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Slice Fractions released – A Puzzle Game That Helps Kids Learn Fractions

Montreal based Ululab Inc. today introduces Slice Fractions 1.00, its new educational title developed for iOS and Android devices. Designed for kids who are new to fractions, Slice Fractions features challenging puzzles, colorful artwork and memorable characters that will introduce fractions to the player in a motivating and intriguing world. It is the fruit of multiple years of research and development by Ululab with the help of math learning experts from the University of Quebec in Montreal.

Synchronized iOS Countdown Timing for Presentations and Performances

Massachusetts-based Midnight Oil Enterprises, LLC, today releases Presentime 1.2 for iOS, an update to their synchronized countdown timer for speakers and performers. Presentime incorporates iOS 7’s Multipeer Connectivity for direct device-to-device interaction, so a device at the podium can be adjusted on the fly by a moderator or colleague in the audience. The new version of the Presentime app strengthens its easy-to-use quality, while synchronization sets it apart from other timer apps.

IP Camera Recorder for Mac and PC is Released

DComplex, LLC today announces version 2.40 of IP Camera Recorder, a major update to its popular video surveillance software for Mac and PC. Setting up a video surveillance system at home or an office has never been easier. IP Camera Recorder allows anyone to monitor up to 20 IP Cameras simultaneously on a Mac and PC, record video from the cameras, detect motion, control PTZ and more. This version adds support for many models of IP cameras and improved Motion Detection.

Tangent 1.5 update wows users with new overlays and UI enhancements

The photo app development wizards at Pixite LLC, in partnership with award-winning creative technologist Ben Guerrette, are excited to announce the latest update to the immensely successful photo enhancement app Tangent. Tangent Version 1.5 is once again creating buzz among the iPhonography community for its enhancements and new features, including a newly designed inline menu system that makes the process of selecting shapes and patterns easier than ever.

Colorpickle for iOS, a game about growth in a hostile world

Allon Games today is proud to introduce Colorpickle 1.0, the funkiest hardcore arcade game on iOS, with the smoothest tilt controls ever! A game that will show you why growing is rewarding, being eager is exciting and staying alert is necessary at all times. Colorpickle is a trimmed-down-to-the-very-basics arcade game, with a hardcore minimalist design and fast changing colors and music. Colorpickle demands the most of your guts and alertness.

AstralPad’s Collaborative Document Editing App Now Available With Box

AstralPad’s iPad app empowers Box users to work and collaborate on Office documents on the go. The new version of the app makes editing documents more intuitive with support for the iPad’s native text selection and editing menus, and provides a seamless experience to iPad users. AstralPad truly empowers mobile professionals by combining the power of visual collaboration with its advanced office app. Using AstralPad, mobile professionals can collaboratively edit them with remote colleagues.

Bloxy Knights And Castles – An Amazing Medieval Adventure In A 3D World

Please put on your armour and helmet because things are about to get medieval. Bloxy is proud to announce its new Bloxy Knights And Castles app which is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the App Store. Children can build using bricks of a wide range of styles, colours and textures, supplemented by mini figures, animals and special medieval items. There are knights, archers, princesses, dragons, and wizards to play with, some special bricks and items to create with.

ac Apple Base Station Extreme/Time Capsule Highest Performance Upgrade

QuickerTek has upgraded the 802.11 ac Apple Airport Base Station Extreme by adding six high gain external antennas to the unit. This antenna upgrade provides dual-band 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz WiFi and also triples the WiFi strength of any version of the new Apple ac Base Station Extreme and/or Time Capsule. The improvement in wireless power is accomplished by optimizing antenna location. QuickerTek can either supply a new Apple unit, or the customer may send in their own Apple unit.

Island Tribe 4 Mac is released

Realore today announces, after being released on PC and iOS platforms Island Tribe 4 comes to the Mac owners. The 4th installment of Island Tribe takes players on an epic journey through time. After defeating the Evil Shaman in Island Tribe 3 the tribesmen found out that he was not that bad of guy. Shaman is an ex-pirate who has been cursed after finding a magic mask. In order to break the curse of this mask the islanders will have to travel through time to Ancient Egypt, China and Scandinavia.

Does your kid know what ‘five minutes’ mean?

We, Idea4e, are pleased to announce the release of “Kids Countdown” – an innovative way to teach toddlers and young kids what is time and how does it affect our lives. You can set the time duration and select favorite animal picture that will be slowly revealing during the countdown. The child can hear nice music and when time is up, he/she will be notified by the sound of the selected animal. You can use the Kids Countdown to motivate your kid to accomplish tasks in given time.