Breakout Studios Releases Bouncing Soccer Balls – 100 Balls Game

Breakout Studios today introduces Bouncing Soccer Balls – Colorful Soccer Goals Logic Game 1.0, the debut of their free game title for iOS devices. Bouncing Soccer Balls is a simple yet very addictive one-touch game. The object is to release the soccer balls into the goals without losing any along the way. Drop them into different colored cups and the soccer balls will change to that color. Collect the colored soccer balls for higher points. Compare your score to others in Game Center.

Ladies Magazine and Les Hommes Magazine Cambodia available on Magzter

Magzter’s strategic expansion in the east and Asia Pacific is attributed to the availability of a diverse variety of content published in the region. That the Asian continent is booming as a business destination hastens the need for magazines from here to be made accessible to global readers. In addition to making Ladies Magazine and Les Hommes Magazine available on its newsstand, Magzter is also creating branded apps for these magazines, for newsstands, Androids and the Amazon platform.

Meqanic, the unique physics-based puzzle app, is now Universal for iOS

Tareso today announces Meqanic 1.1.1, an update to their beyond-the-usual physics-based puzzle app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Free for a limited time, Meqanic is a cerebral game that is based on real physics, where players must place blocks in the right order to make a match. The game is based on the crazy rules that govern the Universe at the smallest level. Meqanic 1.1.1 adds features to make game-play more intuitive and the ability to run in your pocket on the iPhone.

The App iPoe Collection Vol. 1 free from today and for a limited time

Spanish studio, Play Creatividad announced that its iPoe Collection Vol. 1, the unique experience of Edgar Allan Poe stories, will be free for a limited period of time. The stories are presented in a classic typeface on slightly aged paper that gives the App a traditional look. But you’ll discover that this isn’t a conventional book when you swipe to pages with macabre illustrations that hook you, animations that make the horror alive & the original soundtrack brings you closer to the stories.

ZipZapMac Upgrades Periscope Pro with First-to-Market Features

ZipZapMac today announces Periscope Pro, a major upgrade of its popular video surveillance app developed for Mac OS X. Use your built-in camera/microphone, USB remote camera/microphone, or an IP Camera to monitor and record anything. Key new features include a sleek all-new interface, audio-activated recording trigger, support for IP Cameras with the auto-configuration system, the in-app clip viewer, a 30% improvement in efficiency and 24/7 support with a 1-hour response guarantee.

Tank Titans HD for iOS Released – Realistic Battlefield Game

UK based Campbell Tech today introduces Tank Titans HD 1.0, a new action-packed battle game developed for iOS devices. Featuring large, beautifully designed maps, Tank Titans ia a dynamic battlefield game that simulates tank combat with amazing precision and highly realistic attention to details. The game puts the player into a tank operator role, demanding active control and combat skills in order to win against multiple waves of computer-controlled enemy units.

Amazing new app for young children released today

Multi award-winning educational software startup, 3 Elles Interactive today introduces Astropolo 1.0 for iOS, a highly engaging educational game for children from 4 to 8 years old. Astropolo is a space journey filled with adventures and encounters and offers 8 interactive mini-games, made entirely of hand-cut animated paper in a single graphical universe created by the renowned French artist Chloe Mazlo. Cheer the space rocket for take-off, help Santa Claus find his lost reindeers and much more.

Tap like a Sir – Sir Tapalot – New Tap and Dash Game for iOS

Dim Sum Lab today introduces Sir Tapalot 1.0.1, their latest game for the iOS platform. Dragons are a dime a dozen for Sir Tapalot, with each passing stage exposing more of the weird and wonderful foes the game has to offer. Tap once and watch him pound through monsters and magic blocks a-plenty. Shoot across the screen on an 8-bit soundtrack while you poke your little sword at morbidly obese sprouts, sock puppets, alien species, badass ninjas, and other familiar fear-mongering characters.

Angries vs. Flappies now available on iOS

Cheech Games today introduces Angries vs. Flappies – Steampunk Endless Bird Defense. The Flappies have dominated the Bird Kingdom this year – but not for long. The Angries want their spotlight back, so they stole the precious eggs of the Flappies for their own good. Now a grand invasion of epic proportions is about to unfold. Your mission is to defend the egg at all costs. Pull back, aim, and release the Angries to eliminate the invading Flappies. Angries vs. Flappies is now available on iOS.

New MotionComposer 1.8 From Aquafadas Now on Sale

Aquafadas announces MotionComposer 1.8 for Mac OS X. Easily create HTML5 and Flash animations with brand new ‘Scenes’ feature making creation process faster and easier. MotionComposer is the only software that enables users to create animations for all of the web, plus smartphones and tablets. The app bridges the gap between enthusiast and professional web designer, giving everyone the ability to create their own digital animations easily. MotionComposer is now on sale for $29.

Scientific computing app Computable brings IPython and SciPy to the iPad

Austrian iOS developer Karl Traunmuller today released Computable, the first iOS app to bring the powerful combination of the IPython computing environment and the rich collection of scientific software modules commonly referred to as the SciPy stack to the iPad. Centered around a notebook metaphor, IPython is a great platform for a wide range of computational problems, interactive lecture notes, term papers, and more.

Mr. Beam Uses Astonishing 2D Engine to Create Unique Platform Puzzles

Mr. Beam from Antidot and Attic transports users to the dark, mysterious Temple of the Ancients, where they must solve tricky puzzles, shrewdly perform actions, navigate labyrinths, avoid traps and defeat monsters – and all while ensuring that they stay in the light at all times and avoid the dark. The app features 22 levels and 5 game modes, and is available now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

UK Enterprise File Share Company Release Mobile & Desktop Branding Apps

Storage Made Easy today announced that they have released cross platform branding “packagers’ for Enterprise customers of their private Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution. Companies can control not only branding but also which parts of the Apps are available and which features they want their users to have access to. The SME Appliance can be branded prior to setup; logos can be changed and look and feel options can be customized, with direct access to the CSS files.

Pretty Good Solitaire for iPad with 550 Games

Goodsol Development today announces Pretty Good Solitaire 1.20, a updated solitaire game collection with 550 different solitaire games. 30 games are new in version 1.20. Pretty Good Solitaire is solitaire the way it was meant to be. Pretty Good Solitaire includes the popular games Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Yukon, Scorpion, Pyramid, Crazy Quilt, Golf, Cruel and more. Pretty Good Solitaire has unlimited undo and redo functions, allowing you to go back to the beginning.

MCE Ships Portable USB 3.0 2 TB + Blu-ray Recorder + USB Hub + SD Reader

MCE Technologies (MCE) announced today that it has begun shipping the MCE Complement, an all-in-one, portable USB 3.0 device comprised of a 2 TB Hard Drive, a Blu-ray, DVD, CD Reader/Recorder, a USB 3.0 Hub, and SD Card Reader. The MCE Complement’s 2 TB hard drive is designed for use as a standard storage device and is compatible with Time Machine. The unit includes Mac Blu-ray Player software for the playback of commercial Blu-ray titles directly on the Mac. Retail price is $299.