both gamers and professional reviewers alike. Haypi Co., Ltd wants to thank its players for the success of this game by gifting one free iPad Mini to a random player every day.

4 apps by AppAnnex nominated in The Best App Ever Awards 2012

Leading mobile app development and publishing company, AppAnnex, LLC announced that four of their best apps, including Car Camera DVR, Call Screen Maker, Ringtone DJ Pro and Animals for Tots, were nominated for “The Best App Ever Awards 2012″ brought by 148apps. The Best App Ever Awards were created in 2008 to gather together the very favorite apps of real users, not just the best-selling ones. Voting is open until January 31, 2012.

The ultimate iPhone 5 heartrate monitor? Runalyzer Blue

Leading designer of smart devices for Smartphones, Runware today introduces its Runalyzer blue chest strap for iPhone 5. This heart rate monitor is a must to measure and improve your sports activity. This new heart rate monitor uses new Smart Bluetooth technology embedded in Smartphones, MP3 Players and the latest tablets, including iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5G, iPod nano 7G and iPad 3. Runalyzer Blue works with more than one hundred applications.