Make It So Studios Releases Danger Quest! Epic Puzzle Adventure for iOS

Indie mobile game developers Make It So Studios are releasing a new puzzle adventure game Danger Quest! Epic Puzzle Adventure 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The game stars Professor Danger, a globe trotting explorer who uses his puzzle solving skills to escape dangerous situations. Basic gameplay involves moving objects around an area to gain access to gold star items and the level’s exit. The app is free to download from iTunes with some levels requiring a small one-time in-app purchase.

The Grocery List Kupi baton! Becomes an Independent Startup

Skript, LLC, the mobile applications development company from Ulyanovsk, detaches the team of its most successful project Kupi baton! and makes it a separate entity, Grocery List – Buy Me a Pie! 2.9.2. Outside Russia and CIS countries Kupi baton! is known as Buy Me a Pie! The main idea of the app is sharing lists among devices through cloud synchronization. The main aim of this detachment is to concentrate the team’s efforts on improving the product and its further worldwide promotion.

Master Spending Habits with Spend Tracker, Personal Finance Simplified

Sydney based development company, Nonsame Apps today introduces Spend Tracker 1.0, its new financial app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Spend Tracker differentiates itself by offering a tightly focused feature set, high quality design, and ease of use. Set up a personal weekly spending limit and Spend Tracker enables rapid entry of expenses within a user-friendly interface. As your expenses are entered Spend Tracker shows you how much money you have left to spend for the week.

2ManyKids for iPhone – The birthday, name and gift reminder

How many times did you forget your boss’s son’s name, or how old is your nephew once removed? Indie developer Luca Talarico announces 2ManyKids 1.3 for iOS. Now you will be able to remember all the information you need – easily create a database of all your friends, relatives and colleagues’ kids. With just a simple scroll: their names, their ages, their birthdays and what gift you gave them last year. Get advance notice for all the birthdays of your relatives’ and friends’ kids.

Tuber 3.0 for YouTube – Experience YouTube As Never Before

Independent iOS developer, Muhammad Bassio today announces Tuber+ for YouTube 3.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Featuring a simple, intuitive and nice looking GUI, Tuber for iOS brings you the best YouTube experience you may ever have. With 2 Themes to choose from, Tuber offers 7 standard YouTube feeds as well as 7 user feeds, advanced search, preferred video quality, related videos and more. Users may add video to watch later, set favorites or even create playlists.

Guess That Flag HD released for iOS – Free for a limited time only

UK based TheHermonApps announces Guess That Flag HD 1.0, its new quiz and educational app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Guess That Flag HD is a massive update of the hit game ‘Guess That Flag’. Taking full advantage of iOS retina display screen, this game features over 6 different game modes including a kids game mode, and each game mode has its own scoreboard. Now you can pass and play and challenge your friends to see who is the best.

Attention Coumadin Users: Life-Threatening Food That’s Low in Vitamin K

Indie developer James Hollender’s iOS universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Vitamin K, has been updated to notify users about a food that’s low in Vitamin K but can be life-threating to Coumadin users. The Vitamin K app allows users to easily find out how much vitamin K there is in over 900 different foods which is critical in helping keep the effectiveness of their blood thinning medications working properly.

iOS Game: Angry Spermies – Just Released on iTunes

Asian mobile games development company, PogiPlay, Inc. introduces Angry Spermies 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Angry Spermies is a free easy-to-play game based on successful app like Angry Birds. Located inside the womb, the player has 40 level to complete. The objective is to catapult male spermies to the hiding female eggs, crush them and fertilize them. Awesome graphics and addicting gameplay will make the user play over and over again.

1001 Ornaments and counting – iOS math game opens World Exhibition

Almost 200 Users of the drawing app and math game iOrnament from more than 30 countries contributed to the first official release of the Ornament World Exhibition by This collection of more than 1000 designs contains symmetric wallpaper patterns that reflect an impressive variety of styles, ideas, cultures and personalities. All images of the exhibition were generated with the creative drawing app iOrnament. They are freely accessible through an interactive web-viewer.

Strife 3.2 released for Mac OS X – Old School FPS-RPG Hybrid

Independent developer Javier M. Chavez announces Strife 3.2, an old school FPS-RPG hybrid for Mac OS X. In Strife, you play a wandering mercenary visiting Tarnhill by rumors of heavy fighting between “The Order” and “The Front.” It is your destiny to change the course of humanity by either destroying the alien overlords or by bringing an end to the human race. With several additional side quests in addition to the main theme, Strife offers in-game currency, RPG style gameplay and more.

Zevrix Updates Output Factory for InDesign: Improves EPUB Workflow

Zevrix Solutions announces Output Factory 1.3.17, a feature update to its professional output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory automates printing, exporting and post-processing from InDesign and offers batch printing, single page export, layer versioning, variable file names, preflighting and more. The new version lets users apply specific EPUB export settings across a batch of InDesign documents in addition to the option to export each file with its current EPUB settings.

GeoFlight USA – The fun way to learn geography on Mac

TopoMonkey today introduces GeoFlight USA 1.0, its new educational title for Macs. Entertaining for kids and parents alike, GeoFlight USA offers a fun, yet challenging environment to learn USA geography. The goal of the game is to fly a cute little airplane as quickly as possible to the right destination on the map. Offers two exciting game modes, players can choose between states, capitals or large cities in the USA. Radar hints are available, but will cost valuable time.

Uberzahl for iOS-Your Current Money Spending Behavior: 30-Day Snapshots

Indie developer Robert Junghans today introduces Uberzahl 1.0 – Your Current Money Spending Behavior for iOS, his personal finance app that takes an innovative psychological approach. Rather than month-by-month expenses, Uberzahl analyzes the past 30 days. This provides a more accurate overview of spending in 12 Categories, and it eliminates the cycle of overspending at the start of each month and cutting back at each month’s end. With all data offline and secure, personal privacy is assured.

Texts On Pictures 1.0 for iOS: 120+ Fonts, 60+ Emoji, 30+ Text Effects

G-Power today introduces Texts On Pictures 1.0 for iOS, its photo app that gives users a huge number of choices for superimposing text on photos, including 120+ fonts, 60+ emoji, and 30+ text effects. Featuring Hi-Res fonts and graphics in 48 different colors, they can be easily positioned, scaled, rotated, and edited. The app lets users snap a new photo or open one saved in their Library. When finished, the app allows sharing via integrated Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email connectivity.

iDetective HD 1.0 for iPad – Monitor Activity on any Mac or PC Remotely

Indie developer Vlad Polyanskiy today introduces iDetective HD 1.0 for iPad, his app that lets parents, managers, and teachers remotely monitor when and how any Mac or PC is used. The ideal app for supervising and documenting who is running which applications and for what duration, iDetective compiles infographic and text reports daily or for specific time periods. Providing informative statistics and screenshots, the app allows users to message, shut down, hibernate or restart remote computers.