Innovative Computer Control from your iPad – Introducing Panther Connect

Panther Connect 1.0, from Panther Technology, magically transforms the iPad into a wildly innovative Trackpad with features and controls that provide new ways to control computers. Based on Universal Design principles, this Premium iOS App literally rethinks how people with unique needs and motor challenges can better operate computers, by offering a variety of unique User Interfaces, each geared toward specific challenges and requirements.

Online Purchases for iOS – Keep A Track Of All Your Online Purchases

Mettly Apps today announces Online Purchases 1.1, its popular to-do list manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Online Purchases helps you create a list of all your online purchases so you can keep a tab on everything you’ve purchased and when you’ve purchased it. Users can keep a track of their online purchases all from one place, and not only add all your online shopping list details to it, but also use it as a task manager or to manage different lists.

PassMaker Pro for Passbook iOS 6

Bronron today introduces PassMaker Pro 1.0, its brand new Passbook utility developed for iPhone and iPad. PassMaker Pro allows anyone to generate Passes for the iOS 6 Passbook. With 5 pass types that can be created, effortlessly generate passes directly from an App on your iPhone or iPad, including Vouchers, Coupons, Travel Cards, Event Tickets and Generic Passes. PassMaker Pro lets you customise with different colours, icons and logos. There are over a million different combinations.

1TapGuard – Burglar Alarm System for iOS

1Tapps today introduces 1TapGuard – The Angry Dog 1.0, their new Security app that enables single touch device surveillance on any iOS device. 1TapGuard provides the first line of defense by blaring out a dog bark that will startle the robber, alert you of the thief’s presence, attract the attention of everyone nearby, and force the thug to abandon the heist. Configure your device with system’s passcode lock, tap 1TapGuard and press the device power/lock, that’s it.

Corp. Monsters for iOS: Get Your Rage On with this Free Office Shooter

Corp Monsters is a lighthearted parody of office life where you play a fed-up employee who is getting even with his reprehensible coworkers and egotistical boss. Featuring some of the most notorious characters of the corporate world, Corp. Monsters promises fast-paced, challenging and fun while packing five power-ups, over twenty kinds of outlandish ammunition, rage medicine, and fifty-five achievements that you can challenge your friends with. Corp. Monsters will be released on November 15th.

eiiEntertains Announces Major Update To Best Selling Christmas App

Independent app developer, eiiEntertains announces Festive Fun 1.3, a major update to their 2011 best-selling Christmas App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad device users. Festive Fun boasts a rich mix of Christmas classics, like ‘Days to Christmas’, ‘Christmas Jokes’, ‘Party Crackers’ and ‘Advent Calendar’ along with new unique mini-app offerings such as ‘Find the Present’, ‘Catch the Present’ and the latest addition the arcade style ‘Santa’s Delivery’. Unbelievably Still Free to Download.

Brain Drain Tap Puzzle Game, the Ultimate Strategy Game, Now On iTunes

Georgia based Rowdy Apps introduces Brain Drain Tap Puzzle Game 1.0, its latest gaming title developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Featuring 18 levels of different levels of difficulty, Brain Drain Tap Puzzle is part puzzle, part maze and part strategy game and each level is different with various difficulty levels. The objective of the Brain Drain Tap Puzzle Game is to move a ball from its starting point to a hole at the end of the level. Sounds simple but don’t be fooled.

Major upgrade to the world’s best DVD ripper – Mac DVDRipper Pro

DVDSuki Software Inc has released Mac DVDRipper Pro 4, a major new upgrade to the world’s best and easiest-to-use DVD ripping software. Mac DVDRipper Pro keeps it simple, featuring speedy, high-quality rips, with great video and audio, and settings that anyone can understand. Already popular for its intuitive, unfussy controls, the refreshed MDRP boasts an overhauled user interface and a slate of user-requested features, including the option to batch-rip multiple titles.

LinkOptimizer for Adobe InDesign Now Supports Multi-State Objects

Toronto based Zevrix Solutions today announces LinkOptimizer 4.7.8, a feature update to its popular workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Awarded 4 out of 5 starts by Computer Arts magazine, LinkOptimizer allows to reduce the size of InDesign links and speed up processing by eliminating excess image data; performs essential image adjustments; converts image formats and more. The new version lets users optimize image links in InDesign’s multi-state objects.

Watch Every Page Paint Itself in the New 3 Red Birds Book App

Byrne Publishing is pleased to reveal its new “time lapse” feature in the 3 Red Birds Coloring Storybooks app, which shows how the illustrator sketched and painted each page. As each illustration blossoms to life, a kid narrator reads the stories aloud. This app comes with four story books, plus a fifth book about the illustrator’s painting process. The coloring feature in the app enables users to paint each page for themselves, and the matching game features six different levels.

PhotoQuizFriends: Peep Facebook Pictures and Play at the Same Time: Free

InfinityK today announces PhotoQuizFriends 2.0, its social networking app developed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 5 or later. If you spend a lot of time watching your friends pictures on Facebook, you are going to love this app. Now free, PhotoQuizFriends will select some of your friends randomly as well as a picture that they uploaded. Your objective is to guess to which friend corresponds each picture. Levels and challenges are created from your Facebook information.

ProtectStar iTreasure for iOS – Store Any File in Impregnable Data Vault

ProtectStar, Inc. today announces the December release of its newest security app, ProtectStar iTreasure for iOS. The app allows iDevice owners to store text documents, photos, videos, financial records, or any other files inside a data vault, where all contents are encrypted using powerful 256-bit AES algorithms. Featuring intuitive operation, iTreasure includes the ProtectStar Smart Viewer, which permits users to view, read, send, share, compress, or print any file format from within the app.

GradeBook Pro 2.61 for iOS – Leading Classroom Management for Educators

Independent developer Eric Lombardo today announces GradeBook Pro 2.61 for iOS, an update to his powerful grade and attendance management app, designed to help teachers track and report on grades and attendance. The app allows educators to organize their class lists and assignments, manage grades, attendance, and more. Version 2.61 of GradeBook Pro lets teachers categorize assignments, export grades, clear their passcode, and view attendance status. The app is iOS 6 & Retina display compatible.

Numbers Academy: An asynchronous math puzzle game for iOS and Android

Copenhagen-based studio, Pixel Juice announces Numbers Academy 1.1.0, their unique competitive math puzzle game for iOS and Android. The asynchronous multiplayer game provides a fun and competitive experience for players to see who can come up with the best solution to each puzzle. Experimenting with numbers is the key to winning the game. Players of any skill level can enjoy the game at one of the 3 available difficulty levels, including easy, normal and expert.

Monsters Slugger 1.0-Flicking Baseball Inspired Game with Cute Creatures

Liberteenz today introduces Monsters Slugger 1.0, its exciting, new, baseball-inspired, action game featuring adorable monster creatures. To advance through each level of Monsters Slugger, players can use their finger to flick a flying monster as far as possible. The game includes five unique gaming modes and one training mode, as well as eight animated monster characters. Realistic sound effects and interactive graphics make users feel as if they are truly spending an afternoon at the ballpark.