Output Factory Now Can Split Adobe InDesign Files Into Groups of Pages

Zevrix Solutions announces Output Factory 2.3.6, a feature update to company’s output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory helps users automate printing and exporting from InDesign through batch processing, single page export, layer versioning, custom scripts integration and more. Built-in preflighting helps printers eliminate costly output errors. The new version lets users split InDesign files into consecutive groups of several pages (for example, every 2 pages, 3 pages etc.)

LCFM Native Brings Android Within Reach for FileMaker Developers

LiveCode Ltd today shipped the beta version of a major new piece of technology for FileMaker users. LCFM Native takes an existing FileMaker layout and converts it to a native app, faithfully preserving the layout, on any LiveCode supported platform, while still using the FileMaker database. Users can now extend their reach to the other 86% of the mobile market. Supported platforms include Android and Mac initially, iOS, Windows and Linux will follow in future releases.

Pocket Agronomist brings Machine Learning and AR to Agriculture

Pocket Agronomist is now available for free on the iOS App Store, applying machine learning and augmented reality to common problems in agriculture. Using a trained convolutional neural network, Pocket Agronomist can diagnose corn diseases in realtime from iPhone or iPad camera feeds and show you where those diseases are on a leaf. With the aid of ARKit, the locations of plants in a field can be precisely measured to automate the process of gathering crop statistics.

World’s First Restaurant Review App with Cryptocurrency Rewards

Ginkan, Inc. has released SynchroLife, a new beta version of their popular social restaurant review app designed to help users find the best restaurants as fast as possible. After successful beta tests in Japan, SynchroLife has now released their SynchroCoin (SYC) cryptocurrency rewards in the app. SynchroLife is the world’s first restaurant review service where users can earn cryptocurrency token rewards for their reviews and photos in the app or by dining at participating restaurants.

WaterField Celebrates Gear Case Month with New Designs and Bright Colors

Tech accessories get the spotlight this August at WaterField Designs with Gear Case Month. This month, the company will introduce limited-edition, new color and material options for WaterField’s popular Padded and standard Gear Pouches plus three new Gear Cases they developed as part of a customer-driven, crowdsourced design project. These colorful artisan cases can carry a MacBook and iPhone charger, USB cables, cords and/or any other variety of small items.

Older Children Teach Younger Children Languages with Little Chatterbox

UK based The Appy Learning Company Ltd today releases Little Chatterbox for Kids 2.0, the company’s popular children’s educational app for iOS devices. Little Chatterbox is a unique language learning app that allows kids to interact in an educational, fun, and productive setting. Older children who are native speakers act as virtual teachers to teach younger children as many as 300 words through repetition and mini games in another language.