New Girl Empowerment Podcast for Moms and Tweens Focuses on Today’s Diva

BeDazzle-Do, LLC announces The d.i.v.a. Download: Celebrate The Essence of Being A Girl podcast, now on iTunes. The d.i.v.a. Download with Traci & Tosha is a weekly online radio show that focuses on girl empowerment. Designed for girls of all ages, including the moms, friends educators, and leaders, the weekly radio podcast show focuses conversation on issues that matter to today’s tweens and redefines the concept of a d.i.v.a. – one who is Diverse, Involved, Value-driven, and Active.

Numberkiz iOS Free-Math Interactive Whiteboard for Teachers Grades K – 6

EXLUNCH today announces Numberkiz 1.0.4: Math Interactive Whiteboard for Elementary School Teachers, an update to its free, interactive, multimedia, math teaching app. Especially for teachers, the app’s built-in and optional templates allow instructors to record and save highly effective, personalized math lessons, which can be played in class or posted online. As they speak, teachers can move, scale, rotate, stretch, hide, duplicate, color, and clip templates, while they draw, write, or type.

Flying Pig Releases Edouard Warehouse Mobile

California based Flying Pig today announces Edouard Warehouse Mobile 1.2, the first iOS satelite app in the Edouard Mac ERP specially created for SMBs – universe. Flying Pig has created Edouard Warehouse Mobile as a feature specific, mobile app to offer incredible productivity and efficiency to Edouard’s customers. It is intended to be used within a wifi-covered warehouse to quickly access inventory information and eventually alter them.

newMacgadets Introduces Brand New iPhone/iPod Security Solutions

newMacgadgets introduces three new security products to their lineup of smart and innovative display options for your iPad, iPhone and iPod. The iPhone 5 Security Base is a freestanding acrylic base with a cable and lock system that secures the device while showcasing its functionality. The Security Display holds both the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5 in a sleek all acrylic display. The iPhone 5 Security Kit allows hands on access while still securing it with a traditional lock and cable assembly.

Black Operations v2 for iPhone and iPad – Now Free for a Limited Time

VOLV LLC today announces Black Operations 2.0, an update to its popular real-time strategy game for for iPhone and iPad. One of the hottest battle games on Apple Store, Black Operations features authentic weapons and spectacular battlefields. Players can choose the side from multiple countries, and each country has its own Special Tech. Fight in the single mode or compete with friends in Online Mode. Optimized for the iPhone 5, version 2.0 improves stability with numerous bug fixes and more.

ASO Professional Launches First App Store Optimization Podcast

App store optimization professional, Gabriel Machuret proudly announces his latest launch, the very first ASO Podcast in iTunes. App Store Optimization is based on the optimizing principles that enable sites to rank very high within the right search results. By using ASO, Gabriel’s knowledgeable team helps app agencies and developers to comprehend what the app store algorithms can do to assist them in achieving much higher rankings with easy, yet powerful, app store SEO.

Guess with Buddies-Ultimate Memory Game from Demansol

After the extraordinary success and over 200,000 downloads of ‘Guess’, Demansol Technologies Pvt. ltd today is proud to announce the release of ‘Guess with Buddies’, adding up an extra star to their Guess series Apps. This is an engaging game that progressively challenges the player’s memory skills, thereby improving it. The objective of the game is to guess the picture hidden behind the envelopes and challenge your partners Online.

New indie developer pairs goats with gadgets in clever puzzle/platformer

Indie developers, Big Sprite Games today introduces Goats and Gadgets 1.0, their debut puzzle adventure game for iOS devices. Offering 40 fun levels, Goats and Gadgets features an endearing character cast with innovative game-play that is both inspiring and addictive. Shoot goats out of cannons, send them through portals and have them operate complex gadgetry like timer switches, pressure pads and elevators. All this, while evading and manipulating the creepy critters the goats encounter.

Blue Wolf releases A grandfather and village for iPad: Picture storybook

Blue Wolf today introduces “A grandfather and village,” a moral, touching and new picture novel for children in iBooks for iPad. Developed for both children and adults like, “A grandfather and village” is a fantastic iBook compatible picture storybook that is fully illustrated with hand made drawings. In this free picture storybook, Children will learn to respect others from reading these meaningful stories of grand pa who has a wicked personality.

Cute and Fun Animated Animal Games at Your Phone Step

Simha Studios is proud to launch its animal educational game, 4-in-1 Kids Animal Games 2.7, for the little ones. 4-in-1 Kids Animal Games is one of the first apps in the App Store to teach kids about animal food chains along with other fun ways to learn about cute and animated animals. Children play 3 different types of games and learn from 1 book about the food habits of various animals. The 60+ animals allow the app to show case different food chains and eating habits of the wild animals.

New App: Hyperfy Face – Makes Any Face Better by 9000%

Digitalists IA Ltd introduces Hyperfy Face 1.1.1, free for iOS, Designed for iPad, iPhone, iPad devices, the app creates caricatures from users’ photos. The app automagically detects faces on the photos and then applies deformations to faces only. Unlike other applications that do face manipulation, Hyperfy Face detects faces and applies caricature patterns with little user involvement. It is the only application that allows users to create caricatures with one tap.

Gaybar Lets Members of LGBT Community Connect Anytime

Contact Me Ltd. introduces Gaybar 1.1, a new, sophisticated and feature-filled connection and dating app for members of the LGBT community in the USA, UK and Australia. Gaybar features a live chat option that connects users who are looking for someone to share a laugh with, or possibly someone to share their life with. The app offers a simple and intuitive interface, minimal advertising and a wide range of special features. The app is available at no-cost, and designed for iPhone and iPod touch.

Tav Shande Makes Chuck Norris Cry with Launch of New App Cry Face

Cry Face 1.0 by Tav Shande invites iPhone and iPad users to create, capture and share that emotional moment when the weeping begins and see how they or their friends might look with a face full of salty tears. This image editor lets users make a person’s face appear to cry. Users take photos from the camera, photo library, or Facebook, and see how they or their friends could look while sobbing. The hilariously fun and creative app is known to make even the toughest men and women cry like babies.

Maintain releases Cocktail 6.3.1 (Mountain Lion Edition)

Maintain has released Cocktail 6.3.1 (Mountain Lion Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Mac. This version fixes a problem where Cocktail could not change Time Machine backup interval and addresses an issue in which Cocktail failed to restart or shutdown the computer. The update is highly recommended for all users of Cocktail (Mountain Lion Edition).

Sportspage Delivers Custom Sports News, Now Available on iOS

SportsPage LLC is proud to announce SportsPage: Your Social Sports Magazine 1.1, the daily sports app covering all major American and international sports teams on iOS, is now available at the App Store for free. Covering more than 2,000 different national and international sports teams, including the NFL, MLS, NBA, MLB, NHL, CFL, NCAA Football, local sports, and more, SportsPage is an ideal app for the avid, news-hungry sports fanatic who wants the latest sports news now, without the clutter.