MacX DVD Ripper Pro V6.0 Marks the Fastest 64-bit DVD Ripper for Mojave

MacXDVD today announces MacX DVD Ripper Pro 6.0.0, a major upgrade to its flagship DVD ripper. MacX DVD Ripper Pro is able to rip protected/homemade DVDs to any format fast and efficiently. The latest version offers full support for 64-bit macOS 10.14 Mojave and later. The release extends MacXDVD Software’s lead in providing the most refined DVD ripping solution to help customers rip DVDs among digital formats & devices in the world’s fastest speed on advanced 64-bit computers.

WeatherSelfie for iOS – Your own weather forecast

Lakehorn AG releases WeatherSelfie, a new iOS app that helps you create your own weather forecast. Artificial intelligence is used to analyse photos of the sky and clouds, using machine learning. A forecast is then created with the help of a detailed weather expert system trained by meteorologists. The 10 most common weather conditions are built-in for all climate zones worldwide. Additionally, the season and daytime are used to determine the final weather forecast for the next couple of hours.

MacUpdater Automatically Identifies Mac Apps in Need of Updates

Malta-based indie development team, CoreCode today announces MacUpdater 1.2.7, their new app updating utility for macOS. The handy utility scans a Mac’s Applications folder to identify applications that have updates available. Once identified, out-of-date applications can be updated with just a few clicks of the mouse. MacUpdater runs silently in the background, notifying users when an update is available. No registration is required, and app usage isn’t tracked in any way.

Creolabs announces Creo – The new way to build native mobile apps

Creolabs today introduces Creo, their next generation mobile app development for macOS. Traditional mobile app creation process is split between the design process and the development process; Creo merges the two separated steps into a single tool which enables you to focus on what makes your app unique. Creo offers drag-and-drop controls, classes, and objects that can be easily configured. Complex app navigation hierarchies and windows can be easily created with just few mouse clicks.

ChronoSync Improves Cloud Compatibility

Florida based Econ Technologies today announces ChronoSync, an important update to their multipurpose app for local and cloud backup, bootable clones and folder synchronizing under macOS. This update makes connecting to cloud providers offering lower-cost S3 compatible object storage solutions easier than ever. We have customers now using our ChronoSync S3 Connection support to sync and backup files with Caringo Swarm, Oracle Cloud, Wasabi and even setting up Minio to run private cloud storage.

SpeakerCue Confidence Monitoring for the Professional Speaking Community

CampSoftware releases SpeakerCue, a confidence monitor for professional producers and presenters. Featuring a customizable clock with a variety of color and display options, SpeakerCue is designed for those on both sides of the podium, including the person who is speaking, an assistant during a live presentation, or a producer of speaking engagements. CampSoftware’s SpeakerCue is an invaluable, discrete, communication tool to display pertinent information such as time and messages in real time.