Nisus Software Releases InfoClick 1.1

Nisus Software has announced the release of InfoClick 1.1, its uniquely powerful email search tool designed to guide you to the emails you’ve been trying to find. Among the new features are allows searching by Apple Mail accounts, mailboxes, and folders, negated searches allow finding items that do not contain a particular selector (eg: word, contact, etc), can search for emails in trash folders using a “Trashed Emails” selector, and other additions, fixes, and improvements.

Famous Movies for iPad: 20 Pixel-Art Puzzles for Every Cinema Fan

Famous Movies, a collection of Link-a-Pix puzzles for iPad dedicated to cinema masterpieces is now available on the App Store. From Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon and City Lights to Avatar, Spider-Man and Sex and the City, the collection features 20 colorful pixel-art puzzles with famous movie-related scenes hidden in their solutions. The Famous Movies collection offers mega size 100×65 Link-a-Pix puzzles, all handcrafted by professional artists and solvable using pure logic and deduction.

Swipe, Zap and Destroy – That Monsters Game – Now Available on iOS

Software Prodigy today introduces That Monsters Game 1.03, their latest mobile game for iOS devices. Help the nutty professor destroy monsters and save his laboratory. Match-and-zap monsters as fast as possible to win experience points and save Professor Marty from his own creation. Collect coins and gems throughout the game and use them to buy Labkits, tools to destroy even more monsters. Use earned XP stars to unlock game play modes and survive until the next level.

Memorability – Visual Storytelling App for iPad Released on App Store

North Carolina based Point Blank Group today introduces Memorability Photo Books 1.0 for iPad, offering a platform for creating and sharing narrated photo books. Memorability Photo Books combines the best of digital photo albums, scrapbooking and visual storytelling, and is now free during launch on the App Store. Memorability makes it easy for people to use photos, text captions and audio voiceovers combined with multi-photo page layouts to tell their photo stories.

Kidaptive Releases Free Educational Leo’s Pad Appisode for iPad

Kidaptive today releases “A Splashing Good Time,” the newest appisode of the award-winning Leo’s Pad Preschool Kids Learning Series for iPad. Leo’s Pad combines stunning visuals and smart storytelling with cognitive and social learning activities that engage preschoolers in active learning. Learners join popular eight-year-old characters Leo and Marie on their latest adventure, rescuing Marie’s flyaway Question Lab. For a limited time all Leo’s Pad appisodes are free as part of a Summer Special.

Imagining a tomorrow ePub version

Independent publisher Luigi Savagnone announces the book Imagining a tomorrow. The protagonist tries to get distracted by thinking about a novel that he has read recently. But he is plagued by a malaise in the society in which he lives and he really wants to escape. After several misadventures, with his small boat moves away into open sea. Here he meets a siren that makes him an inhabitant of a wonderful underwater world. But it was all just a dream, and he still hopes to find love.

iOS Application for World’s Best Swim Places That Other People Love

BIOPORT Software Labs today announces Swim Places, an update to its popular summer’s must have application developed for iOS and Android devices. Swim Places is a non-commercial community app which provides users with the option to add swim places they love and discover new places that they haven’t visited yet. Easily add a new location, provide some basic details, upload photos. The app lets you filter the search based on the category such as lake, river, quarry, outdoor pool and more.

XChange UK and ThePowerXChange Announce Enfocus Connect 11 Now Shipping

ThePowerXChange and XChange UK today announces Enfocus Connect 11, offering users the power to create, check, correct and deliver PDFs with a single click. Enfocus Connect 11 helps anyone generate top-quality PDFs from any application for print, online use or archive and easily deliver completed jobs to any location using popular Internet protocols. The Connect family brings in a new level of PDF creation, optimization and correction along with job delivery automation and more.

Photospector Brings Unlimited Resolution Real-Time Image Editing to iPad

The 11ers, a team of ex-DreamWorks employees with extensive expertise in film animation software, today released Photospector, a breakthrough real-time photo-editing app for iPad that processes images at full camera resolution, no matter how many megapixels. While existing apps require several seconds to load a single adjustment to brightness, exposure, or color, Photospector makes all of these changes instantly in full screen as the user drags a finger across the controls.

Dive into Yoga App Makes Splash With Yoga Fans

Internationally acclaimed yoga expert and teacher, Christine Martitz has incorporated her very successful yoga instructional DVD into Dive into Yoga 1.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Martitz uses the power of video to demonstrate in real-time the postures that will elevate you to the next level of mind, body and spirit. Anyone can immediately harvest the benefits of yoga with 26 high-quality videos of Christine demonstrating the postures plus a breathing exercise.

Celebrity Pics Quiz Off to a Good Start – 1000 Downloads Per Hour

Celebrity Pics Quiz, released today by evertap, is off to a good start with download numbers over 1000 downloads per hour! Join your friends and family in playing the hottest new celebrity quiz for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! The simple and addicting gameplay is paired with the challenge of guessing a celebrity by removing tiles from a screen capture. The game starts with the Top 10 Most Famous Actors and continues to a total of 7 other levels such as Richest Actors & Most Beautiful Actresses.

Rediscover the Joys of Voice with VoiceBo

Fast Track Technologies today is proud to announce updated VoiceBo 1.0.8 for iOS. VoiceBo’s reliance on individual voices brings an air of authenticity to all of its content, creating a highly personal experience. The platform is a perfect tool for those looking to cultivate an audience, or to communicate with others directly – an ideal platform for journalists, bloggers, artists and just about anyone else who wants to communicate more effectively and personally online.

The Story Home Movie Touches The Heart And Inspires Kids To Listen

Purple Button Media today is proud to announce The Story Home – Children’s Audio Stories 1.4.2 offering children’s audio stories regularly. The Story Home’s first short movie is an inspiring story told in a unique way, mixing brilliant images, gorgeous music and rich narration. The movie champions the power of parents and educators to unlock the potential in each child by encouraging them to listen to their own creative voice. A new level of influence to delight, inspire and educate.

Awareness! Headphone App – Lifesaving Listening App gets Major Update

UK iPhone app developer Essency Limited, has announced V2.9.1 of Awareness!(R) The Headphone App. The innovative ‘listening’ street safety app was launched to tackle the growing problem of accidents caused by pedestrians wearing headphones and is nearing 250k downloads. V2.9.1 is the best version yet of the app with the audio-core totally rewritten to provide a massive boost in microphone volume, allowing users to hear warnings over even the loudest music.

Pretty Good Solitaire for iPad with 500 Games

Goodsol Development today is proud to announce Pretty Good Solitaire 1.0, a new solitaire game collection with 500 different solitaire games has come to the iPad after 18 years on Windows and 6 years on the Mac. Pretty Good Solitaire is solitaire the way it was meant to be. Pretty Good Solitaire includes the popular games Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Yukon, Scorpion, Pyramid, Crazy Quilt, Golf, Cruel and more. It has unlimited undo and redo functions, allowing you to go back to the beginning.