Atomic Frogs – mutant amphibians explode onto the App Store

Cocos Games announced the release of Atomic Frogs, an engaging adaptation of the physics-hurling genre with an explosive twist. Join a band of mutant frogs as they go on a quest to reclaim their radioactive water from evil robots. A wide assortment of contraptions, objects, pesky robots, and the frogs’ explosive abilities to burn wood, shatter stone, melt metal or float in midair make for a solid and interesting puzzle dynamic sure to entertain you with hours of addictive fun.

SuperPower World at War – iOS MMO Fans Praise World Domination SIM

SuperPower World at War is a relatively new launch from iPanda Lab, but its brand-new status hasn’t kept it from making a big splash with gamers and review sites. SuperPower World at War’s superior design creates an enhanced experience for users through its variety of progression-focused activities. Defend your resources and co-opt your enemies by deploying a wide range of units by ground, air, and sea, with more becoming unlocked as you progress in level.

Rewrite history in Roads of Rome 3 Free for iPhone and iPad

Previously created for PC, a long-awaited sequel in the casual strategy hit series topped the charts of major game portals such as GameHouse and Big Fish Games for weeks. Today Realore announces that Roads of Rome 3 Free is finally available for download from the App Store. Players now have a chance to try the game without paying a dime. The third installment introduces a new mission for noble Roman general Victorius and features improved gameplay mechanics and better graphics.

Clover Game Studio Announces New Labyrinth Game, Reveal The Maze PRO

Clover Game Studio has released Reveal The Maze Pro, the extended version of Reveal The Maze, invites their users to a real maze experience like the first game. Players navigate the ball and traverses into the labyrinth illuminating the map along the way. Certain items on the level will help in this process while others will hinder progression and pose as obstacles. 3 new categories and 54 new advanced levels are presented to the professional players.

MyTunesRSS licenses for 4.99 Euro on Cyber Monday

Codewave Software sells MyTunesRSS Personal Media Server licenses at 66% off for only 4.99 Euro on Cyber Monday. Access your media from anywhere in the world with any internet PC or mobile device. MyTunesRSS is a Media Server that makes iTunes, Aperture and iPhoto libraries or simple watch folders available on a local or corporate network or even over the internet. All you need is a web browser. Easily share your favorite music and videos on Twitter, Facebook and the Last.FM community.

AppTimer – Time your household appliances with elegance and ease

Graphiclife is proud to present AppTimer, the new productivity app for iOS that helps households keep track of their cooking, baking and laundering. Time is the essence, and combined with a intuitive and stunning user interface, it has never been easier to monitor the ongoing household activities. Timers are kept in iCloud and synced between devices, ensuring no overcooked pasta, burned turkeys and sour-smelling laundry.

CAZE announces its New ThinEdge Frame Case for iPhone 5

CAZE, the leader in ultra thin case, has announced its new ThinEdge for iPhone 5, the world’s slimmest frame case, measuring just 1 millimeters. Constructed of lightweight, hard-shell plastic, the ThinEdge frame case offers sleek and stylish protection for the iPhone 5 and comes with two different colored fasteners for you to personalize your iPhone. Designed as the ultimate balance between case-minimalism and protection, this case is available to order on Cyber Monday at 20% off.

Fireplace HD+ Gets Crackling For Christmas

UK based app developer, Rory Buckley today announces Fireplace HD+ 1.1 an update to his holiday themed relaxation app developed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Fireplace HD+ acts as a HD virtual fireplace that comes with a selection of audio and visual customisable options. Play built-in Christmas audio or listen to the Christmas radio stream. This update compliments & progresses the app forward into the fast approaching holiday season, where the virtual fireplace is at its most popular.

The first interactive book about photography created for iBook on iPad

Learn photography with a book created exclusively for iBook on iPad. Packed with interactive samples “Starting a Hobby – Digital Photography” will give readers all the understanding they need to begin the art of photography. All the controls in a DSLR camera are directly mapped to a basic concept in photography like aperture, exposure time or ISO. Knowing those basic concepts is the only thing readers need to move ahead from auto mode and enjoy the full power of DSLR cameras.

Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield – Battle Between You And Ants Begin for Food

Ants are heading in from all directions! Rise Up Labs introduces Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield 1.0, their new gaming title developed for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. Prevent the ants from eating your food. The ants are extremely hungry and are rushing towards the food at the center of the table. Tap on the ants as rapidly as possible and prevent them from reaching your food. Featuring fast paced tapping action with multi-touch controls the game offers two game modes, Game Center integration and more.

Tap Legend 1.3.1 for iOS – Innovative Fantasy Battle MMOSLG Updated

ShengYu Times announces Tap Legend 1.3.1 for iOS, an update to their strategy mobile game. Tap Legend is an Entertainment Role Playing and Massive Multiplayer Online Simulate Life Game (MMOSLG) for players interested in fantasy and creative battle systems. Updates to the game include VIP and Ranking system adjustments and added Blacklist, Sacrifice and Enchanting systems that add random features and minimize distracting information sent while players are engaging in battle.

Monster’s Life: Meet the Most Adorable Pet of Your Childhood

iFree Studio introduces Monster’s Life 1.0 for iOS. Monster’s Life brings players back into the pocket monster era, where players experience a new kind of pocket monster. Players enter the game choosing their own monster, each with their own technique and unique way of living. Undiscovered lands are covered with fog and players must fight their way through fog-shrouded maps to discover and collect monsters of various kinds. Players build a strong team to defeat all other players in the land.

Dream of Pixels on Mashable – Top Story

Dawn of Play announces that Dream of Pixels 1.0.14 has been featured on the front page of Mashable and as a Top Story. This well-reviewed game is a beautiful falling blocks puzzle game – in reverse. A brilliant twist on the old classic, players unpack tetromino blocks instead of the usual packing. Players tap on the mesmerizing grid to unpack tetrominos and watch them spin, rotate and fall. Players must clear the lines from the cloudy grid fast enough – or the dream is over.

Dandelion Moms: Mom creates online community

A mom whose once-frail health triggered a journey to peace and well-being has started Dandelion Moms, an online community to help other moms seek balance & enjoy the journey of life. Award-winning children’s author and publisher Melissa Northway, mom of an active 6-year-old, created Dandelion Moms after seeing the stresses that parenting can bring. Gift cards, a Lifedge iPad case, children’s books, and a piece of Stella & Dot jewelry will be given away to celebrate the launch of Dandelion Moms.

Kids can make their very own burgers, fries and sodas with Bamba Burger

Singapore-based interactive studio, Mezmedia today introduces Bamba Burger 1.0, its latest creation for iPad. Bamba Burger is a great for kids to apply their imagination and creativity. Kids put together their favorite burger, make French fries and mix their own sodas. They can choose from popular ingredients like Onions, Cheese or Mushroom, or funny ones like Octopus, Chocolate or Sunflower. Kids will enjoy flipping the patty, slicing potatoes to make fries and filling their cup with sodas.