The Fast Metabolism Diet App Releases on iOS, Aids Weight Loss Program

Nutritionist and metabolism whisperer Haylie Pomroy goes mobile and adds another tool to her successful program that streamlines weight loss and kick starts metabolisms. The Fast Metabolism Diet App 1.0 coordinates with the 28-day weight loss program championed by Pomroy, a celebrity nutritionist revolutionizing the way people think about the word “diet.” Pomroy’s strategic system encourages a dramatic weight loss without counting calories, carbohydrates or fat grams.

AssistiveWare Announces Executive Appointments

Leading innovator in the assistive technology market and developer, AssistiveWare B.V. strengthens its management team with two new members: Jennifer Marden, Vice President of Clinical Development and Cathy Kingeter, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. Focused on its vision to empower people through innovative technology, AssistiveWare offers a wide-range of assistive technology products and services.

iSeek – Books for Kids – Discover a World of Knowledge

UK based iSeek Ltd. today introduces iSeek – Books for Kids 1.0 for iOS, a bookshelf featuring several interactive and educational stories and games. iSeek – Books for Kids offers educational interactive books that will ease stress and encourage children to improve their communication and learning skills. It enhances and stimulates children’s creativity at the same time as it provides them a better grasp of the fundamentals of language and more logical thinking skills.

Mac search utility Disklens receives update, adds tags support

microLARGE software today announces Disklens 1.1, an improved version of the menu bar search utility for MacOS X. Disklens combines Apple’s proven Spotlight search technology with a convenient user interface. Version 1.1 brings support for Spotlight comments, adds preferences for customizing search result presentation, brings a few user interface improvements like grouping search results by month, and extends the list of supported languages with French and Spanish.

Tripini makes planning for any trip fast and easy

ShonikIDEAS announces Tripini 1.2 for iOS. Tripini manages all the elements of successful trip planning on a mobile device. The app divides travel into unique categories that make planning for any type of trip fast and efficient. Its packing feature ensures that travelers never leave anything behind and the app’s comprehensive list creation system is a delight for smart packers. Travelers can use the same lists over and over again, or create unique packing lists for a special vacation.

Colory Caterpillar – Color Learning App for Kids – Now Available for iOS

Independent children’s app developer, EEGL Interactive today announces Colory Caterpillar 1.0.1, an update to their popular educational app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Designed for 2 to 6 year olds, Colory Caterpillar is an interactive color matching game where kids can put together beautiful caterpillars while learning the name of the colors. It features infinite gameplay and it’s safe for the children, without any third party advertisements or in app purchases.

Pundles – Flex Your Mind With These Word Puzzles – Coming soon

Jennifer Manosh announces the upcoming release of Pundles for iOS. Pictures + Riddles = Pundles. It is a brain-twisting word puzzle game for iPhone and iPad coming in April that will challenge players’ minds in incredible ways. Players will experience hundreds of picture puzzles made up of symbols, lines, and letters that are arranged into hidden riddles of familiar words, phrases, and expressions. If a Pundle thwarts you, just use a hint, or ask for help on Facebook.

Sneakerology Adds Automatic Updates, Push Notifications and More

Narleyapps has released Sneakerology 3.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Sneakerology shows release dates, photos, and prices of sneakers months in advance of other apps. It’s more than just a data aggregator. With a sweeping new redesign, the app is a comprehensive sneaker resource that wants for nothing. Previous versions have been dependent on the developer to search new info and update the database. Sneakerology 3.0 updates automatically, and features a Favorites section and more.

Send Personalized Updates With ShoutMe! for iOS

Mira Sky today announces ShoutMe! 1.0.1, an update to the social networking app for iOS. ShoutMe! allows users to design creative and artistically subtle status updates, shout-outs and tweets that are uniquely personalized and add a bit of flair. Favorite quotes and messages can be embedded on the canvas and made beautiful with a design. Select from custom backgrounds, designs, wallpapers and borders to craft your update. Add text, wrap it around with attractive design and send it out instantly.

Louie, Draw Me A Picture 1.2 Free for iPad: Int’l Cartoon Star Now in UK

BEATUS today announces Louie, Draw Me A Picture 1.2.1 free in May for iPad, its interactive drawing and story app for kids 3-7, featuring the stars of the hit European TV series, Louie the rabbit, and Ruby the ladybird. Each story in the app is an animated cartoon, and Louie shows kids how to draw different people, animals, and objects. Step-by-step, Louie demonstrates how to create the line drawing, and then kids are free to color it in, developing their art skills and their creativity.

ClassyGram for iOS: Instagram Client Lists 850+ Top Celebrities/Brands

MBT today introduces ClassyGram for iOS & Android, its Instagram client that provides instant access to the official accounts of the most popular celebrities and brands posting on the photo sharing service. The app includes 3 listing categories through which users can browse: People, Brands and Galleries. Galleries includes broad topics like Fashion, Rich Kids of Instagram, Cute Things, and Cars. ClassyGram’s main window highlights those chosen the most popular people and events of the week.

The only driving game you play with your eyes closed

Racing Blind is a multiplayer driving game you play with your eyes closed. It was devised by Sam Butterfield and his son Asa whilst on the set of The Boy In The Striped Pajamas (in which Asa stars). They played the game with paper and pens to while away the time on set between scenes. Along with Asa’s brother Morgan, Racing Blind has become a bit of a family favourite ever since. At the end of 2012 they decided to share their idea with the world and make a version for the iPad.

iPhone App Helps Brain Injury Survivors

An easy-to-use iPhone App called It’s Done! is helping brain injury survivors recall whether they remembered to turn off the stove, lock the door, or take their medication. It’s Done! is intended to help users recall with certainty whether a task is actually done. The app can even notify loved ones and caregivers that a routine task has been done. For brain injury survivors with short-term memory loss, It’s Done! has become an important tool for improving their quality of life.

The Ultimate 100 Diet Tips iPhone App Shows Users The Truth About Diet

Colorado based Ultimate Fitness Apps announces the release of their new Ultimate 100 Diet Tips app aimed at offering users a simply and effective guide to the top 100 health, fitness and diet tips a person should know and focus on to attain a healthy mind & body. U100DT is built to allow music player functionality alongside sensibly categorized Diet Tips – Now users can quickly pinpoint the ‘Truths About Diet’ whilst relaxing to their music.

YourMathGuru Announces New iOS App For Math Help

YourMathGuru introduces YourMathGuru 1.0 for iOS, now available in the App Store. For students of all ages struggling with math, any tool that can help them with their comprehension and problem solving skills is a good tool. The new app enables users connect with math experts, also known as gurus, for answers to their questions. The gurus are available to help registered members solve math problems, ranging from the highly complex to the routine.