Poppin Games releases Alice’s Mad Tea Party 1.2 for iOS

Poppin Games introduces Alice’s Mad Tea Party 1.2, their brand-new social game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Complete with in-depth story and beautiful hand-painted graphics, this game brings Wonderland directly to your iOS device. The game takes place just one year after the events of “Through the Looking Glass,” as Alice finds her way back into Wonderland. Complete with in-depth story and beautiful hand-painted graphics, this game brings Wonderland directly to your iOS device.

Improve your French with Livres Audio for Students and Native Speakers

Whether fluent or just beginning to learn the language, Livres Audio from Inkstone Mobile is an essential audio companion for iPhone users of all ages. Livres Audio offers the same features as other popular Inkstone Mobile apps. Learn the proper pronunciation and intonation of the French language from native speakers while doing everyday activities and household chores. Speed up or slow down the audio playback to better enhance study and increase comprehension.

PreApps Makes A Splash At Apps World Conference in San Francisco

Boston based startup PreApps took their pre-release app social marketplace to Apps World North America Conference in San Francisco this past February 7-8 at the iconic Moscone Center. PreApps is the exclusive place to preview apps coming soon for iOS / iPhone, Android, and Windows 8 / Phone. The PreApps team was on hand to secure strategic partnerships, answer questions, showcase the platform, and help users and developers with hands on demos and product tutorials.

Speed up FileMaker 12 development with Typinator function snippets

Ergonis Software today introduces a new set of abbreviations for functions in FileMaker 12, which can be used with Typinator, its highly acclaimed text expander. Typinator is a powerful solution that boosts your productivity by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and auto-correcting typing errors. The new set contains over 370 snippets that cover all FileMaker 12 functions. With these snippets installed, FileMaker developers realize an unprecedented increase of productivity.

Disco Ride-Gangnam Style rejected 3 times, Finally got approved by Apple

Adrenaline Monki today introduces Disco Ride- Gangnam Style edition 1.0, its new side scrolling endless runner genre game for iPhone and iPod touch. Disco Ride- Gangnam Style edition is a super funny game built around the popular gangnam style music video that emerged from Korea. Run as gangnam and collect sunglasses to boost your score. Avoid obstacles and jump over gaps in the buildings as you dash and crash. Keep track of how you are doing both on device and on Game Center.

Miner’s Gems 1.3 updated for iOS – Fun Board Game

Polar Arts Studios today announces Miner’s Gems 1.3, an update to its fun board game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Perfect for everyone at every age, Miner’s Gems is like the classical tetris game and very addictive. The game was designed to play with only a single thumb. The main goal is to place the gems on a horizontal and vertical order and to explode them. Carrying a single board experience to 3D environment, players can play the game on 4 sides of a gem box.

Contacts Duster Pro Makes Group Communication a Cinch

MyClickApps LLC today announces Contacts Duster Pro 2.6, an update to their popular contacts management tool developed for iOS devices. Contacts Duster Pro thoroughly analyzes your contacts and presents a full report in both list form and graph form. With the simple touch of a button, users can merge and purge duplicate contacts in your address book, create groups, text or email created groups, sync their address book and groups across devices, and more.

Twittelator Neue gets Free Push

Stone Design, makers of Twittelator Neue – the popular media rich Twitter client for iOS, and ProcessOne realtime messaging, have teamed up to provide push notifications free of charge for current and new users of Twittelator Neue. Twittelator Neue is the perfect Twitter client for both new and seasoned Twitter users alike. Designed to take advantage of the Twitter integration in iOS, Twittelator Neue features a beautiful design, innovative features, and blazingly fast performance.

tPinball Controller for iPad: Crowdsourced, 3-Button Pinball Accessory

JanduSoft today announces tPinball, its crowdsourced, accessory pinball controller for iPads, tablets, Macs & PCs. With wireless Bluetooth connectivity, tPinball is an adjustable gaming table/controller consisting of two flipper buttons, one plunger button, and four 3-inch-high corner assemblies that raise the tablet above the surface below it. Expandable to perfectly fit the sizes of most tablets, tPinball allows pinball fans worldwide to play authentic, flipper-based pinball anytime, anywhere.

A Song 2u: Share Your Emotions!

A Song 2u LLC announces the upcoming release of A Song 2u for iOS and Android. This new app allows users to dedicate their favorite music videos with a personal message to friends. With the app, users may send any music video with a special message to phone contacts. The app features the latest music news, new music videos and age-old classics that allow user to connect through video dedications from people around the world. A Song 2u, will be available March 2013.

Word Carnivale takes the stage in China

Word Carnivale 1.02 takes the stage in China! PlayScreen partners with AdsYolo to help Chinese gamers gain mastery of the English language with a unique and fun educational game experience. In Word Carnivale, players are pitted against their friends in a “best of three” contest to form words within the allotted time. Word Carnivale replaces boring static blocks with balloons that pop when words are formed, allowing new balloons to float up.

Flying Boy Updated with Daily Missions, Game Now Free on Android, iPhone

Today CUCUMBER announces a new update for Flying Boy 1.2. A casual, jumping, flying arcade game, Flying Boy is bursting with vibrant hand-drawn graphics and smooth controls. Filled with flying and jumping gameplay, players collect coins, upgrades and jump boosters, but avoid rain clouds and sticky traps. New daily missions, let players enjoy the thrill of a quick soaring flight on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android. Flying Boy has been crafted by the two-person development team of CUCUMBER.

En Route! 2.0 Brings Privacy to Location Sharing

En Route! 2.0 is a robust location sharing app. It includes the ability to share location and ETA with one person or a group. Users can create events and invite others for immediate use or for some point in the future. The app sends an alert one hour before the future event is scheduled so that users can start the app and go. The new version also includes chat and photo sharing to address how users were using previous versions of the app.

Valentine Update For eCard Express iPad and iPhone Application

Bartsoft Inc, has released the new Valentine update for eCard Express iPhone and eCard Express HD iPad applications, version 3.0. New free ecards and frames have been added for categories: Love & Friendship, Invitation, and Frames. The total selection of available cards for each application is now 310+. The update also includes the new features requested by customers: import contacts, create an event group, sent eCards check list, birthday reminders.

IP Camera Recorder for Mac Version 1.33 is Released

DComplex, LLC announced the release of IP Camera Recorder 1.33. IP Camera Recorder is a video surveillance software for Mac and iPhone/iPad users. It allows to monitor multiple IP Cameras simultaneously on a Mac, record video from the cameras and detect motion. The companion free iPhone/iPad app, DComplex IP Camera Recorder Client 1.10, allows to instantly review motion events, remotely watch live video from the cameras, search and playback recorded video.