Acornlicious: A new game by HM Direct is now available on the App Store

HM Direct today introduces Acornlicious 1.0, a simple but addictive game for iPad and iPad mini. Perfect for both kids and adults alike, Acornlicous challenges the player to control Mumu the squirrel, by tilting and tapping the iPad to grab acorns, while avoiding enemies. Collect a certain number of acorns to win the game! The game is set in five different locations: forest, iceberg, sea, alien world and burrow, where each location is progressively harder than the previous.

Interactive safari adventure book for kids comes to iPhone and iPad

MiBooks today introduces The Exceptional African Expedition, their brand new soccer-themed kids adventure book for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Lions, elephants, crocodiles, ostriches and all the animals of Africa can be found in ‘The Exceptional African Adventure’, as you visit lakes, rivers, plains, jungles and deserts on an amazing African safari. Its interactive style engages children, allowing them to touch and interact with objects and characters that provide rich visual & aural feedback.

iLoveNote App for Couples, Made by Couples

iLoveNote is aiming to become the first App for Couples, Made by Couples. The creators of the idea, Nathan & Sarah, are using the new power of CrowdFunding to guide development of the app. With a focus to enrich communication and to promote healthy relationships, their mission is to make the ultimate app for couples, designed by couples. Their plan is to give this idea a major overhaul, start the app from scratch, and build it the way that users want, with the features they want.

12-Steppers: Problems Starting Moral Inventory? There’s an App for That

Indie developer James Hollender has two apps to help 12-Steppers do their Moral Inventory, one for iPad and another for iPhone or iPod touch. The Life Inventory apps may be complex, but once understood are amazing. These apps guide users in creating their own Moral Inventory, which can provide greater self understanding of personality, strengths and weaknesses leading to a better quality of life. These apps allow the user to learn more about themselves than ever thought possible.

Mobile App Developer, gWhiz, Upgrades Popular Educational Mobile Apps

Mobile app developer, gWhiz LLC, incorporates the latest advancements in mobile technology into its highly rated educational apps designed for students of all ages and from all walks of life. gWhiz has announced a series of recent upgrades to its most popular educational mobile apps including PrepZilla, McGraw-Hill’s AP Exam Prep, The Official Guide for GMAT Review, CliffsNotes Study Guide, PreTest Medical, Katzung & Trevor’s Pharmacology Review, and several others.

Digiback 2.0: iOS’s Premier Photo Capturing Application – Double Trouble

Indie developer, Brett Spurrier today announces Digiback 2.0, an update to his fun-to-use photography app for iOS. Digiback gives anyone the ability to combine filters to create unique photo effects at full-resolution. Users can easily create, save and use their own custom photo filters by mixing and matching the app’s numerous base filters. While still maintaining a novel way to create and use peronalized photo filters, with version 2.0 users can post photos to Google+, Flickr, and Instagram.

Slow Shutter! 1.0 for iOS – Long Exposure Camera – Free for Few Days

Lucky Clan today introduces Slow Shutter! 1.0, its new photography app developed for iOS. Offering features typically reserved for expensive DSLRs, with Slow Shutter! anyone can capture long-exposure photographs to create beautiful photos of moving objects. Slow Shutter! features real time previews, automatic and manual shooting modes, stabilization with 3 capture settings and so much more. Use it to create hypnotizing photos of night traffic, fireworks, carousels and other moving lights.

Kick Off March Madness with Logos Test: College Sports

It’s that time of year again: March Madness. March Madness is the concentrated hype of 68 teams vying for college basketball’s biggest prize. This year diehard fans are turning to technology when holding parties in celebration. Well, there is an app for that. Logos Test: College Sports is an amazingly addictive and fun trivia game that will put your knowledge to the ultimate test. Get it NOW and start recognizing sports teams, players, helmets and naming college mascots.

Zombie Blaster! – Blast the Undead Back to Grave in New Action Game

Big Ideas today introduces Zombie Blaster!, its action-packed shooting game that dares players to fight the bloodthirsty undead in frighteningly realistic 3-D worlds. In 5 exciting levels, players must shoot the invading zombies with their choice of lethal weapon. The large arsenal includes crossbows, flamethrowers, machine guns, and more. Zombie Blaster! is now available for free from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad, and will be released soon for Android and Kindle devices.

Ace Slots Machine Casino 2 Brings More Las Vegas Style Slots to the Mac

Ace Slots Machine Casino 2 is the second Mac edition of the iPhone/iPad runaway smash hit, Ace Slots Casino. Tiny Mobile is extremely excited to present the next wave of slot machine gaming to the Mac OS X platform. Ace Slot Machine Casino delivers the most authentic casino experience available on the Mac App Store. Ace Slot Machine Casino is Insanely addicting and just plain fun wherever you happen to be. Did we mention it was Free? What are you waiting for … jump on in.

Simply Write New Version is Live on the App Store

Australian based Ziggytech Mobile Apps today announces their newly updated app, Simply Write 1.0.4, that has reached Top 25 Overall on the US App Store for paid iPad apps. Simply Write lets users jot down memos, craft full digital journals, and everything in between. This handy writing app offers users the freedom to create and save as many different workbooks as they want. The newly enhanced full version of Simply Write provides access to every note taking tool users can dream of.

View Colleague’s Exchange Calendars on iOS with MiniECal

Sandcrater Software releases a major update to their MiniECal Exchange Calendar Assistant for iOS. Version 1.2 of MiniECal adds the ability to view one or more agendas in a graphical Week-at-a-Time style format that will prove useful to many corporate users wishing to keep track of the calendars of a group of people. The app allows a user to view another person’s calendar in a list view for a configurable number of days in advance or for a specified date range.

Makalu Interactive Launches Rego – The New App for All Your Places

Rego 1.0, the elegant new iOS app from Makalu Interactive, will revolutionize the way people capture and share the special and everyday places in their lives. Planning trips, capturing places and recording memories is now a breeze. Inspired by the challenge of sharing local hikes and favorite hangouts, the Makalu team created Rego to make it easy to bookmark and organize places and capture memories around those places in notes and beautiful photos.

New Disney World Mobile Guide iPhone App Released

TimeStream Software announces an update of its Disney World Mobile Guide app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Featuring a comprehensive list of trip-planning and in-park resources in an easy-to-use design, the app provides users with wait times, interactive maps, restaurant listings, menus, park hours, parade and event times, ride descriptions, Disney hotel information, phone numbers, over 300 pages of valuable information and much more, all complemented with over 600 high-quality photos.

Animals Bomb Zombies Now Free on the App Store

Highest Sky Games introduces Animals Bomb Zombies 1.0, now available on the App Store and free to download now. It is extremely fun to play and beautiful to look at. Players start the game and throw the cute animal bombs to the Walking Dead, the Running Dead, Zombies in Cars, Flying Zombies, and more, to defend their places. The zombies pop up in waves from the tombs. Players need to pick up bombs and move with right force and right angle to throw the bomb to destroy the zombies.