Hot iPad Game Toyzilla gets a Thumbs Up Spin Off

OrionArts Studio today introduces Thumbs Up Toyzilla 1.0, a spinoff of its flagship iPad game. Those who have played Toyzilla before will find familiar graphics like the Fortress, Titans and Royalty all squashed into little gut-busting pellets of fun in Thumbs Up. Players only need to control 3 buttons in reaction to the visual cues which are all stacked up and waiting to be busted. Toyzilla received rave reviews for its adorable characters and has been featured under What’s Hot in 25 countries.

Mocha – New iPhone app makes it easier for friends to get together

Mocha is an iPhone app that answers the question “Hey, when are you free?”. Inspired by busy medical students who never knew who else was free on their precious off days, Mocha helps people connect with their friends to hang out and do fun things together. Simply tap the days you’re free, invite your friends and you’re set. The app will match up who is available and let you send them an email or give them a quick call.

Buster the Nutty Plumber Released on App Store

Startup mobile application company Megabones Interactive, LLC today introduces Buster the Nutty Plumber 1.0, an interactive talking friend app for iOS. Buster is a pencil-drawn talking character that reacts to a users touch and sound input. The app offers a variety of cartoon-style animations. Users can poke him in the head or belly, zap him with electricity, make him pull random objects from the toilet and cause him to fart explosively. The app also repeats any audio sound in a funny voice.

iDetective HD – Your Private Spy

Indie developer Vlad Polyanskiy today introduces iDetective HD 1.1 for iPad, his app that lets parents, managers, and teachers remotely monitor when and how any Mac or PC is used. The ideal app for supervising and documenting who is running which applications and for what duration, iDetective compiles infographic and text reports daily or for specific time periods. Providing informative statistics and screenshots, the app allows users to message, shut down, hibernate or restart remote computers.

Broadway Professionals Launch MusicalMe Images App in iTunes

uSOUNDit LLC releases MusicalMe Images 1.0, a photo sharing musical app that turns sights into sounds via mobile touchscreen devices. This innovative app brings the visual art of photography together with music composition to develop a powerful interactive experience that users can share with their friends. Advanced musicians can delve further into the app by adjusting hundreds of sounds, including real instruments and sound effects, background chords, key changes, sustain, tempo, and more.

Clocko for iOS – Free app to view the clock in many different languages

Slavamax b.v.b.a. today introduces Clocko 1.0, its new clock utility developed for iOS devices. A magnificent knockabout in the sea of ordinary apps, Clocko is a very interesting and elegant app that offers an original concept and implementation. The app allows anyone to view the clock date, day of the week and time, in many different languages and Calendar systems. Featuring a nice and simple design with search function, Clocko supports more than 150 languages.

Tapestry Twist Turns Popular Sudoku Craze into Words for iOS Devices

Michigan based Marvel Apps, LLC today announces Tapestry Twist 2.0, an update to its popular word sudoku game developed exclusively for iOS devices. Complete the puzzle so that each row, column, and group contains all the letters of the word or phrase only once. Version 2.0 comes complete with 108 puzzles, new intuitive design for improved game play, up to 15 multi-character words for increased difficulty, intuitive touch controls, multi-color grids and so much more.

Tigris & Euphrates Now Available for both iOS and Android

Sage Board Games today announces Reiner Knizia’s Tigris & Euphrates onto iOS and now Google Play. Reiner Knizia’s Tigris & Euphrates features the same rules, graphics and gameplay as the classic board game. The game is set in the ancient fertile crescent. Within the game, players build civilizations through the placement of tiles such as markets, temples, farms or settlements. It is one of the highest ranking board games on the App Store and has won multiple awards and more.

New Social Gaming App Announced by CloverLeaf Mobile Apps

CloverLeaf Mobile Apps announces the upcoming release of PhotoContest!, their new multi-player game for iOS. Powered by the social networking capabilities of Facebook, PhotoContest! promises hours of fun for all mobile device users that love to use their mobile device camera and compete against friends. Each invited player receives the special contest phrase that is the basis for the photo challenge. The trick is to take a photo that best represents the meaning of that phrase. Coming soon!

A Real Mother: stumbling through motherhood

A Real Mother: stumbling through motherhood is a 136-page collection of Denise Malloy’s most popular parenting columns from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. There are moments in parenting that provide bliss, joy and wonder. A Real Mother is about the other moments. Parents will catch a glimpse of their lives in the pages of A Real Mother and know that it’s okay to laugh not only at the ups-and-downs of parenting, but also at themselves.

Previews of Sente 6.6 for Mac and iPad Now Available

Third Street Software is pleased to announce the availability of preview releases of Sente 6.6 for Mac and iPad. Sente 6.6 is a major update to popular academic reference manager. New features include a complete overhaul of the library synchronization engine to make it easier than ever to keep reference libraries synchronized across multiple Macs and iPads. Sente 6.6 also now supports Find-in-PDF on both platforms and there is a new, streamlined PDF annotation interface on the iPad.

Luigi Savagnone releases Imagining a tomorrow: Enhanced Edition

Independent publisher Luigi Savagnone today announces Imagining of tomorrow for iPad. This book is divided into two parts. In the first a narrator tells the moving story of two girls. In the second part, the narrator talks about his life, his malaise in society and his desire to escape. He will find happiness in an underwater world, but it will be only a dream. This book is dedicated to women simple, but clever, and to men humble, not arrogant, but strong and self-confident.

Foursies Lets Friends Connect for Unique Twist on Classic Board Game

Lightwood Games is delighted to announce that Foursies, a four in a row game with a twist, is now available on the App Store. With new rules designed to make the game quicker and more engaging, this free iOS app brings a classic game format into the digital age. If you’ve played vertical strategy games like Connect Four or Captain’s Mistress, you’ll think you already know how to play this game. However the unique twists in Foursies turn a familiar game into a brand new challenge.

Doctor Who News iPhone App WhoNews Regnerates Into Lite/Free Incarnation

UK based independent developer Paul Gee has announced the release of WhoNews Lite 1.0, the free to download version of the hugely popular Doctor Who News app, WhoNews, which collates the latest news on Doctor Who from over 140 of the top Doctor Who websites, blogs, podcasts and artists every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. Based on the popular WhoNews app, the Lite version is ad based with no push notifications or merchandise search.

Jeffrey Space 1.0 Arrives on the App Store

Lab Cave introduces Jeffrey Space 1.0. Jeffrey Space follows the adventures of a frog who hunts aliens around the universe. After finding traces of a giant alien being, Jeffrey lands on an unfamiliar planet full of visually striking landscapes. Jeffrey must get rid of enemies using his special skills, such as sonic burps, intelligent robots, meteorites and even a gatling gun. With the use of his weapons, suits, helmets and platforms, Jeffrey must find the alien being and complete his mission.