Prepare to Meet your Tomb in Toyzilla this Halloween

Toyzilla, a Freemium iPad game releases a free Halloween update. Toyzilla 1.1.1, with an update for the upcoming Halloween features 30 New Fortresses, 6 New Titans and an awesome Halloween Fortress theme plus many more. The wait is over for fans of Toyzilla who are hungry for some Halloween Horror. For new players, it’s the perfect time to start playing this Action, Strategy game that is featured in 28 countries under App Store’s “What’s Hot.”

Functns Helps Young Minds get Ahead in School and Life

Functns 1.1, designed by Pixelcrunchr, offers fun and exciting gameplay that helps young minds learn, practice and master multiplication tables. The app features progress tracking, a linear progression option that enhances pattern recognition skills, and shuffle/random options that aid in memory retention. Students earn achievements to represent completion of specific skill sets related to both styles of times table progression.

My 3D Coloring Book Lets Children Enjoy a New World of Coloring Fun

My 3D Coloring Book 1.3.0 by nanugames features 24 rich colors, 3 draw sizes, dozens of cute and age-appropriate images, the ability to rotate drawings a full 360 degrees, and more. My 3D Coloring Book takes old fashioned print-based coloring books to the next level of fun and learning. Children can digitally color images, such as fruits, vegetables, deserts, plants, animals and more. The app is the reinvention of old fashioned coloring books, and designed for iPad.

Can You Outrun The Flaming Hills In Motorcycle Bike Race Fire Chase

Unleash your inner Evel Knievel for free, in limited-time promotion with popular iPhone game, Motorcycle Bike Race Fire Chase – Pro 1.0.1. Independent developer RoboNacho Systems is proud to announce the release of a brand new update to their popular dirt racing, flame chasing motorcycle game. This update is not only packed with features, it is also free to download in a special limited-time promotion with popular games-and app-portal, Daily App Dream beginning October 30th.

Jumsoft Adds Foursquare Integration to its Acclaimed Money App

Jumsoft, a developer of high-quality applications for Mac OS X, announces the release of Money 4.3.1. The app allows users to track transactions to and from their wallets, bank accounts, and credit card accounts and enables them to plan budgets and monitor actual spending, manage bills, track payees, generate income/expense reports, and sync their financial data with the iPhone and iPad. Money 4.3.1 presents improvements, including a payee location functionality that is powered by Foursquare.

Text and Walk App – Send Messages on the Go

Oriflamme Apps introduces Text and Walk App 1.1.2 for iOS. The app allows iPhone users handle different tasks at the same time and still be available for chatting. The app turns on the iPhone camera and uses the transparent display of the camera as a background for messages. This way users can control the situation and be sure that they are unlikely to walk into passersby or stumble on an unexpected step. Users can safely text and walk without any risk of bumping into an object on the street.

INTSIG announces CamScanner HD for iPad

INTSIG, a leading mobile application developer today announces CamScanner HD 1.0 for iPad. The scanner app helps to digitalize and manage paper documents on the go. CamScanner HD is iPad-friendly to enable instant document scanning and easy management experience for users. Users can directly check, edit and share all documents easily with their iPad anywhere and anytime. CamScanner HD is tailored made for iPad with a number of new features and UI design to optimize user experience.

The i.Menu Expo – Just Announced 2013 Shows and Dates

i.Menu Expo will bring restaurant and hospitality technology to the forefront in 2013. i.Menu Expo will make five stops across the US and Canada to showcase how tablets, smartphones, apps and cloud services technology can improve the restaurant and hospitality industry. The Expo will be co-located on the show floor of North America’s largest FoodService trade shows.

Explore the Disturbed with 550 Serial Killers for iOS

Just in time for Halloween, Cozy Apps has released the most extensive serial killer reference app ever. Giving users access to 550 killers from 50 countries, Serial Killer Murder Library for iOS let’s users browse through serial killers throughout history. From Bundy to Dahmer or the “Cannibal Killer” to the “Werewolf of Wisteria”, this extensive library is a must have for anyone interested in the psychology of the serial killer.

It’s A Jungle Out There – Help Norm escape it!

Gamebowl has announced the upcoming release of Norm’s Big Escape for iPhone, their new endless vertically-scrolling action game developed for iPad and iPod touch. Players must guide Norm through a mystical jungle full of obstacles and dangerous enemies, while staying alive by munching his favourite beans. Since flying is out of the question, our cuddly hero needs a helping hand. Norm’s Big Escape will be launching in the coming weeks. Pre-release promo codes are available on request now.

App Developer Simiula Releases Dice-Roller Simulator for iOS Devices

Simiula announces the release of its realistic Dice-Roller Simulator 1.0 for iOS. With Dice-Roller Simulator, users can enjoy all of the popular dice games without having to use actual dice. Dice-roller makes it easy to customize other aspects of game play as well such as gravity force, die size, sounds and game set icons. Dice-roller simulator is completely customizable including the ability to create customized dice from up to 900 different combinations.

Faber Acoustical Brings Room Acoustics to iPhone and iPad with RoomScope

Room acoustics measurement has come to iPad and iPhone with the release of RoomScope 1.0 from Faber Acoustical. RoomScope measures and analyzes room impulse responses, calculating acoustical parameters such as reverberation time, early decay time, clarity and definition. Parameters may be calculated and displayed in whole or 1/3 octave frequency bands. RoomScope’s dual-channel measurement capability enables users to employ built-in frequency sweeps or pseudorandom noise as a reference.

Apple Community Made Black Beauty ebook for iPad Possible

Red Cat Dreams Co-founders find the combination of Apple tools and community expertise is the key to success in making their release of the ebook Black Beauty for iPad possible. Neither had previous experience using many Apple tools, including iBooks Author. As a “thank you” to the Apple community and to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the 1912 Cecil Aldin illustrated version of Black Beauty, Red Cat Dreams is offering the ebook at 60% off the regular price for a limited time.

Playing with Food Goes Mobile, Empowering Kids to Make Healthy Choices

Seattle based Food N’ Me today introduces Smash Your Food 1.0, its new educational game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This fun and exciting mobile game encourages families to smash real foods to learn about nutrition, inspiring healthier food choices while providing parents with personalized emails and notifications filled with nutrition advice. Smash Your Food was a top winner in Michelle Obama’s ‘Apps for Healthy Kids Contest’ and has since received numerous awards.

Talking Romney for iOS Parodies Mitt Romney and His Run for President

Beaker Media, Inc. today introduces Talking Romney 1.0 for iOS, their new entertainment app that pokes fun at Mitt Romney and the gaffs he’s made on the campaign trail. Hear Mitt Romney’s actual voice, in his own words, as he spoke them. The app then takes whatever he said and at times remixes it completely out of context with animations of Romney saying these hilariously funny phrases. Any resemblance to what Mitt intended to say, hoped to say, or actually did say, is entirely coincidental.