Special St. Valentine’s Release: Who will pay for dinner? Ask BuddyCalc

On February 7 we released BuddyCalc Version 1.7 in the App Store and celebrated BuddyCalc’s 1st annniversary! To commemorate this BuddyCalc PRO V1.7 will be offered for free in the Apple App Store for St. Valentine’s Day, on 14 February 2013, just for one day. Designed for iOS 4.3 and later, BuddyCalc handles cost-sharing events, keeps track of expenses and makes dividing up costs between your friends easy. Try out BuddyCalc over dinner with your Valentine and find out who owes how much to whom!

Acrylic iPad Bases from newMacgadgets Now Offer Cable Management

newMacgadgets now offers cable management to their popular line of acrylic Security Bases designed for the iPad and iPad Mini. With the Apple store look and additional built-in security features, newMacgadgets line of iPad Security Bases has been a favorite with businesses big and small. By designing the charging cable to route underneath the base and out the back, neMacgadgets has created an even more elegant look and prevented the cable from being removed from the base.

New Free MAC MMO – M4 Tank Brigade from iEntertainment Network, IENT

iEntertainment Network, Inc. introduces M4 Tank Brigade for Mac OS X, a brand new Free online WW II tank game. IENT also is the home of the Mac WarBirds 2013 online combat flying simulation. M4 Tank Brigade players can control up to 4 tanks, manuever each for different combat missions, control airstrikes and artillery, jump between vehicles, and fight for battlefield dominance. And, they can kill PC users as often as they like.

Group Meetups Go Mobile with the Nationwide Release of Martini on iOS

Social urbanites can meet new people for fun and exciting meetups with the nationwide launch of Martini 1.5 on iOS, after public beta in New York. Featuring a sleek, photo-based layout, Martini sets up groups of friends with other groups of friends to get people offline and out into the city for group mixers. Individuals can now bypass the awkwardness of meeting new people one-on-one by setting up casual hangouts among friends.

Hidden Creek Software Releases iMathGenius iPhone/iPad Application

Hidden Creek Software has released the latest version of iPhone/iPad application called iMathGenius 2.1. iMathGenius is the ultimate math app which covers the math subjects from kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and up to pre-college level such as SAT test. The types of the test include basic number operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division; number comparison; number serial; decimal and fraction operation; unit conversion; geometry; trigonometry; and more.

Arten Science Valentines Day Price Massacre on ContaxCRM and R10Cipher

Derbyshire, UK based Arten Science Limited has announced a Valentines Day 50% Discount on their Cross Platform Contact Management software, ContaxCRM and their Award Winning Security and Encryption software, R10Cipher. ContaxCRM is the Cross Platform CRM for Mac OSX and Windows, with Contacts, Document Management, Tasks, Email Sending and Receiving, Quotations, Sales Orders and Invoicing. R10Cipher is your new best friend should you care about the privacy of your Documents, Files and Email.

Indulge in the Season of Carnival and Un-Mask Your Creative Prowess

Boinx’s latest update to FotoMagico revels in the spirit of Mardi Gras by adding Masks that will make slideshows as fun as the floats journeying down Bourbon Street. The latest update to Boinx’s slideshow presentation software, FotoMagico 4.2 is all about Masks. Just like the masks worn at Mardi Gras celebrations, FotoMagico 4.2 Masks bring excitement to slideshows, only revealing desired parts of an image, while strategically hiding others to create mystique.

Pixels on Toast Launches Food Run for iPhone, Avoids the Double Dip

Joining Food Run HD is a new version of Food Run 1.0.7, for iPhone only. This gives players a choice of an all-in-one universal version and a cheaper iPhone-only version of the colourful platform game. Game progress is synced via iCloud across all versions and platforms. With colorful characters based on popular foodstuffs, Food Run is presented using crisp cartoon visuals. The goal in Food Run is to reach the end of the level, collecting all the foods and stars along the way.

Sleevenote – The Music Player with Sleeves – for iPhone and iPad

Device and Application introduces Sleevenote 1.0 for iOS. Sleevenote allows users to flick through their collection and flip over releases to view and play tracks, recalling the physicality of browsing through vinyl and CD collections. Utilising the gesture capability of iOS devices, the app allows album artwork to take centre stage without extraneous clutter. The app is Airplay enabled, syncs with music and artwork in iTunes, and more.

SymbolGram – Shape your Photos Like No Other Apps

Appovision is proud to announce the release of SymbolGram 1.1, an iPhone app for users to shape and share photos like no other apps. SymbolGram enables users to crop their photos with different shapes including stylized text, hearts, balloons, and geometric patterns such as circle and triangle. After editing the photos, users can share the photos on Instagram and Twitter or save them to camera rolls. User can choose to either take a photo or pick one from their gallery once the app is launched.

ProudOnTV Launches to Help Users Easily Create and Manage Video Websites

ProudOn, Inc. introduces ProudOnTV 1.0.1. With the new app, individuals, groups and businesses can create, upload and manage their feature-filled video website from the comfort and convenience of their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. ProudOnTV is an instant video streaming and live broadcast website solution that provides customers with the tools they need to broadcast their ideas, products, and achievements to the world.

Rainbow Paint Free Lets Users Draw, Scribble and Doodle

Superior Arts Inc today announces Rainbow Paint Free 1.1, its new no-cost drawing/painting app developed for iPad. Rainbow Paint Free turns iPad owners into digital artists. Users can choose a white or black background, 9 different colors, 3 different brush sizes and more. Users can also use the handy eraser to undo any mistakes, save their artistic creation to their iPad’s camera roll, and update and delete as many paintings as they wish. Version 1.1 fixes minor bugs and improvements.

Mobile Makeover Releases Ultimate App for Professional Beauty Tutorials

Mobile Makeover is a one of a kind beauty app, offering instant access to over 50 step-by-step hair and tutorials, each created by a leading name in the beauty industry. Containing a total of 800+ pages of clear and concise steps written by professional makeup artists and hair stylists, the app gives women the skills and knowledge needed to recreate the hottest catwalk & celebrity beauty looks, simply using their device. It couldn’t be easier for women to recreate their favourite looks at home.

Australian Studio Launches New Online Storytelling Experience for iPad

Melbourne-based Universe Creation 101 recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS, a concept that’s receiving keen attention from creatives and financial backers worldwide. The project brings high-production, audio-based narratives, stories akin to radio drama experiences, to the Internet in an entirely new way. The app merges the rich imaginative imagery that radio drama affords, with the active exploration of the web.