Jump Rampage Debuts on iTunes for iPhone and iPod touch

Awabi Games today announces Jump Rampage 1.1, an update to their fun-to-play game title for iOS devices. Jump Rampage is a story about what happens when an alien meets evil rabbits, and makes them angry. You are in control of a very jumpy alien. Standing ruthlessly in his way are matrix-like evil rabbits. You must jump rapidly, use jetpacks, grab coins, and steal red power shoes, or it’s all over. Players can submit scores to Facebook with Game Center global leaderboard and achievements.

The Must-Have Game – Ace Wings:Online – Landing on iOS

Ace Wings: Online is an innovative aerial combat game on iOS for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad now, employing the advanced 3D technology, intuitive control scheme and lovable egg shape planes, which will lead the new generation of mobile aerial combat game world wide, and will become the worthy Must-Have App not only on iOS, but also on Android. The significant innovation of this game is the 2 Versus 2 Mode, which is the first and creative mode for flight battle game on iOS.

Mail Archiver X 3.0 for Mac OS X: Advanced Email Management + Archiving

Moth Software today announces Mail Archiver X 3.0 for Mac OS X, a major update to their app designed as an addition to the user’s current email application, allowing consolidation, archiving, cleaning, formatting, and permanent storage of email. Email may be saved in its native, Filemaker, or PDF database format. Archiving email from a wide variety of email applications into a single database, the app prevents accidental deletions, facilitates quick searches, and eliminates storage size limits.

DayDream Floats to Top Ten in Australia and Denmark Within 24 hours

Sydney based Colour Vision Apps introduces DayDream – Alarm Clock 1.1, its new iOS app. Perfect for those who like to start the day refreshed, relaxed and inspired. DayDream is now ranked top 10 in the Health and Fitness category of Australia, India, Denmark and Poland. All within 24 hours. DayDream is the brightest alarm clock on the App Store. Every morning an inspirational quote is delivered to a user’s iPhone. DayDream is fusion of minimalist design and intelligent function.

Mathzilla with Roxy the Star 1.0 for iOS – Solve Equations with +, – , x

HaStars today introduces Mathzilla with Roxy the Star 1.0 for iOS, its game where users solve simple equations involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Equations are all of the type A?B=Z. The variables A and B are numbers or groups of objects symbolizing numbers. The ? is an arithmetic operator like +, – , or x. Last, Z is a given. Users must figure out which numbers and operators need to be chosen to solve the puzzle/equation, scoring points moving through 3 levels of play.

GenevaMars Announces Zachy the Robot: Quest for the Museum Treasures

GenevaMars introduces Zachy the Robot: Quest for the Museum Treasures 1.0 for iPad. This new innovative educational app is a joint collaboration with Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Starring the award-winning Zachy the Robot cast of characters, the app takes children on a worldwide adventure to discover dinosaurs, precious minerals and invertebrate fossils. Quest introduces children ages three and up to paleontology, mineralogy, and geology through a fun, interactive adventure game.

First App Store Optimization Course to Debut in Udemy

Gabriel Machuret renowned App Store optimization consultant based in Australia, has launched the first app store optimization training to debut in Udemy. App Store Optimization has been considered the new SEO, and it’s implementation is a must for developers looking to achieve higher ranking and better discoverability in the crowded world of apps. Gabriel’s App Store Optimization course covers everything from keyword research, to the right use of App store optimization tools.

Cute Savio 1.0: The Ultimate Game for Kids and Adults

MoonshineApps introduces Cute Savio 1.0, the must-have, great music, endless sidescrolling platform game. The game character is sure to find a place in player’s hearts, with his adorable face and charm. As players start slowly in the game, the speed is gradually increased thereby testing reflexes and hands to eye coordination. The goal of the game is to collect as many coins as possible. Players can compete with friends in this game.

Pangea Releases Air Wings Intergalactic for iOS

Pangea Software announces the release of Air Wings Intergalactic 1.0, an online multiplayer battle game for iOS. The players pilot various forms of spacecraft, and do battle on different alien worlds. There are seven different types of spaceships, thirteen unique battle levels, and six different weapons to choose from ranging from: Laser Beams to Magnet Mines to the Blaster. The game is 3D, AirPlay compatible, and is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 5 or later.

Completely Unique Photography Assignment Apps Launched on the App Store

Award wining photographer and educator Noel Chenier has launched a series of completely unique Photography Assignment Generator Apps for iPhone/iPod and iPad. These apps are about ideas and inspiration for photographers, not about doing things to photographs like adding filters, effects, etc. Over 100 individual assignments and thousands of potential random ones. Everything from camera settings, rules of composition, creative shooting techniques, photographing people and more.

Zoe’s Green Planet for iOS and Android: An App About Colors

Square Igloo introduces Zoe’s Green Planet 1.0 for iOS and Android. Zoe is a little green girl who lives on a planet where everything is green. So she only knows one color: green. Until the day when a red spaceship lands! this is an interactive story in paper mache style where colors are the main characters and where young readers will learn about differences, respect and friendship. This is the first app in a series of four colorful stories.

Glow Pad – A Vibrant Glowing Sketch Book for Your iPad

Indie developer of iOS applications and games, Brandon Abbott today introduces Glow Pad 1.0, his latest education and entertainment app. Available for both iPad and iPad Mini devices, Glow Pad is a fun drawing application allowing users to create vibrant glowing drawing using an unlimited number of crazy colors and pen types. Using your finger as a pen, Glow Pad lets you draw on the screen just as you would if you were painting on paper. Save, Share, & Print your creations directly from the app.

Divisive Media launches Vigilante: Speak for the Dead on the App Store

California based Divisive Media announces Vigilante: Speak for the Dead, a free to play massively multiplayer blend of Strategy, RPG, & Text Adventure genres that sets out to tackle the polarizing subject of vigilante justice and test the morality of game players in the process. Vigilante: Speak for the Dead is set in a world where the justice system has failed & warring vigilante groups have spread out of control, each with their own definition of justice, and their own method of enforcement.

Draw Pics, Add Images and Text All at Once with Sketchworthy for iOS!

North Logan, Utah based Fishington Studios today announces the release of Sketchworthy – Notes, Sketches and Ideas for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A practical digital sketching app, Sketchworthy gives the power to create, save and share as many different notebooks as they need, edit drawings via intuitive touch based tools and add in annotations, photos and more on demand from anywhere. The app provides a vast visual creation platform without any of the associated hassle and nothing less.

Effing Weather – Not Just Another Effing Weather App

Colorado based independent developer, Kevin Blakeley today announces Effing Weather 1.2, an update to his fun-to-use weather app developed for iOS devices. Offering a humorous take on the weather, this simple weather app will tell you the current Effing weather conditions. Effing Weather can also share the conditions with your friends on all of you favorite social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Version 1.2 offers a few minor improvements.