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Horizon for iOS – Shoot Horizontal Videos for Any Device Orientation

Award winning mobile development studio, Evil Window Dog today introduces Horizon 1.0 for iOS devices. Horizon lets anyone record horizontal videos regardless of the device’s orientation. It auto-levels videos while recording, using the device’s gyroscope. Users can hold their devices upright, sideways or even keep rotating them while capturing & the resulting video will always stay horizontal. Horizon supports different aspect ratios and resolutions that can be changed by the user at any time.

Develop your newborn’s brain with the best Visual Stimulation app on iOS

Independent studio, Black Mouton has launched iPhone version of Baby Visual Stimulation, an educational app targeted for young babies, which is nominated top 20 apps in the kids under 5 category on App Store. Visual stimulation is a very important part of a baby’s development. During the golden period of 0-12 months, parents can help foster the growth of baby’s brain by providing stimulating visual input. Baby Visual Stimulation fills this needs with 200+ black & white and high-contrast images.

Snowball Run’s sled racing adventure launches in the Apple App Store

Sled your way through winter without ever leaving the couch with Snowball Run: A Sled Racing Adventure 1.0.0 for iOS, the latest game from Heather Allard. Snowball Run is free-to-play, with five adorable arctic animals and forty levels across four winter-themed hills. Players can progress, collect coins, unlock new levels and characters, and receive power boosts, time bounces, and magnet power. Scarves on and sleds ready, prepare to be transported to Snowball Run’s wonderland of winter fun.

Anix LLC releases Odyssey 1.1 – Space Arcade now on iPad

Anix LLC announces Odyssey: Alone against the whole space 1.1, an update to their classic cosmic 2D arcade game for iOS devices. Odyssey finds himself stranded on the outskirts of space and has to set off on a solo trip to retrieve his honor. Players control a spaceship flying through space and shoot down everything in its path. The game contains a number of unique galaxies with different kinds of aliens. This space shooter will appeal to those who think themselves born to annihilate aliens.

Monkimun releases Hide & Seek 1.0: Language Educational App for Toddlers

Madrid based Monkimun introduces Hide & Seek: Fun With Animals 1.0, its latest language educational app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. Available in three different versions, English, Spanish and Chinese, Hide & Seek was designed specifically to help kids 2+ years old learn new vocabulary and the grammatical basics of languages while playing and having fun. In this adventure game, children can explore different worlds as they get to find cute animals hiding.

It’s Done! App Helps Users Recall the Things Everyone Forgets

It’s Done! 1.1 is a unique app that helps users recall whether they locked the door, took their vitamin, turned off the stove, or other routine tasks that are quick to do, but easy to forget whether they’re done. Developed by A.J. Lester & Associates, Inc., It’s Done instantly confirms whether everyday tasks are done without having to double-check or worry. The app can even notify loved ones and caregivers that a task has been done. No need to worry or call.

PrivacyScan v1.5 Released – Protects Mac Users Privacy

SecureMac today releases PrivacyScan v1.5, an update which delivers new features to deal with two major privacy concerns for Mac users. PrivacyScan acts like a digital private eye, identifying hidden threats that can compromise privacy when accessed by advertisers or snoopers trying to see user activity. The latest version is designed especially for Mac OS X, securely wiping digital footprints left behind after computer use and accessing the Internet.

Status bar Themes – Create a new awesome look for your iOS7 Status Bar

YoungGam today introduces StatusBar Themes 1.0.1, its themes app for iOS 7 devices. StatusBar Themes gives you the best way to customize your wallpapers with a great status bar look. The app offers a variety of library images, including status bar background/frame, battery background/frame, cell signal background/frame, camera background/frame, 2014 calendar, backgrounds and more. There are endless image combinations and depending on your taste, you can also utilize your favorite photos.

FtpMate 1.0.0 released for iOS – Full Featured FTP Client

Imagam, Inc. today introduces FtpMate 1.0.0, their fully featured FTP client for all iOS 7 Devices. With FtpMate, effortlessly transfer files between iDevice and/or FTP servers, access and manage remote files, view/edit text files, view PDF and many other file formats, and even play video and music. Download, upload and transfer files directly between services without required to first download then upload them. Transfers support background mode and will resume if application is closed.

Nuclear Nova updates all iOS and Mac Games/Apps, Annual Sale

Nuclear Nova Software has announced updates to all of their games and apps, and to celebrate is offering up to 80% off everything for one week. Updates include bringing full support for the latest iOS 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks, and well as support for all new devices and computers released by Apple. Updates have been posted for Nova Golf, Disc Golf 3D, GL Golf, Pinball Shuffle, Pinball Massacre, Barnyard Blaster, Rocket Golf, Liquid Defense, Escape, Hydrothermal, ASCII Art, and Fractal 3D.