Flying Boy Updated with Daily Missions, Game Now Free on Android, iPhone

Today CUCUMBER announces a new update for Flying Boy 1.2. A casual, jumping, flying arcade game, Flying Boy is bursting with vibrant hand-drawn graphics and smooth controls. Filled with flying and jumping gameplay, players collect coins, upgrades and jump boosters, but avoid rain clouds and sticky traps. New daily missions, let players enjoy the thrill of a quick soaring flight on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android. Flying Boy has been crafted by the two-person development team of CUCUMBER.

En Route! 2.0 Brings Privacy to Location Sharing

En Route! 2.0 is a robust location sharing app. It includes the ability to share location and ETA with one person or a group. Users can create events and invite others for immediate use or for some point in the future. The app sends an alert one hour before the future event is scheduled so that users can start the app and go. The new version also includes chat and photo sharing to address how users were using previous versions of the app.

Valentine Update For eCard Express iPad and iPhone Application

Bartsoft Inc, has released the new Valentine update for eCard Express iPhone and eCard Express HD iPad applications, version 3.0. New free ecards and frames have been added for categories: Love & Friendship, Invitation, and Frames. The total selection of available cards for each application is now 310+. The update also includes the new features requested by customers: import contacts, create an event group, sent eCards check list, birthday reminders.

IP Camera Recorder for Mac Version 1.33 is Released

DComplex, LLC announced the release of IP Camera Recorder 1.33. IP Camera Recorder is a video surveillance software for Mac and iPhone/iPad users. It allows to monitor multiple IP Cameras simultaneously on a Mac, record video from the cameras and detect motion. The companion free iPhone/iPad app, DComplex IP Camera Recorder Client 1.10, allows to instantly review motion events, remotely watch live video from the cameras, search and playback recorded video.

Berlitz Launches New Language Quiz App

Berlitz introduces Berlitz Language Quiz: French, Spanish, Italian 1.1 for iOS. Whether Spanish, French or Italian, users can test language skills by answering questions on grammar, sentence construction and tenses. From the basic to the fiendish, this app is for users of all skill sets. The free app comes with a free-starter pack of questions. The app features integrated audio from native speakers to help improve pronunciation and a unique scoring system that adds a competitive edge.

Award-Winning – From Cheese: Available For iPhone, iPad and Mac

After the success of BANG! the Official Videogame and AXL: Full Boost, comes From Cheese 1.3.0, the new, top rated, fun, reverse logic game by the award-winning developer SpinVector. Now available on the App Store and the Mac App Store, from $0.99 USD. Players draw a scent-trail from a piece of cheese to a chubby mouse, then the mouse will smell the trail and follow it all the way backwards to the cheese. The app features 50+ mind-twisting levels, nicely drawn interludes and a jazzy soundtrack.

New Adventure: Chronos Salvation 1.0 for iOS

Magic Frame Studios announces Chronos Salvation 1.0 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch through the App Store. Chronos Salvation is an Adventure videogame based on a Point and Click Games, with amazing illustrations and puzzles. Chronos Salvation will bring us to the year 2138, where our lives, even the planet in which we live, are faced with a serious problem. In Chronos Salvation, players are the people chosen to go to a planet, extract the ore and return to Earth to save it from a terrifying end.

Scumbag Turned Scholar Creeps into the App Store

The AppFlixion Group introduces Scholar or Scumbag 1.0 for iOS. A former torrent site administrator that once served time in federal prison for illegally uploading movies has become a successful software developer and is releasing his second iPhone app entitled, Scholar or Scumbag. With Scholar or Scumbag users put skills to the test. Given a picture, users simply decide whether the an individual in history was a scholar or scumbag.

Math for Smart Pirate for iOS released – Fun Math Game

Virtualnye Prostranstva LLC has announced Math for Smart Pirate 1.1 for iOS, an exciting new fun educational game for kids. Math for Smart Pirate covers all arithmetic operations including addition and subtraction of prime numbers, addition and subtraction of numbers greater than ten, multiplication, division, and mathematical operations within 100. Playing this application kids will master basic mathematical skills in the shortest possible time.

Brush of Truth: Tweens’ book app rated four stars by The iMums

Brush of Truth, an interactive book app for kids 8-12, was rated four stars by The iMums, a children’s educational technology review site. Created by Story Bayou, Brush of Truth features 125 pages of story and colorful illustrations, with 65 decision points and 20 possible endings. Recognized for its appeal to reluctant readers, this book lets the user choose how the action unfolds at critical points in the plot. This is a great storybook that will have your child reading for hours.

MyTunesRSS iOS App v2.1 available

Codewave Software today announces MyTunesRSS 2.1, an update to their popular personal media server for iOS devices. MyTunesRSS is a native iPhone and iPad client for the MyTunesRSS media server. You can stream all your music and movies to the device over mobile or WiFi connections without wasting any storage on the iPhone or iPad. With version 2.1, you can also download individual tracks or synchronize a complete playlist to the device for offline playback.

GoodReader SDK Available to iPhone and iPad App Developers

Good.iWare today announces their Software Development Kit, enabling 3rd-party software developers to take advantage of GoodReader’s powerful file viewing and annotation capabilities, as well as its versatile server access options. The SendToGoodReader SDK enables developers to offer their own customers the ability to send files and folders directly to GoodReader for reading and PDF annotation, without having to go through any menus, then receive an annotated PDF file back to their app.

Animated Book for Developers on iOS Storyboards new from The Editors Cut

Every iOS app consists of what we see on the screen and how we transition to different content. These two fundamental ideas are captured in iOS storyboards as scenes and segues. iOS Storyboards is a concise guide to working with storyboards to create iOS apps. This book contains more than just descriptive prose and static code. You’ll also find movies, scrollable code listing, animated code builds, a ton of screen shots, and even graphic-novel style walkthroughs.

SweetP Productions Releases eMail Address Extractor v1.3 for Mac OS X

SweetP Productions today announces eMail Address Extractor 1.3, an update to their popular eMail recovery utility for Mac OS X. With no configuration required, eMail Address Extractor allows you to extract valid eMail addresses from virtually any kind of text file. eMail Address Extractor is super easy-to-use; just drag and drop files to recover all unique eMail addresses. Easily retrieve addresses from your entire Apple Mail database, iWork projects, docx, xlsx, and from within zip archives.

Pideo – From Pictures To Video, Never Be So Easy

i’m Apps today introduces Pideo 1.0, a new revolutionary iPad App that allows users to create and share videos from pictures effortlessly embedded with their own voice over and drawing. Extremely easy to use, Pideo is designed for fun, education, work, productivity improvement or simply up to users’ imagination. Users can easily email a Pideo to their family members, friends, colleagues or even customers or post it instantly on Twitter or Facebook.