Tropical Software Releases TopXNotes touch 1.2.2 for iOS

Tropical Software has announced TopXNotes touch 1.2.2, an update to their award-winning personal note managing system for Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. TopXNotes touch for iPhone features basic note creation and editing in landscape and portrait modes, direct emailing of notes from the app, backup/restore to the device, clickable hot links, and note synchronization with TopXNotes for Mac. With this release NoteOrganizer, the note list, can be sorted four different ways.

Cloud Outliner Lite 1.2 Free for OS X – Versatile OPML/PDF Outline Maker

XwaveSoft today introduces Cloud Outliner 1.2 Lite free for Mac OS X, its very useful outline-making app that lets users import/export in OPML format and save outlines as PDFs. An outline is the most efficient and simple method of organizing any information, perfect for recording flashes of inspiration that can be fully developed later. Upgrading to the full version adds sync between Macs, iOS devices, and Evernote accounts. Also available are Lite and Full versions of Cloud Outliner for iOS.

B-Squadron v1.60: iOS Arcade Shooter – Ready for iCade Game Controllers!

R2MobileStudio announces the release of BSquadron : Battle for Earth v1.60 for iOS 1.60, an update to their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch game. This release introduce the support for iCade game controllers. B-Squadron is a vertical scrolling, shoot’em up, arcade game brimming with action. Players will be fighting terrifying enemies on board several vessels, including the mythical Apollo shuttle.

Expresso is a Simple Text Editor with Calculation Capabilities

Deep IT Pro company introduces a new product, Expresso 1.0 for Mac OS X. Expresso is a simple and useful text editor with calculation capabilities for Mac OS X. Expresso allows you to calculate math expressions inside Rich Text documents, assign results to other variables and use those results anywhere in your document or within new expressions, annotate calculations with text, place expressions anywhere in text, organize calculations inside tables like in spreadsheets.

Deck of Cards WOD v2.1 – Sustaining Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Apps For Time, LLC is pleased to announce the release of Deck of Cards WOD v2.1.0, an update to their easy-to-use workout application developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch devices. The workout iPhone app users know and love just went into over-drive. User take their conditioning to the next level. New features include an update for the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen, in-app settings page, social media integration, and multiple difficulty levels with a customized workout option.

Bretford Publishes iOS Deployment Guide

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. today announces the interactive book, iOS Deployment: A Guide to Managing iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in Your Organization 1.1, now available for free on the iBookstore. The book created with iBooks Author provides a complete picture of how Apple iOS devices can be integrated and managed effectively within an organization. Readers will learn what they can expect during the critical initial setup and how to avoid possible pitfalls throughout deployment.

What the Block?! to Become the Most Addictive Puzzle Game Ever for iOS

aukStudios LLC today introduces What the Block?! 1.0 for iOS. Using a clever and intuitive physics-based game design, What the Block?! promises to challenge a player’s brain and dexterity with over 150 hand-designed puzzles of matching colored blocks to colored patterns on a virtual canvas. The game that will have players across the country shouting, “What the Block?!”, features multi-touch controls, unique, dynamic lighting and sound effects, realistic physics and more.

EggMaps HD Brings Google Maps Back to the iPad

iPad users need not wait for an official Google Maps app for iPad. Indie Developer Mike Cunneen today announced the release of EggMaps HD 1.02 for iPad. EggMaps HD is an iPad-only app that provides an easy interface to Google Maps, at full resolution. Unlike the iPhone version of Google Maps, EggMaps HD takes advantage of the larger iPad screen at native resolution. Being a native app, EggMaps HD also has the advantage of being much faster and more responsive than a website.

ping app Available on the App Store

Playfon today introduces ping app 1.1.1 for iOS. Ping app is a social networking app that offers a new way of communicating with friends via mobile devices. The app is for a short, personal, and casual nudge to friends. With the tap of a button, application users can send each other signals, or pings. These wordless, emotionless pings are the only means of communication between users. Ping app automatically finds the user’s friends by searching for them in their address book.

Aquafadas Makes Some Noise with New MotionComposer 1.6 Release

Aquafadas announced today the availability of MotionComposer version 1.6. A visual-based authoring and effects tool, MotionComposer lets users easily create professional HTML5 and Flash-based animations and interactive content. New update adds support for audio; optimized engine generates animations compatible with the latest generation of browsers using HTML5.

New Version of Note Exchange Available Now in ConceptDraw Solution Park

CS Odessa announces a new version of ConceptDraw Note Exchange Solution. The new version provides seamless integration with Evernote Windows and Mac Client. Users share ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 content everywhere on virtually any platform – Smartphones, Tablets, Web, and Desktop. ConceptDraw MINDMAP has been tailored to work with the Evernote client to deliver permanent, cloud-based storage of mind maps, outlines and images simply and easily.

Hollywood Golf iPhone App Links Actors ala 6 Degrees of Separation

A new Apple app ties Golf and Hollywood into a movie trivia game ala Kevin Bacon and his Six Degrees of Separation, called Hollywood Golf 1.0. Six Degrees of Separation is based on the premise that everyone on earth is connected to each other in some way within an average of six links. In Hollywood Golf, players link actors together with the movies they starred in as connections. The game keeps score by counting every connection as a stroke in the game of golf.

Kipopo Provides a High Score Feeding Frenzy with Cute and Fun Characters

Launched by Alot of Everything, Kipopo 1.0 offers iPhone and iPad gamers of all ages an addictive and fun challenge. Presented with adorable graphics and endearing sounds and music, players must feed Kipopo, a hungry monster, all manner of delicious desserts. The fun and cute main character design attracts kids and adults to download and play. The effortless gameplay gets everyone addicted. Combos and super powers elements are available too.

Hexius Has Arrived on the Mac App Store!

Hexius 2.0.4, the unique puzzle game from Phasic Labs, launches on the Mac App Store today. Hexius is a popular psychedelic action-puzzler for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and now OS X, with 3 fun game modes. Over 5 million games of Hexius have been played so far on the iPhone and iPad. Hexius OS X shares Game Center leaderboards with the iOS version of the game, so players can share scores with friends, and keep an eye on who is top of the world this week, from any platform.

Storage Made Easy Provides Unified Cloud Data Access to Mitii of Denmark

Mitii Development has adopted Storage Made Easy’s SaaS hosted Cloud file unification solution for employee access to Cloud files. SME connects employees with secure, critical unified information – no matter the desktop, device or location. Storage Made Easy’s Cloud Service Broker platform adds an abstraction layer on top of any information source. This provides an enhanced cloud experience via a federated view of data through any of the 35 supported public/private Cloud Providers.