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Startup veteran Anne K. Halsall launches app for new moms

Prominent local software developer Anne K. Halsall kicked off her new mobile app company Flying the Sun with the release of Baby’s Day 1.0, an iPhone app designed to help mothers of young infants keep track of breastfeeding and pumping. No-nonsense timers make tracking feeds simple so you know exactly how much and when your baby is eating. Keep track of your baby’s growth, monitor your milk supply, and troubleshoot problems with detailed logs and charts.

Never miss new releases of your favorite artists again

Artist Radar today is proud to announce their updated app Artist Radar 3.0.1. Never miss new releases again! This is what the founders of Artist Radar promise & consequently implement with their free iPhone app. Artist Radar notifies about new releases of favorite artists, whether it comes to singers, actors, authors or bands. Besides artists, users can also follow TV shows. In this case, the app informs as soon as a new episode is available. Each news is accompanied by a direct link to iTunes.

Pixol for iPhone, Instagram based puzzle that improves observation skill

Indie developer Stefano Figurelli today is proud to announce the upcoming release of Pixol for iOS. Do you like playing photographic puzzle games? No? Neither do we… they are boring! But Pixol for iPhone reinvents the genre and takes picture guessing to a whole new level. Pixol is a puzzle game that cleverly extends your Instagram experience while challenging the visual part of the brain. Pixol will be available in the App Store from Wednesday, January 22.

Children’s apps website Apps Playground publishes its first iPad e-book

UK-based children’s app reviews site, Apps Playground today introduces Apps Playground’s 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids, its first e-book for iPad, offering parents a guide to the best iPad apps from 2013. Apps Playground’s 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids: 2013 Edition breaks down the site’s favourite apps of last year by category: Creative, Education, Stories, Playful and Games. The e-book aims to provide an accessible guide to apps for iPad-owning parents.

Lexicon Larry’s West Word, an Arcade Word Game with a Western Flair

FrivolousTwist today introduces Lexicon Larry’s West Word 1.0, their new game title for iOS devices. Welcome to Lexicon Larry’s West Word, a unique blend of word game and arcade shooter, and all parts fun. The Falling Letter Gang is bringing chaos to the streets of West Word. As the new town Marshal it’s your job to restore order. How? By shooting them, of course. Players form words from an extensive built in dictionary using their wits, their nerves, a little luck, and a couple of six-guns.

Davka Hebrew Writer for IOS 7 – Write Hebrew with style

Davka Corporation introduces Davka Hebrew Writer, a Hebrew-English word processing app for iOS devices that includes ten Hebrew fonts and the ability to write Hebrew with vowel points. Text can be written in Hebrew from right-to-left, English from left-to-right, or a combinbation of both languages in a unique ‘push’ mode. Davka Hebrew Writer integrates with iCloud so that users can work with the same documents on multiple devices at different times.

Voice Recorder HD Allows to Boost Soft Voice of Voice Memo

eFusion today releases Voice Recorder HD 7.1, an update to their highly rated voice recorder app for iOS. Perfect for audio professionals, sound engineers, journalists, lecturers, students or anyone else who needs to manage voice memos, Voice Recorder HD offers a better way to record HQ audio, organize and share voice memos with simplicity. The new Audio Boost feature reduces noise and boosts intelligibility of speakers who are very distant from the microphone or speaking very softly.

Get More Likes on Instagram with Get Likes for Instagram by Bit Hax

Bit Hax today announces Get Likes for Instagram 2.0, a brand new iPhone app that helps Instagram users get more likes on their photos. Get Likes for Instagram is the easiest way to get more exposure for your Instagram photos and videos. The app works as a like exchange where users are awarded coins for liking photos and videos from other app users. They can in turn spend their coins in order to get likes on their own photos. For every item that you like you will earn a coin for use in the app.

Default Folder X 4.6.2 delivers better rebound, default folders, tagging

St. Clair Software has released Default Folder X 4.6.2, an update to their award-winning utility for Mac OS X. Default Folder X enhances the file dialogs in all Mac OS X applications. Its custom keyboard shortcuts put your favorite and recent folders at your fingertips. It provides fast navigation to your files, convenient previews, integrated Spotlight tagging, and more. Version 4.6.2 is a free update that delivers a number of compatibility and bug fixes.

New Chat App, PS Messages, Set to Revolutionise Social Messaging in 2014

Edgy newcomer PS Messages tipped to capture slice of 2bn predicted social messenger users in 2014 with risque, original and irreverent chat app. Hailed the anti-Facebook messenger, PS Messages fills the gap between stickers and SnapChat with 1000s of irreverent, cheeky and original card designs and a no holds-barred instant messenger to share them in. PS Messages promises to spice up the booming mobile messaging market which analyst Ovum predicts will get mass adoption in 2014.